Thursday, May 31, 2012

1005.5703 (Ivan P. Levkivskyi et al.)

Theory of fractional quantum Hall interferometers    [PDF]

Ivan P. Levkivskyi, Juerg Froehlich, Eugene V. Sukhorukov

1106.6347 (Pradeep Sarvepalli et al.)

Quantum Algorithms for One-Dimensional Infrastructures    [PDF]

Pradeep Sarvepalli, Pawel Wocjan

1112.6135 (Xin-Wen Wang et al.)

Photonic two-qubit parity gate with tiny cross-Kerr nonlinearity    [PDF]

Xin-Wen Wang, Deng-Yu Zhang, Shi-Qing Tang, Li-Jun Xie, Zhi-Yong Wang, Le-Man Kuang

1201.2442 (Sam Genway et al.)

Phase Transitions in Trajectories of a Superconducting Single-Electron
Transistor Coupled to a Resonator

Sam Genway, Juan P. Garrahan, Igor Lesanovsky, Andrew D. Armour

1205.6485 (X. Andrade et al.)

Application of compressed sensing to the simulation of atomic systems    [PDF]

X. Andrade, J. N. Sanders, A. Aspuru-Guzik

1205.6494 (M. Jung et al.)

Radio frequency charge sensing in InAs nanowire double quantum dots    [PDF]

M. Jung, M. D. Schroer, K. D. Petersson, J. R. Petta

1205.6528 (J. Strohaber et al.)

Coherent transfer of optical orbital angular momentum in multi-order
Raman sideband generation

J. Strohaber, M. Zhi, A. V. Sokolov, A. A. Kolomenskii, G. G. Paulus, H. A. Schuessler

1205.6585 (Fernando Oster et al.)

Flexible generation of correlated photon pairs in different frequency

Fernando Oster, Christoph H Keitel, Mihai Macovei

1205.6596 (Wolfgang Niedenzu et al.)

Quantum-correlated motion and heralded entanglement of distant
optomechanically coupled objects

Wolfgang Niedenzu, Raimar M. Sandner, Claudiu Genes, Helmut Ritsch

1205.6601 (Michael Siomau et al.)

Defeating entanglement sudden death by a single local filtering    [PDF]

Michael Siomau, Ali A. Kamli

1205.6604 (J. Lehto et al.)

Superparabolic Level Glancing Models for Two-State Quantum Systems    [PDF]

J. Lehto, K. -A. Suominen

1205.6624 (J. M. Dahlström et al.)

Light-matter interaction on the attosecond timescale    [PDF]

J. M. Dahlström, A. L'Huillier, A. Maquet

1205.6641 (Xing-Hai Zhang et al.)

Mott Insulator-Superfluid Transition in a Generalized Bose-Hubbard Model
with Topologically Non-trivial Flat-Band

Xing-Hai Zhang, Su-Peng Kou

1205.6672 (M. Pawlowski)

Reply to "Comment on 'Security proof for cryptographic protocols based
only on the monogamy of Bell's inequality violations' "

M. Pawlowski

1205.6715 (Tomas Jochym-O'Connor et al.)

The robustness of magic state distillation against errors in Clifford

Tomas Jochym-O'Connor, Yafei Yu, Bassam Helou, Raymond Laflamme

1205.6720 (Milos V. Lokajicek)

Schroedinger equation and classical physics    [PDF]

Milos V. Lokajicek

1205.6726 (André Xuereb et al.)

Exciton-mediated photothermal cooling in GaAs membranes    [PDF]

André Xuereb, Koji Usami, Andreas Naesby, Eugene S. Polzik, Klemens Hammerer

1205.6740 (S. D. Bennett et al.)

Measuring mechanical motion with a single spin    [PDF]

S. D. Bennett, S. Kolkowitz, Q. P. Unterreithmeier, P. Rabl, A. C. Bleszynski Jayich, J. G. E. Harris, M. D. Lukin

1205.6750 (W. G. Unruh)

Decoherence without Dissipation    [PDF]

W. G. Unruh

1205.6756 (B. Juliá-Díaz et al.)

