Friday, March 15, 2013

1303.2687 (Shusa Deng et al.)

Multiband s-wave topological superconductors: role of dimensionality and
magnetic field response

Shusa Deng, Gerardo Ortiz, Lorenza Viola

1303.3281 (R. Jafari)

Geometric Phase and Fidelity of The One-Dimensional Extended Quantum
Compass Model in a Transverse Field

R. Jafari

1303.3320 (Luis A. Duffaut Espinosa et al.)

On the preservation of commutation and anticommutation relations of
N-level quantum systems

Luis A. Duffaut Espinosa, Z. Miao, I. R. Petersen, V. Ugrinovskii, M. R. James

1303.3340 (Karim Benmessai et al.)

Hybrid Electron Spin Resonance and Whispering Gallery Mode Resonance
Spectroscopy of Fe3+ in Sapphire

Karim Benmessai, Warrick G. Farr, Daniel L. Creedon, Yarema Reshitnyk, Jean-Michel Le Floch, Timothy Duty, Michael E. Tobar

1303.3352 (Wade Naylor)

Vacuum excited SPPs    [PDF]

Wade Naylor

1303.3366 (Peizhi Mai et al.)

Derivation of Lindblad master equation for the quantum Ising model
interacting with a heat bath

Peizhi Mai, Shuai Yin

1303.3367 (Kelvin M. C. Lee et al.)

Ground state of a resonant two-qubit Rabi model in the ultrastrong
coupling regime

Kelvin M. C. Lee, C. K. Law

1303.3383 (Wijnand Broer et al.)

Significance of the Casimir force and surface roughness for actuation
dynamics of MEMS

Wijnand Broer, George Palasantzas, Jasper Knoester, Vitaly B. Svetovoy

1303.3405 (H. H. Jen et al.)

Unconventional Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Strongly
Correlated Quantum Gases

H. H. Jen, Daw-Wei Wang

1303.3406 (A. Valles et al.)

Generation of polarization-entangled photon pairs in a Bragg reflection

A. Valles, M. Hendrych, J. Svozilik, R. Machulka, P. Abolghasem, D. Kang, B. J. Bijlani, A. S. Helmy, J. P. Torres

1303.3412 (David Viennot et al.)

Schrodinger's cat kicked by Arnold's cat: decoherence, relaxation and
chaos in a kicked spin bath

David Viennot, Lucile Aubourg

1303.3420 (M. A. Bellos et al.)

Excitation of ultracold molecules to trilobite-like Rydberg states    [PDF]

M. A. Bellos, R. Carollo, J. Banerjee, E. E. Eyler, P. L. Gould, W. C. Stwalley

1303.3432 (Yutaka Shikano et al.)

Nonlinear discrete-time quantum walk and anomalous diffusion    [PDF]

Yutaka Shikano, Tatsuaki Wada, Junsei Horikawa

1303.3437 (Yong-Liang Zhang et al.)

Criterion on remote clocks synchronization within a Heisenberg scaling

Yong-Liang Zhang, Yu-Ran Zhang, Liang-Zhu Mu, Heng Fan

1303.3447 (A. A. Gangat)

In-situ monitoring and control of mechanical wavefunction collapse: an
optomechanical scheme

A. A. Gangat

1303.3456 (Sylvia Bratzik et al.)

Quantum repeaters and quantum key distribution: the impact of
entanglement distillation on the secret key rate

Sylvia Bratzik, Silvestre Abruzzo, Hermann Kampermann, Dagmar Bruß

1303.3459 (Peter Kirton et al.)

A non-equilibrium model of photon condensation    [PDF]

Peter Kirton, Jonathan Keeling

1303.3462 (María E. Spina et al.)

Weyl law for contractive maps    [PDF]

María E. Spina, Alejandro M. F. Rivas, Gabriel G. Carlo

1303.3471 (Bernard Ducomet et al.)

The splitting in potential Crank-Nicolson scheme with discrete
transparent boundary conditions for the Schrödinger equation on a
semi-infinite strip

Bernard Ducomet, Alexander Zlotnik, Ilya Zlotnik

1303.3484 (Oleg Gittsovich et al.)

Key rate for calibration robust entanglement based BB84 quantum key
distribution protocol

Oleg Gittsovich, Tobias Moroder

1303.3490 (Andrew J. Skinner)

Transmon-phonon coupling of plasma oscillations and lattice vibrations    [PDF]

Andrew J. Skinner

1303.3505 (Stefanie Weiler et al.)

Post-selected indistinguishable single-photon emission from the Mollow
triplet sidebands of a resonantly excited quantum dot

Stefanie Weiler, Daniel Stojanovic, Sven M. Ulrich, Michael Jetter, Peter Michler

1303.3507 (Martin Leijnse et al.)

Coupling spin qubits via superconductors    [PDF]

Martin Leijnse, Karsten Flensberg

1303.3509 (Romain Fleury et al.)

Furtive Quantum Sensing Using Matter-Wave Cloaks    [PDF]

Romain Fleury, Andrea Alu

1303.3526 (Haile Owusu et al.)

Functionally independent conservations laws in a quantum integrable

Haile Owusu, B. Sriram Shastry

1303.3537 (Mahdi Ebrahimi Kahou et al.)

Quantum search with interacting Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Mahdi Ebrahimi Kahou, David L. Feder

1303.3550 (Konstantin E. Dorfman et al.)

Nonlinear light scattering in molecules triggered by an impulsive X-ray
Raman process

Konstantin E. Dorfman, Kochise Bennett, Yu Zhang, Shaul Mukamel

1303.3557 (Mehdi Saeedi et al.)

Linear-Depth Quantum Circuits for n-qubit Toffoli gates with no Ancilla    [PDF]

Mehdi Saeedi, Massoud Pedram