Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1002.3908 (Witold Chmielowiec et al.)

Fractional Fourier Transform and Geometric Quantization    [PDF]

Witold Chmielowiec, Jerzy Kijowski

1006.4651 (J. DiGuglielmo et al.)

Preparing the bound instance of quantum entanglement    [PDF]

J. DiGuglielmo, A. Samblowski, B. Hage, C. Pineda, J. Eisert, R. Schnabel

1102.1193 (Michael Rios)

Extremal Black Holes as Qudits    [PDF]

Michael Rios

1104.0772 (Shih-Yuin Lin)

Instantaneous projective measurements spatially local in a relativistic
quantum field

Shih-Yuin Lin

1104.1410 (Martin Schwarz et al.)

Preparing projected entangled pair states on a quantum computer    [PDF]

Martin Schwarz, Kristan Temme, Frank Verstraete

1105.1216 (Jieci Wang et al.)

System-environment dynamics of X-type states in noninertial frames    [PDF]

Jieci Wang, Jiliang Jing

1106.3538 (S. M. Rochester et al.)

Orientation-to-alignment conversion and spin squeezing    [PDF]

S. M. Rochester, M. P. Ledbetter, T. Zigdon, A. D. Wilson-Gordon, D. Budker

1106.5097 (Lei Wang et al.)

Quantum Information transmission    [PDF]

Lei Wang, Jie-Hui Huang, Jonathan P. Dowling, Shi-Yao Zhu

1109.4567 (Margaret Hawton)

Photon location in spacetime    [PDF]

Margaret Hawton

1110.0018 (Oleg N. Kirillov)

PT-symmetry, indefinite damping and dissipation-induced instabilities    [PDF]

Oleg N. Kirillov

1110.4718 (Matthew A. Broome et al.)

Reducing multi-photon rates in pulsed down-conversion by temporal

Matthew A. Broome, Marcelo P. Almeida, Alessandro Fedrizzi, Andrew G. White

1110.6056 (Jeffrey H. Shapiro)

Comment on `Simulation of Bell states with incoherent thermal light'    [PDF]

Jeffrey H. Shapiro

1111.1101 (Richard Tatham et al.)

Nonclassical correlations in continuous-variable non-Gaussian Werner

Richard Tatham, Ladislav Mišta Jr., Gerardo Adesso, Natalia Korolkova

1112.1366 (G. Bimonte et al.)

Material dependence of Casimir forces: gradient expansion beyond

G. Bimonte, T. Emig, M. Kardar

1201.2887 (Wen-ge Wang et al.)

Preferred States of Decoherence under Intermediate System-Environment

Wen-ge Wang, Lewei He, Jiangbin Gong

1202.4475 (G. Passante et al.)

Measuring DQC1 Quantum Discord using DQC1    [PDF]

G. Passante, O. Moussa, R. Laflamme

1202.4513 (Howard Barnum et al.)

Local tomography and the Jordan structure of quantum theory    [PDF]

Howard Barnum, Alexander Wilce

1202.4519 (Jing Zhu et al.)

Multipartite Quantum Entanglement Evolution in Photosynthetic Complexes    [PDF]

Jing Zhu, Sabre Kais, Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Sam Rodriques, Ben Brock, Peter J. Love

1202.4529 (Doron Cohen et al.)

A straightforward quantum-mechanical derivation of the Crooks
fluctuation theorem and the Jarzynski equality

Doron Cohen, Yoseph Imry

1202.4546 (Ming-Liang Hu)

Disentanglement, Bell-nonlocality violation and teleportation capacity
of the decaying tripartite states

Ming-Liang Hu

1202.4556 (Maxim Goryachev et al.)

Extremely Low-Loss Acoustic Phonons in a Quartz Bulk Acoustic Wave

Maxim Goryachev, Daniel L. Creedon, Eugene N. Ivanov, Serge Galliou, Roger Bourquin, Michael E. Tobar

1202.4559 (L. Slodička et al.)

Interferometric thermometry of a single sub-Doppler cooled atom    [PDF]

L. Slodička, G. Hétet, N. Röck, S. Gerber, P. Schindler, M. Kumph, M. Hennrich, R. Blatt

1202.4583 (V. Chithiika Ruby et al.)

A report on the nonlinear squeezed states and their non-classical
properties of a generalized isotonic oscillator

V. Chithiika Ruby, M. Senthilvelan

1202.4621 (Wen-An Li et al.)

Controllable entanglement preparations between atoms in
spatially-separated cavities via quantum Zeno dynamics

Wen-An Li, L. F. Wei

1202.4638 (Julio César Arce)

Unification of the conditional probability and semiclassical
interpretations for the problem of time in quantum theory

Julio César Arce

1202.4644 (Emmanuel Baudin)

Magic composite pulses    [PDF]

Emmanuel Baudin

1202.4708 (Simon J. D. Phoenix et al.)

Playing Games with Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Simon J. D. Phoenix, Faisal Shah Khan

1202.4718 (A. M. Zagoskin et al.)

Heat cost of parametric generation of microwave squeezed states    [PDF]

A. M. Zagoskin, E. Il'ichev, Franco Nori

1202.4744 (A. Gogyan et al.)

Deterministic production of free-propagating Fock states of programmable
photon number from a single atom-cavity system

A. Gogyan, S. Guerin, C. Leroy, Yu. Malakyan