Dynamic generation of spin-squeezed states in bosonic Josephson

B. Juliá-Díaz, T. Zibold, M. K. Oberthaler, M. Melé-Messeguer, J. Martorell, A. Polls

1205.6755 (Kumar S. Gupta et al.)

A Dirac type xp-Model and the Riemann Zeros    [PDF]

Kumar S. Gupta, E. Harikumar, Amilcar R. de Queiroz

1205.6758 (N. D. Chavda et al.)

Thermalization in one- plus two-body ensembles for dense interacting
boson systems

N. D. Chavda, V. K. B. Kota, V. Potbhare

1205.6771 (Louis M. Pecora et al.)

Regularization of Tunneling Rates with Quantum Chaos    [PDF]

Louis M. Pecora, Hoshik Lee, Dong-Ho Wu

1205.6784 (Bruno Bellomo et al.)

Thermalization and cooling of an elementary quantum system in
environments out of thermal equilibrium

Bruno Bellomo, Riccardo Messina, Mauro Antezza

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1107.4358 (Frederik Floether et al.)

Robust quantum gates for systems subject to decoherence via optimal
control: Markovian vs non-Markovian dynamics

Frederik Floether, Pierre de Fouquieres, Sophie Schirmer

1109.1473 (Hoi-Kwong Lo et al.)

Measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution    [PDF]

Hoi-Kwong Lo, Marcos Curty, Bing Qi

1110.0379 (A. D'Arrigo et al.)

Optimal operating conditions of an entangling two-transmon gate    [PDF]

A. D'Arrigo, E. Paladino

1110.1843 (Jian-Feng Li et al.)

New application of decomposition of U(1) gauge potential:Aharonov-Bohm
effect and Anderson-Higgs mechanism

Jian-Feng Li, Yu Jiang, Wei-Min Sun, Hong-Shi Zong, Fan Wang

1111.3634 (Ivan D. Rodriguez et al.)

Evaluation of ranks of real space and particle entanglement spectra for
large systems

Ivan D. Rodriguez, Steven H. Simon, J. K. Slingerland

1205.5550 (Yasunori Nomura)

The Static Quantum Multiverse    [PDF]

Yasunori Nomura

1205.6220 (Sophie G. Schirmer et al.)

Open quantum system identification    [PDF]

Sophie G. Schirmer, Daniel K. L. Oi, Weiwei Zhou, Erling Gong, Ming Zhang

1205.6239 (David J. Fernandez)

Harmonic oscillator SUSY partners and evolution loops    [PDF]

David J. Fernandez

1205.6253 (Noriyuki Lee et al.)

Teleportation of Nonclassical Wave Packets of light    [PDF]

Noriyuki Lee, Hugo Benichi, Yuishi Takeno, Shuntaro Takeda, James Webb, Elanor Huntington, Akira Furusawa

1205.6279 (B. Opanchuk et al.)

Dynamical preparation of EPR entanglement in two-well Bose-Einstein

B. Opanchuk, Q. Y. He, M. D. Reid, P. D. Drummond

1205.6302 (Nicolae Cotfas et al.)

Properties of finite Gaussians and the discrete-continuous transition    [PDF]

Nicolae Cotfas, Daniela Dragoman

1205.6329 (S. Savel'ev et al.)

Two-qubit parametric amplifier: large amplification of weak signals    [PDF]

S. Savel'ev, A. M. Zagoskin, A. L. Rakhmanov, A. N. Omelyanchouk, Z. Washington, Franco Nori

1205.6337 (S. Savel'ev et al.)

Noise-spectroscopy of multiqubit systems: Determining all their
parameters by applying an external classical noise

S. Savel'ev, A. M. Zagoskin, A. N. Omelyanchouk, F. Nori

1205.6364 (Frédéric Schuller et al.)

