Friday, April 20, 2012

1102.2107 (L. Ortíz)

Thermal state on a cylindrical spacetime    [PDF]

L. Ortíz

1104.2552 (K. R. Brown et al.)

Single-qubit-gate error below 10^-4 in a trapped ion    [PDF]

K. R. Brown, A. C. Wilson, Y. Colombe, C. Ospelkaus, A. M. Meier, E. Knill, D. Leibfried, D. J. Wineland

1105.3566 (Nadja K. Bernardes et al.)

Hybrid quantum repeater with encoding    [PDF]

Nadja K. Bernardes, Peter van Loock

1106.2486 (Marco Túlio Quintino et al.)

Maximal CHSH violations with low efficiency photodetection and homodyne

Marco Túlio Quintino, Mateus Araújo, Daniel Cavalcanti, Marcelo França Santos, Marcelo Terra Cunha

1106.6095 (Francesco Buscemi)

All Entangled Quantum States Are Nonlocal    [PDF]

Francesco Buscemi

1107.5519 (Laurent Olislager et al.)

Implementing two-photon interference in the frequency domain with
electro-optic phase modulators

Laurent Olislager, Ismaël Mbodji, Erik Woodhead, Johann Cussey, Luca Furfaro, Philippe Emplit, Serge Massar, Kien Phan Huy, Jean-Marc Merolla

1110.0069 (Howard M. Wiseman et al.)

Are dynamical quantum jumps detector-dependent?    [PDF]

Howard M. Wiseman, Jay M. Gambetta

1110.4171 (U. D. Jentschura et al.)

Pseudo-Hermitian Quantum Dynamics of Tachyonic Spin-1/2 Particles    [PDF]

U. D. Jentschura, B. J. Wundt

1201.2225 (Marcin Zwierz et al.)

Ultimate limits to quantum metrology and the meaning of the Heisenberg

Marcin Zwierz, Carlos A. Pérez-Delgado, Pieter Kok

1204.4351 (Dan M. Stamper-Kurn)

Cavity optomechanics with cold atoms    [PDF]

Dan M. Stamper-Kurn

1204.4006 (Bulat Suleimanov)

"Quantization" of higher hamiltonian analogues of the Painleve I and
Painleve II equations with two degrees of freedom

Bulat Suleimanov

1204.4179 (Markus Tiersch et al.)

Decoherence in the chemical compass: The role of decoherence for avian

Markus Tiersch, Hans J. Briegel

1204.4215 (Zilong Chen et al.)

A low phase noise microwave source for atomic spin squeezing experiments
in 87Rb

Zilong Chen, Justin G. Bohnet, Joshua M. Weiner, James K. Thompson

1204.4221 (Adam M. Meier et al.)

Magic-state distillation with the four-qubit code    [PDF]

Adam M. Meier, Bryan Eastin, Emanuel Knill

1204.4223 (Yixuan Xie et al.)

Improved Quantum LDPC Decoding Strategies For The Misidentified Quantum
Depolarizing Channel

Yixuan Xie, Jun Li, Robert Malaney, Jinhong Yuan

1204.4235 (Won-Young Hwang et al.)

Comment on "Security Proof for Cryptographic Protocols Based Only on
Monogamy of Bell's Inequality Violations"

Won-Young Hwang, Oleg Gittsovich

1204.4255 (Graham R. Dennis et al.)

XMDS2: Fast, scalable simulation of coupled stochastic partial
differential equations

Graham R. Dennis, Joseph J. Hope, Mattias T. Johnsson

1204.4275 (Michel Planat)

On small proofs of Bell-Kochen-Specker theorem for two, three and four

Michel Planat

1204.4288 (Miklós Rédei et al.)

Distinguishing Causality Principles    [PDF]

Miklós Rédei, Iñaki San Pedro

1204.4317 (Shenglong Hu et al.)

Geometric measure of entanglement of multipartite mixed states    [PDF]

Shenglong Hu, Liqun Qi, Yisheng Song, Guofeng Zhang

1204.4325 (Angelo Bassi et al.)

Models of Wave-function Collapse, Underlying Theories, and Experimental

Angelo Bassi, Kinjalk Lochan, Seema Satin, Tejinder P. Singh, Hendrik Ulbricht

1204.4348 (Luca Ferialdi et al.)

Exact solution for a non-Markovian dissipative quantum dynamics    [PDF]

Luca Ferialdi, Angelo Bassi

1204.4349 (Thomas Durt)

Correlations of decay times of entangled composite unstable systems    [PDF]

Thomas Durt

1204.4354 (Xiaorun Zang et al.)

Magic wavelengths for lattice trapped Rubidium four-level active optical

Xiaorun Zang, Tonggang Zhang, Jingbiao Chen

1204.4379 (Matthias Christandl et al.)

Computing Multiplicities of Lie Group Representations    [PDF]

Matthias Christandl, Brent Doran, Michael Walter

1204.4385 (Tonggang Zhang et al.)

Active optical clock based on four-level quantum system    [PDF]

Tonggang Zhang, Yanfei Wang, Xiaorun Zang, Wei Zhuang, Jingbiao Chen

1204.4394 (Igor Boettcher et al.)

Ultracold atoms and the Functional Renormalization Group    [PDF]

Igor Boettcher, Jan M. Pawlowski, Sebastian Diehl