Friday, November 30, 2012

0302032 (A. G. Godizov et al.)

On the objective origin of phase transitions and metastability in
many-particle systems

A. G. Godizov, A. A. Godizov

1211.6783 (Pavel Bóna et al.)

A radiating spin chain as a model of irreversible dynamics    [PDF]

Pavel Bóna, Michal Širaň

1211.6788 (Li Ming et al.)

Bell inequalities for multipartite qubit quantum systems and their
maximal violation

Li Ming, Fei Shaoming

1211.6829 (Jung-Lun Hsu et al.)

Quantum Teleportation with Remote Rotation on a GHZ state    [PDF]

Jung-Lun Hsu, Yu-Ting Chen, Chia-Wei Tsai, Tzonelish Hwang

1211.6843 (Stefan Yoshi Buhmann et al.)

Body-assisted dispersion potentials of diamagnetic atoms    [PDF]

Stefan Yoshi Buhmann, Hassan Safari, Stefan Scheel, A. Salam

1211.6846 (Altug Arda et al.)

Approximate analytical solutions of the Dirac equation for Yukawa
potential plus Tensor Interaction with any $κ$-value

Altug Arda, Ramazan Sever

1211.6862 (Marie Ericsson et al.)

Comment on `Detecting non-Abelian geometric phases with three-level
$Λ$ systems'

Marie Ericsson, Erik Sjöqvist

1211.6867 (M. Mielenz et al.)

Trapping of Topological-Structural Defects in Coulomb Crystals    [PDF]

M. Mielenz, H. Landa, J. Brox, S. Kahra, G. Leschhorn, M. Albert, B. Reznik, T. Schaetz

1211.6882 (M. Asorey et al.)

Quantum Physics and Fluctuating Topologies: Survey    [PDF]

M. Asorey, A. P. Balachandran, G. Marmo, I. P. Costa e Silva, A. R. de Queiroz, P. Teotonio-Sobrinho, S. Vaidya

1211.6889 (V. Chithiika Ruby et al.)

Ladder operators and squeezed coherent states of a 3-dimensional
generalized isotonic nonlinear oscillator

V. Chithiika Ruby, S. Karthiga, M. Senthilvelan

1211.6904 (Alexei Turovsky)

On expansion of equal-time relativistic two-body wave equations in
powers of 1/c to higher orders

Alexei Turovsky

1211.6907 (Pawel Kurzynski et al.)

Bosonic bunching reveals strong contextual behaviour    [PDF]

Pawel Kurzynski, Akihito Soeda, Jayne Thompson, Dagomir Kaszlikowski

1211.6913 (Erik Verlinde et al.)

Black Hole Entanglement and Quantum Error Correction    [PDF]

Erik Verlinde, Herman Verlinde

1211.6919 (Long Zhang et al.)

Scattering and resonance of ultracold atoms with spin-orbit coupling    [PDF]

Long Zhang, Youjin Deng, Peng Zhang

1211.6920 (Quan Liu et al.)

Resonant states of deformed nuclei in complex scaling method    [PDF]

Quan Liu, Jian-You Guo, Zhong-Ming Niu, Shou-Wan Chen

1211.6924 (C. H. Wong et al.)

Topological transport in a spin-orbit coupled bosonic Mott insulator    [PDF]

C. H. Wong, R. A. Duine

1211.6936 (Analabha Roy)

Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Ultracold Fermi Superfluids    [PDF]

Analabha Roy

1211.7001 (Xiao-Feng Qian)

Pre-management of Non-local Decoherence    [PDF]

Xiao-Feng Qian

1211.7010 (D. Karevski et al.)

Exact matrix product solution for the boundary-driven Lindblad

D. Karevski, V. Popkov, G. M. Schütz

1211.7011 (Douglas R. M. Pimentel et al.)

A Laplace transform approach to the quantum harmonic oscillator    [PDF]

Douglas R. M. Pimentel, Antonio S. de Castro

1211.7029 (Talitha Weiss et al.)

Strong-coupling effects in dissipatively coupled optomechanical systems    [PDF]

Talitha Weiss, Christoph Bruder, Andreas Nunnenkamp

1211.7036 (M. R. Vanner et al.)

Experimental Pulsed Quantum Optomechanics    [PDF]

M. R. Vanner, J. Hofer, G. D. Cole, M. Aspelmeyer

1211.7037 (Christian Gräf et al.)

Length sensing and control of a Michelson interferometer with Power
Recycling and Twin Signal Recycling cavities

Christian Gräf, André Thüring, Henning Vahlbruch, Karsten Danzmann, Roman Schnabel