Standing wave vs Green's function approach to the Casimir force problem    [PDF]

Frédéric Schuller, Renaud Savalle, Michael Neumann-Spallart

1205.6366 (D. Banerjee et al.)

Atomic Quantum Simulation of Dynamical Gauge Fields coupled to Fermionic
Matter: From String Breaking to Evolution after a Quench

D. Banerjee, M. Dalmonte, M. Müller, E. Rico, P. Stebler, U. -J. Wiese, P. Zoller

1205.6375 (Markus Jerger et al.)

Frequency Division Multiplexing Readout and Simultaneous Manipulation of
an Array of Flux Qubits

Markus Jerger, Stefano Poletto, Pascal Macha, Uwe Hübner, Evgeni Il'ichev, Alexey V. Ustinov

1205.6379 (Jeremy M. Sage et al.)

Loading of a surface electrode ion trap from a remote, pre-cooled source    [PDF]

Jeremy M. Sage, Andrew J. Kerman, John Chiaverini

1205.6390 (Roland Omnès)

Predecoherence: before Decoherence and Collapse    [PDF]

Roland Omnès

1205.6419 (Rosario Lo Franco et al.)

Dynamics of quantum correlations in two-qubit systems within
non-Markovian environments

Rosario Lo Franco, Bruno Bellomo, Sabrina Maniscalco, Giuseppe Compagno

1205.6431 (Jiang-min Zhang et al.)

Two-Particle Bound States in the Continuum realized in the
one-dimensional Hubbard Model with an Impurity

Jiang-min Zhang, Daniel Braak, Marcus Kollar

1205.6437 (Cesar R. de Oliveira et al.)

Mathematical predominance of Dirichlet condition for the one-dimensional
Coulomb potential

Cesar R. de Oliveira, Alessandra A. Verri

1205.6461 (Sh. Barzanjeh et al.)

Optical Single Photons on Demand Teleported from Microwave Cavities    [PDF]

Sh. Barzanjeh, G. J. Milburn, D. Vitali, P. Tombesi

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1004.2433 (Rudolf A. Frick)

Model of a relativistic oscillator in a generalized Schrödinger

Rudolf A. Frick

1107.5748 (D. Ballester et al.)

Quantum Simulation of the Ultrastrong Coupling Dynamics in Circuit QED    [PDF]

D. Ballester, G. Romero, J. J. García-Ripoll, F. Deppe, E. Solano

1108.4940 (Nilanjana Datta et al.)

Quantum rate distortion, reverse Shannon theorems, and source-channel

Nilanjana Datta, Min-Hsiu Hsieh, Mark M. Wilde

1111.5117 (Q. Y. He et al.)

Entanglement and optimized interferometric phase measurement    [PDF]

Q. Y. He, T. G. Vaughan, P. D. Drummond, M. D. Reid

1111.5910 (Holger F. Hofmann)

How weak values emerge in joint measurements on cloned quantum systems    [PDF]

Holger F. Hofmann

1201.2396 (Olga Machtey et al.)

Association of Efimov trimers from a three-atom continuum    [PDF]

Olga Machtey, Zav Shotan, Noam Gross, Lev Khaykovich

1201.3096 (Anne E. B. Nielsen et al.)

Laughlin spin liquid states on lattices obtained from conformal field

Anne E. B. Nielsen, J. Ignacio Cirac, German Sierra

1205.5629 (Filippo Troiani et al.)

Hyperfine-induced decoherence in triangular spin-cluster qubits    [PDF]

Filippo Troiani, Dimitrije Stepanenko, Daniel Loss

1205.5832 (Li Zhang et al.)

High Quality Ultrathin Bi2Se3 Films on CaF2 and CaF2/Si by MBE with a RF
Cracker Cell

Li Zhang, Robert Hammond, Merav Dolev, Min Liu, Alexander Palevski, Aharon Kapitulnik

1205.5851 (Jeonghoon Park et al.)

