Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1112.0899 (T. Hennessy et al.)

Creating atom-number states around tapered optical fibres by loading
from an optical lattice

T. Hennessy, Th. Busch

1207.7064 (Richard Healey)

How to use quantum theory locally to explain "non-local" correlations    [PDF]

Richard Healey

1207.7281 (Sindhu Chitikela)

Noise Analysis for two Quantum Cryptography Protocols    [PDF]

Sindhu Chitikela

1207.7065 (Chui-Ping Yang)

Fast quantum gate with superconducting flux qubits coupled to a cavity    [PDF]

Chui-Ping Yang

1207.7069 (Francisco M. Fernández)

On the uncertainty relations for an electron in a constant magnetic

Francisco M. Fernández

1207.7084 (G. Catelani et al.)

Decoherence of superconducting qubits caused by quasiparticle tunneling    [PDF]

G. Catelani, Simon E. Nigg, S. M. Girvin, R. J. Schoelkopf, L. I. Glazman

1207.7088 (A. D. Alhaidari et al.)

Full transmission within a wide energy range and super-criticality in
relativistic barrier scattering

A. D. Alhaidari, H. Bahlouli, Y. Benabderahmane, A. Jellal

1207.7105 (Richard Healey)

Quantum decoherence in a pragmatist view: Resolving the measurement

Richard Healey

1207.7106 (Richard Healey)

Observation and Quantum Objectivity    [PDF]

Richard Healey

1207.7111 (Dvir Kafri et al.)

Algorithmic Cooling of a Quantum Simulator    [PDF]

Dvir Kafri, Jacob M. Taylor

1207.7119 (J. Dubail et al.)

Edge state inner products and real-space entanglement spectrum of trial
quantum Hall states

J. Dubail, N. Read, E. H. Rezayi

1207.7127 (Sebastian Meznaric et al.)

Quantifying the nonclassicality of operations    [PDF]

Sebastian Meznaric, Stephen R. Clark, Animesh Datta

1207.7143 (Michael Delanty et al.)

Discretely-observable continuous time quantum walks on Möbius strips
and other exotic structures in 3D integrated photonics

Michael Delanty, M. J. Steel

1207.7146 (Ali Assaf et al.)

Completeness of algebraic CPS simulations    [PDF]

Ali Assaf, Simon Perdrix

1207.7174 (Chee Kong Lee et al.)

Non-Canonical Statistics of a Spin-Boson Model: Theory and Exact
Monte-Carlo Simulations

Chee Kong Lee, Jianshu Cao, Jiangbin Gong

1207.7192 (O. J. E. Maroney)

A brief note on epistemic interpretations and the Kochen-Specker theorem    [PDF]

O. J. E. Maroney

1207.7206 (Angela Sestito)

Simultaneous elements of reality for incompatible properties by
exploiting locality

Angela Sestito

1207.7224 (D. Buono et al.)

Experimental analysis of decoherence of quantumness in a continuous
variables bi-partite entangled system

D. Buono, G. Nocerino, A. Porzio, S. Solimeno

1207.7225 (H. N. Deota et al.)

Random matrix ensemble with random two-body interactions in presence of
a mean-field for spin one boson systems

H. N. Deota, N. D. Chavda, V. K. B. Kota, V. Potbhare, Manan Vyas

1207.7226 (Satyabrata Adhikari et al.)

An Operational Meaning of Discord in terms of Teleportation Fidelity    [PDF]

Satyabrata Adhikari, Subhashish Banerjee

1207.7243 (T. Nakajima et al.)

Gate-Control of Spin Precession in Quantum Hall Edge States    [PDF]

T. Nakajima, Kuan-Ting Lin, S. Komiyama

1207.7265 (X. -Y. Chang et al.)

Experimental demonstration of an entanglement-based quantum router    [PDF]

X. -Y. Chang, Y. -X. Wang, C. Zu, K. Liu, L. -M. Duan

1207.7272 (Dimitris G. Angelakis et al.)

Mimicking interacting relativistic theories with stationary pulses of

Dimitris G. Angelakis, MingXia Huo, Darrick Chang, Leong Chuan Kwek, Vladimir Korepin

1207.7283 (Daniel Reitzner et al.)

Quantum Walks    [PDF]

Daniel Reitzner, Daniel Nagaj, Vladimir Buzek

1207.7293 (I. -H. Chen et al.)

Solitons in cavity-QED arrays containing interacting qubits    [PDF]

I. -H. Chen, Y. Y. Lin, Y. -C. Lai, E. S. Sedov, A. P. Alodjants, S. M. Arakelian, R. -K. Lee

1207.7307 (Leonardo Banchi et al.)

Diagonalization of quasi-uniform tridiagonal matrices    [PDF]

Leonardo Banchi, Ruggero Vaia

1207.7340 (David Viennot et al.)

C\ast-geometric phase for mixed states: entanglement, decoherence and
spin system

David Viennot, José Lages