Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1108.3377 (David C. M. Ostapchuk et al.)

Entanglement Dynamics between Inertial and Non-uniformly Accelerated

David C. M. Ostapchuk, Shih-Yuin Lin, Robert B. Mann, B. L. Hu

1111.6580 (Nima Lashkari et al.)

Towards the fast scrambling conjecture    [PDF]

Nima Lashkari, Douglas Stanford, Matthew Hastings, Tobias Osborne, Patrick Hayden

1211.4637 (Dominic W. Berry et al.)

Gate-efficient discrete simulations of continuous-time quantum query

Dominic W. Berry, Richard Cleve, Sevag Gharibian

1211.4643 (Yu-Ping Huang et al.)

Mode-resolved Photon Counting via Cascaded Quantum Frequency Conversion    [PDF]

Yu-Ping Huang, Prem Kumar

1211.4645 (Michael B. Heaney)

A Symmetrical Interpretation of the Klein-Gordon Equation    [PDF]

Michael B. Heaney

1211.4691 (Mikolaj Lasota et al.)

Quantum key distribution with realistic heralded single photon sources    [PDF]

Mikolaj Lasota, Rafal Demkowicz-Dobrzanski, Konrad Banaszek

1211.4737 (Robert S. Whitney)

Thermodynamic and quantum bounds on nonlinear thermoelectric devices    [PDF]

Robert S. Whitney

1211.4738 (Y. Ben-Aryeh)

Is Hardy's paradox a paradox?    [PDF]

Y. Ben-Aryeh

1211.4745 (Mohammad H. Ansari et al.)

Effect of environmental coupling on tunneling of quasiparticles in
Josephson junctions

Mohammad H. Ansari, Frank K. Wilhelm, Urbasi Sinha, Aninda Sinha

1211.4751 (M. P. Blencowe)

Effective Field Theory Approach to Gravitationally Induced Decoherence    [PDF]

M. P. Blencowe

1211.4773 (James M. Hickey et al.)

Time-integrated observables as order parameters for dynamical phase
transitions in closed quantum systems

James M. Hickey, Sam Genway, Igor Lesanovsky, Juan P. Garrahan

1211.4774 (A. S. Holevo)

Gaussian classical-quantum channels: gain of entanglement-assistance    [PDF]

A. S. Holevo

1211.4791 (Sanjib Dey et al.)

Time-dependent q-deformed coherent states for generalized uncertainty

Sanjib Dey, Andreas Fring, Laure Gouba, Paulo G. Castro

1211.4792 (Patrick Bruno)

Comment on "Space-Time Crystals of Trapped Ions": And Yet it Moves Not !    [PDF]

Patrick Bruno

1211.4793 (Martin Weitz et al.)

Optomechanical Generation of a Photon Bose-Einstein Condensate    [PDF]

Martin Weitz, Jan Klaers, Frank Vewinger

1211.4805 (Tahere Abad et al.)

The power of quantum channels for creating quantum correlations    [PDF]

Tahere Abad, Vahid Karimipour, Laleh Memarzadeh

1211.4862 (Graciana Puentes et al.)

Planar quantum squeezing via quantum non-demolition measurements in cold
atomic ensembles

Graciana Puentes, Giorgio Colangelo, Robert J. Sewell, Morgan W. Mitchell