Zero-error classical capacity of qubit channels cannot be superactivated    [PDF]

Jeonghoon Park, Soojoon Lee

1205.5860 (Bikashkali Midya)

Quasi-Hermitian Hamiltonians associated with exceptional orthogonal

Bikashkali Midya

1205.5882 (Zeng-Zhao Li et al.)

Cooling a nanomechanical resonator by a triple quantum dot    [PDF]

Zeng-Zhao Li, Shi-Hua Ouyang, Chi-Hang Lam, J. Q. You

1205.5941 (Pavel Exner)

Momentum operators on graphs    [PDF]

Pavel Exner

1205.5942 (Zhi-Yong Wang)

Time operator based on the highest weight representation of a centreless
Virasoro algebra

Zhi-Yong Wang

1205.5969 (Arne L. Grimsmo et al.)

Dynamics of genuine multipartite correlations in open quantum systems    [PDF]

Arne L. Grimsmo, Scott Parkins, Bo-Sture K. Skagerstam

1205.5980 (Zachary Dutton et al.)

Performance of polar codes for quantum and private classical

Zachary Dutton, Saikat Guha, Mark M. Wilde

1205.6004 (Tommaso Tufarelli et al.)

Input-output Gaussian channels: theory and application    [PDF]

Tommaso Tufarelli, Alex Retzker, Martin B. Plenio, Alessio Serafini

1205.6016 (Bo Li et al.)

Detecting genuine multipartite correlations in terms of the rank of
coefficient matrix

Bo Li, Leong Chuan Kwek, Heng Fan

1205.6020 (Hao-Sheng Zeng et al.)

Non-Markovian dynamics for an open two-level system without rotating
wave approximation: Indivisibility versus backflow of information

Hao-Sheng Zeng, Ning Tang, Yan-Ping Zheng, Tian-Tian Xu

1205.6029 (Raymond Chiao)

Hysteretic method for measuring the flux trapped within the core of a
superconducting lead-coated ferromagnetic torus by a linked superconducting
tin ring, in a novel Aharonov-Bohm-like effect based on the Feynman
path-integral principle

Raymond Chiao

1205.6088 (Majid Hamzavi et al.)

Pseudospin symmetry in the relativistic Killingbeck potential:
quasi-exact solution

Majid Hamzavi, Sameer M. Ikhdair, Karl-Erik Thylwe

1205.6089 (Riccardo Messina et al.)

Dynamics of a two-level system in environments out of thermal

Riccardo Messina, Bruno Bellomo, Didier Felbacq, Mauro Antezza

1205.6127 (Bianca Dittrich)

From the discrete to the continuous - towards a cylindrically consistent

Bianca Dittrich

1205.6131 (Piero Chiarelli)

Is the quantum hydrodynamic analogy more general than the Schrödinger

Piero Chiarelli

1205.6135 (S. N. Mayburov)

Irreversibility, Information and Randomness in Quantum Measurements    [PDF]

S. N. Mayburov

1205.6161 (B. Jetter et al.)

Scattering and absorption of ultracold atoms by nanotubes    [PDF]

B. Jetter, J. Märkle, P. Schneeweiss, M. Gierling, S. Scheel, A. Günther, J. Fortágh, T. E. Judd

1205.6178 (Itzhack Dana)

Generic Regularities in Quasienergy Spectra and Free Quantum Dynamics
Independently of Chaos Strength

Itzhack Dana

1205.6188 (Patrick J. Coles et al.)

Collisional decoherence of tunneling molecules: a consistent histories

Patrick J. Coles, Vlad Gheorghiu, Robert B. Griffiths

1205.6189 (Hannes Pichler et al.)

Dressed, noise- or disorder- resilient optical lattices    [PDF]

Hannes Pichler, Johannes Schachenmayer, Jonathan Simon, Peter Zoller, Andrew J. Daley

1205.6195 (Franck Ferreyrol et al.)

