Friday, February 24, 2012

1012.3075 (J. Maziero et al.)

Classicality witness for two-qubit states    [PDF]

J. Maziero, R. M. Serra

1103.5037 (Matthew F. Pusey)

Stabilizer notation for Spekkens' toy theory    [PDF]

Matthew F. Pusey

1108.1607 (Zhaoliang Wang et al.)

Exact Eigenfunctions of $N$-Body system with Quadratic Pair Potential    [PDF]

Zhaoliang Wang, Anmin Wang, Yang Yang, Xuechao Li

1109.1697 (Pijush K. Ghosh)

A note on topological insulator phase in non-hermitian quantum systems    [PDF]

Pijush K. Ghosh

1110.5055 (Yutaka Shikano)

Theory of "Weak Value" and Quantum Mechanical Measurements    [PDF]

Yutaka Shikano

1110.5570 (N. M. Linke et al.)

Background-free detection of trapped ions    [PDF]

N. M. Linke, D. T. C. Allcock, D. J. Szwer, C. J. Ballance, T. P. Harty, H. A. Janacek, D. N. Stacey, A. M. Steane, D. M. Lucas

1111.0529 (H. T. Ng et al.)

Coherent control of atomic spin currents in a double well    [PDF]

H. T. Ng, Shih-I Chu

1111.3898 (David Rodriguez)

Wigner-PDC description of photon entanglement as a local theory    [PDF]

David Rodriguez

1112.0265 (F. M. Andrade et al.)

Physical regularization for the spin-1/2 Aharonov-Bohm problem in
conical space

F. M. Andrade, E. O. Silva, M. Pereira

1202.5044 (Robert Paul Salazar et al.)

Constrained quantum mechanics: chaos in non-planar billiards    [PDF]

Robert Paul Salazar, Gabriel Tellez

1202.5056 (Jun Jing et al.)

Non-perturbative Dynamical Decoupling Control and Threshold    [PDF]

Jun Jing, Lian-Ao Wu, J. Q. You, Ting Yu

1202.5058 (Christoph Spengler et al.)

Entanglement detection via mutually unbiased bases    [PDF]

Christoph Spengler, Marcus Huber, Stephen Brierley, Theodor Adaktylos, Beatrix C. Hiesmayr

1202.5060 (G. A. Levin et al.)

Energy Transport in Closed Quantum Systems    [PDF]

G. A. Levin, W. A. Jones, K. Walczak, K. L. Yerkes

1202.5067 (Andrew L. C. Hayward et al.)

Fractional Quantum Hall Physics in Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard Lattices    [PDF]

Andrew L. C. Hayward, Andrew M. Martin, Andrew D. Greentree

1202.5086 (Jiajia Du et al.)

Pairing imbalance in BCS-BEC crossover of inhomogeneous three-component
Fermi-gas in two dimensions

Jiajia Du, Junjun Liang, J. -Q. Liang

1202.5091 (Ching-Hao Chang et al.)

Analogy of RKKY oscillations to the heat exchange in cold atoms    [PDF]

Ching-Hao Chang, Tzay-Ming Hong

1202.5095 (Ahmed M. Abdelrahman et al.)

Observations of indirect exciton trapping in one- and two-dimensional
magnetic lattices

Ahmed M. Abdelrahman, Byoung S. Ham

1202.5104 (V. Chithiika Ruby et al.)

An observation of quadratic algebra, dual family of nonlinear coherent
states and their non-classical properties, in the generalized isotonic

V. Chithiika Ruby, M. Senthilvelan

1202.5106 (J. Sperling et al.)

True photo-counting statistics of multiple on-off detectors    [PDF]

J. Sperling, W. Vogel, G. S. Agarwal

1202.5111 (James M. Chappell et al.)

N-player quantum games in an EPR setting    [PDF]

James M. Chappell, Azhar Iqbal, Derek Abbott

1202.5136 (Hui Khoon Ng et al.)

A simple minimax estimator for quantum states    [PDF]

Hui Khoon Ng, Berthold-Georg Englert

1202.5139 (Prabha Mandayam et al.)

Towards a Unified Framework for Approximate Quantum Error Correction    [PDF]

Prabha Mandayam, Hui Khoon Ng

1202.5143 (Sudip Kumar Haldar et al.)

Quantum many-body tunneling of attractive Bose-Einstein condensate
through double asymmetric barrier

Sudip Kumar Haldar, Pankaj Debnath, Barnali Chakrabarti

1202.5144 (A. D. Ribeiro et al.)

Entanglement dynamics via semiclassical propagators in systems of two

A. D. Ribeiro, R. M. Angelo

1202.5148 (Bengt E Y Svensson)

New wine in old bottles: Quantum measurement - direct, indirect, weak -
with some applications

Bengt E Y Svensson

1202.5174 (T. Salger et al.)

Coherent negative mobility of ultracold atoms in an optical lattice    [PDF]

T. Salger, S. Kling, S. Denisov, A. V. Ponomarev, P. Hanggi, M. Weitz

1202.5181 (A. S. Sanz)

Quantumness beyond quantum mechanics    [PDF]

A. S. Sanz

1202.5191 (Jonas A. Mlynek et al.)

Time Resolved Collective Entanglement Dynamics in Cavity Quantum

Jonas A. Mlynek, Abdufarrukh A. Abdumalikov Jr., Johannes M. Fink, Lars Steffen, Matthias Baur, Christian Lang, Arjan F. van Loo, Andreas Wallraff

1202.5192 (J. Z. Bernád et al.)

Photon-assisted entanglement creation by minimum-error generalized
quantum measurements in the strong coupling regime

J. Z. Bernád, G. Alber

1202.5196 (L. Steffen et al.)

Experimental Monte Carlo Quantum Process Certification    [PDF]

L. Steffen, M. P. da Silva, A. Fedorov, M. Baur, A. Wallraff

1202.5214 (Daniel L. Whitenack et al.)

Density Functional Resonance Theory: complex density functions,
convergence, orbital energies, and functionals

Daniel L. Whitenack, Adam Wasserman

1202.5226 (Abdulaziz D. Alhaidari et al.)

Confined Dirac Particles in Constant and Tilted Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Abdulaziz D. Alhaidari, Hocine Bahlouli, Ahmed Jellal

1202.5246 (Adhip Agarwala et al.)

Quantum diffraction grating with cold atoms in an optical lattice    [PDF]

Adhip Agarwala, Madhurima Nath, Jasleen Lugani, K. Thyagarajan, Sankalpa Ghosh

1202.5250 (Jakob Meineke et al.)

Interferometric Measurement of Local Spin-Fluctuations in a Quantum Gas    [PDF]

Jakob Meineke, Jean-Philippe Brantut, David Stadler, Torben Müller, Henning Moritz, Tilman Esslinger

1202.5270 (Robin Blume-Kohout)

Robust error bars for quantum tomography    [PDF]

Robin Blume-Kohout

1202.5278 (Bart Van Tiggelen et al.)

QED Corrections to the Electromagnetic Abraham Force. Casimir Momentum
of the Hydrogen atom?

Bart Van Tiggelen, Sebastien Kawka, Geert L. J. A. Rikken