Thursday, November 1, 2012

1210.8173 (Maurice Robert Kibler)

On mutually unbiased bases: Passing from d to d**2    [PDF]

Maurice Robert Kibler

1210.8186 (O. P. Sushkov et al.)

Topological Insulating States in Ordinary Semiconductors    [PDF]

O. P. Sushkov, A. H. Castro Neto

1210.8238 (Jun Feng et al.)

Notes on teleportation in an expanding space    [PDF]

Jun Feng, Wen-Li Yang, Yao-Zhong Zhang, Heng Fan

1210.8240 (K. V. S. Shiv Chaitanya et al.)

The Kerr medium as an {\sf SU(2)} system    [PDF]

K. V. S. Shiv Chaitanya, Prasanta K. Panigrahi, V. Srinivasan, A. S. Vytheeswaran

1210.8251 (Li Yang et al.)

Cryptography based on operator theory (I): quantum no-key protocols    [PDF]

Li Yang, Min Liang

1210.8266 (Elsi-Mari Laine et al.)

Nonlocal memory effects allow perfect teleportation with mixed states    [PDF]

Elsi-Mari Laine, Heinz-Peter Breuer, Jyrki Piilo

1210.8278 (J. H. Shim et al.)

A room-temperature high-speed nuclear-spin quantum memory in diamond    [PDF]

J. H. Shim, I. Niemeyer, J. Zhang, D. Suter

1210.8287 (Anne-Florence Bitbol et al.)

Pairwise summation approximation for Casimir potentials and its

Anne-Florence Bitbol, Antoine Canaguier-Durand, Astrid Lambrecht, Serge Reynaud

1210.8288 (Yang Gao)

The dynamical role of initial correlation in the exactly solvable
dephasing model

Yang Gao

1210.8297 (Knut Bakke)

A geometric approach to confining a Dirac neutral particle in analogous
way to a quantum dot

Knut Bakke

1210.8299 (Xin-You Lü et al.)

Quantum-criticality-induced strong Kerr nonlinearities in optomechanical

Xin-You Lü, Wei-Min Zhang, Sahel Ashhab, Ying Wu, Franco Nori

1210.8309 (M. Daoud et al.)

Quantum discord of Bell cat-states under amplitude damping    [PDF]

M. Daoud, R. Ahl Laamara

1210.8311 (M. Daoud et al.)

Geometric Measure of Pairwise Quantum Discord for Superpositions of
Multipartite Generalized Coherent States

M. Daoud, R. Ahl Laamara

1210.8313 (M. Daoud et al.)

Quantum discord for multipartite coherent states interpolating between
Werner and Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states

M. Daoud, R. Ahl Laamara

1210.8317 (Andrzej Grudka et al.)

Conjectured Strong Complementary Correlations Tradeoff    [PDF]

Andrzej Grudka, Michał Horodecki, Paweł Horodecki, Ryszard Horodecki, Waldemar Kłobus, Łukasz Pankowski

1210.8319 (Carol Scarlett)

Phase Shifting Due to Photon-Axion Induced Beam Splitting    [PDF]

Carol Scarlett

1210.8335 (Johannes Floß et al.)

Molecular spinning by a chiral train of short laser pulses    [PDF]

Johannes Floß, Ilya Sh. Averbukh

1210.8339 (Piotr Gawron et al.)

A model for quantum queue    [PDF]

Piotr Gawron, Dariusz Kurzyk, Zbigniew Puchała

1210.8342 (Andreas Christ et al.)

Theory of quantum frequency conversion and parametric down-conversion in
the high gain regime

Andreas Christ, Benjamin Brecht, Wolfgang Mauerer, Christine Silberhorn

1210.8348 (Timothy D. Andersen)

Lorentz Covariant Lattice Gauge Theory    [PDF]

Timothy D. Andersen

1210.8349 (T. Shi et al.)

Topological Flat Bands and Fractional Quantum Hall Effects in Trapped
Ion Systems

T. Shi, J. I. Cirac

1210.8354 (Walter F. Wreszinski)

Progress in the mathematical theory of quantum disordered systems    [PDF]

Walter F. Wreszinski

1210.8395 (Christine Klymko et al.)

Adiabatic Quantum Programming: Minor Embedding With Hard Faults    [PDF]

Christine Klymko, Blair D. Sullivan, Travis S. Humble

1210.8412 (Christopher King)

Hypercontractivity for semigroups of unital qubit channels    [PDF]

Christopher King

1210.8447 (Jan-Markus Schwindt)

Nothing happens in the Universe of the Everett Interpretation    [PDF]

Jan-Markus Schwindt

1210.8450 (Guilherme M. A. Almeida et al.)

Quantum transport with coupled cavities on the Apollonian network    [PDF]

Guilherme M. A. Almeida, André M. C. Souza