Heralded processes on continuous-variable spaces as quantum maps    [PDF]

Franck Ferreyrol, Nicolò Spagnolo, Rémi Blandino, Marco Barbieri, Rosa Tualle-Brouri

Monday, May 28, 2012

1107.4394 (F. Ciccarello et al.)

Quasideterministic realization of a universal quantum gate in a single
scattering process

F. Ciccarello, D. E. Browne, L. C. Kwek, H. Schomerus, M. Zarcone, S. Bose

1110.1184 (David Zueco et al.)

Microwave photonics with Josephson junction arrays: negative refraction
index and entanglement through disorder

David Zueco, Juan José Mazo, Enrique Solano, Juan José García-Ripoll

1201.2112 (C. -E. Bardyn et al.)

Majorana Modes in Driven-Dissipative Atomic Superfluids With Zero Chern

C. -E. Bardyn, M. A. Baranov, E. Rico, A. Imamoglu, P. Zoller, S. Diehl

1205.5591 (R. Vijay et al.)

Quantum feedback control of a superconducting qubit: Persistent Rabi

R. Vijay, C. Macklin, D. H. Slichter, S. J. Weber, K. W. Murch, R. Naik, A. N. Korotkov, I. Siddiqi

1205.5622 (Amnon Aharony et al.)

Partial decoherence in mesoscopic systems    [PDF]

Amnon Aharony, Shmuel Gurvitz, Yasuhiro Tokura, Ora Entin-Wohlmna, Sushanta Dattagupta

1205.5623 (K. H. Madsen et al.)

Non-Markovian phonon dephasing of a quantum dot probed by cavity quantum

K. H. Madsen, P. Kaer, A. Kreiner-Møller, S. Stobbe, A. Nysteen, J. Mørk, P. Lodahl

1205.5635 (Roberto Passante et al.)

Diagonalization of the Hamiltonian of a harmonic oscillator interacting
with the electromagnetic field with a boundary condition, and the
oscillator-surface Casimir-Polder energy

Roberto Passante, Lucia Rizzuto, Salvatore Spagnolo, Satoshi Tanaka, Tomio Y. Petrosky

1205.5659 (Y. Kubo et al.)

Electron spin resonance detected by a superconducting qubit    [PDF]

Y. Kubo, I. Diniz, C. Grezes, T. Umeda, J. Isoya, H. Sumiya, T. Yamamoto, H. Abe, S. Onoda, T. Ohshima, V. Jacques, A. Dréau, J. -F. Roch, A. Auffeves, D. Vion, D. Esteve, P. Bertet

1205.5665 (Himadri Shekhar Dhar et al.)

Controllable quantum correlations of two-photon states generated using
classically driven three-level atoms

Himadri Shekhar Dhar, Subhashish Banerjee, Arpita Chatterjee, Rupamanjari Ghosh

1205.5667 (Muzaffar Q. Lone et al.)

Study of maximal bipartite entanglement in valence-bond states    [PDF]

Muzaffar Q. Lone, Sudhakar Yarlagadda

1205.5717 (Philip D. Mannheim)

Astrophysical Evidence for the Non-Hermitian but $PT$-symmetric
Hamiltonian of Conformal Gravity

Philip D. Mannheim

1205.5729 (Jesus Martinez-Mateo et al.)

Blind Reconciliation    [PDF]

Jesus Martinez-Mateo, David Elkouss, Vicente Martin

1205.5744 (Silvano Garnerone)

Thermodynamic formalism for dissipative quantum walks    [PDF]

Silvano Garnerone

1205.5792 (Shuo Yang et al.)

Topological flat band models with arbitrary Chern numbers    [PDF]

Shuo Yang, Zheng-Cheng Gu, Kai Sun, S. Das Sarma

Friday, May 25, 2012

1103.0787 (Ehsan Khatami et al.)

Quantum quenches in disordered systems: Approach to thermal equilibrium
without a typical relaxation time

Ehsan Khatami, Marcos Rigol, Armando Relaño, Antonio M. Garcia-Garcia

1104.1296 (A. S. Sanz et al.)

Quantum phase analysis with quantum trajectories: A step towards the
creation of a Bohmian thinking

A. S. Sanz, S. Miret-Artes

1112.0461 (Sebastian Steinlechner et al.)

Strong EPR-steering with unconditional entangled states    [PDF]

Sebastian Steinlechner, Jöran Bauchrowitz, Tobias Eberle, Roman Schnabel

1205.5433 (P. D. Jarvis et al.)

Adventures in Invariant Theory    [PDF]

P. D. Jarvis, J. G. Sumner

1205.5519 (Tobias Zech et al.)

Hidden symmetries enhance quantum transport in Light Harvesting systems    [PDF]

Tobias Zech, Roberto Mulet, Thomas Wellens, Andreas Buchleitner

1205.5276 (Xiao Chen et al.)

The Renyi Entropy and the Multifractal Spectrum of Systems Near the
Localization Transition

Xiao Chen, Benjamin Hsu, Taylor L. Hughes, Eduardo Fradkin

1205.5284 (Ying-Dan Wang et al.)

Using dark modes for high-fidelity optomechanical quantum state transfer    [PDF]

Ying-Dan Wang, Aashish A. Clerk

1205.5296 (David Edward Bruschi et al.)

Particle and anti-particle bosonic entanglement in non-inertial frames    [PDF]

David Edward Bruschi, Andrzej Dragan, Ivette Fuentes, Jorma Louko

1205.5298 (A. S. Sanz et al.)

Alternative interpretation of high-order harmonic generation using
Bohmian trajectories

A. S. Sanz, B. B. Augstein, J. Wu, C. Figueira de Morisson Faria

1205.5307 (P. C. E. Stamp)

Environmental Decoherence versus Intrinsic Decoherence    [PDF]

P. C. E. Stamp

1205.5334 (Agung Budiyono)

Understanding quantization: a hidden variable model    [PDF]

Agung Budiyono

1205.5395 (Abuzer Yakaryilmaz)

Turing-equivalent automata using a fixed-size quantum memory    [PDF]

Abuzer Yakaryilmaz

1205.5401 (C. Lazarou et al.)

Entanglement trapping in a non-stationary structured reservoir    [PDF]

C. Lazarou, K. Luoma, S. Maniscalco, J. Piilo, B. M. Garraway

1205.5406 (M. Revzen)

Geometrical view of the Mean King Problem    [PDF]

M. Revzen

1205.5440 (Eric M. Kessler)

Generalized Schrieffer-Wolff Formalism for Dissipative Systems    [PDF]

Eric M. Kessler

1205.5462 (E. A. Muljarov)

Hydrogen supersymmetry: A new method in perturbation theory    [PDF]

E. A. Muljarov

1205.5479 (Bernat Gendra et al.)

Beating noise with abstention in state estimation    [PDF]

Bernat Gendra, Elio Ronco-Bonvehi, John Calsamiglia, Ramon Munoz-Tapia, Emilio Bagan

1205.5482 (E. A. Muljarov et al.)

Hyperspherical theory of anisotropic exciton    [PDF]

E. A. Muljarov, A. L. Yablonskii, S. G. Tikhodeev, A. E. Bulatov, Joseph L. Birman

1205.5487 (H. V. Astsatryan et al.)

Web Portal for Photonic Technologies Using Grid Infrastructures    [PDF]

H. V. Astsatryan, T. V. Gevorgyan, A. R. Shahinyan

1205.5491 (E. Demler et al.)

Universal Features of the Excitation Spectrum in Generalized Gibbs
Distribution Ensamble

E. Demler, A. M. Tsvelik

1205.5503 (Wen-Te Liao et al.)

Coherent storage and phase modulation of single hard x-ray photons using
nuclear excitons

Wen-Te Liao, Adriana Pálffy, Christoph H. Keitel

1205.5548 (Uwe R. Fischer)

Verifying the observer dependence of quasiparticle counts in the
analogue gravity of dilute ultracold quantum gases

Uwe R. Fischer

Thursday, May 24, 2012

0908.0763 (A. T. Dellis et al.)

The Quantum Zeno Effect Immunizes the Avian Compass Against the
Deleterious Effects of Exchange and Dipolar Interactions

A. T. Dellis, I. K. Kominis

1105.1556 (Christopher Eltschka et al.)

Multipartite-entanglement monotones and polynomial invariants    [PDF]

Christopher Eltschka, Thierry Bastin, Andreas Osterloh, Jens Siewert

1107.2068 (J. Casanova et al.)

Quantum tomography in position and momentum space    [PDF]

J. Casanova, C. E. Lopez, J. J. Garcia-Ripoll, C. F. Roos, E. Solano

1110.3057 (Eric Chitambar)

Quantum Correlations in Large-Dimensional States of High Symmetry    [PDF]

Eric Chitambar

1112.4036 (Yusuke Ide et al.)

Time averaged distribution of a discrete-time quantum walk on the path    [PDF]

Yusuke Ide, Norio Konno, Etsuo Segawa

1112.4115 (Pankaj K. Jha et al.)

Ultralow-power local laser control of the dimer density in alkali-metal

Pankaj K. Jha, Konstantin E. Dorfman, Zhenhuan Yi, Luqi Yuan, Vladimir A. Sautenkov, Yuri V. Rostovtsev, George R. Welch, Aleksei M. Zheltikov, Marlan O. Scully

1201.0474 (Sølve Selstø)

Formulae for partial widths derived from the Lindblad equation    [PDF]

Sølve Selstø

1201.1878 (Vittorio Giovannetti et al.)

Sub-Heisenberg estimation strategies are ineffective    [PDF]

Vittorio Giovannetti, Lorenzo Maccone

1205.5065 (Horace P. Yuen)

Unconditional Security In Quantum Key Distribution    [PDF]

Horace P. Yuen

1205.5076 (Kilhyun Bang et al.)

Quantum measurement of hyperfine interaction in nitrogen-vacancy center    [PDF]

Kilhyun Bang, Wen Yang, L. J. Sham

1205.5078 (Andrey R. Kolovsky et al.)

The driven Harper model    [PDF]

Andrey R. Kolovsky, Giorgio Mantica

1205.5113 (Christina V. Kraus et al.)

Generalized Hartree Fock Theory for Dispersion Relations of Interacting
Fermionic Lattice Systems

Christina V. Kraus, Tobias J. Osborne

1205.5127 (Ni Cui et al.)

Carrier-envelope phase dependence in single-cycle laser pulse
propagation with the inclusion of counter-rotating terms

Ni Cui, Mihai A. Macovei

1205.5129 (Pavel Exner et al.)

A general approximation of quantum graph vertex couplings by scaled
Schroedinger operators on thin branched manifolds

Pavel Exner, Olaf Post

1205.5132 (J Solomon Ivan et al.)

Invariant theoretic approach to uncertainty relations for quantum

J Solomon Ivan, Krishna Kumar Sabapathy, N. Mukunda, R. Simon

1205.5136 (Severin Winkler et al.)

On the Efficiency of Classical and Quantum Secure Function Evaluation    [PDF]

Severin Winkler, Jürg Wullschleger

1205.5142 (Florian Mintert)

Smooth, optimal control    [PDF]

Florian Mintert

1205.5185 (H. Kalis et al.)

Fate of the cluster state on the square lattice in a magnetic field    [PDF]

H. Kalis, D. Klagges, R. Orus, K. P. Schmidt

1205.5191 (Alexey Filinov et al.)

Collective and single-particle excitations in 2D dipolar Bose gases    [PDF]

Alexey Filinov, Michael Bonitz

1205.5206 (Iman Taghavi et al.)

Bandwidth enhancement and optical performances of multiple quantum well
transistor lasers

Iman Taghavi, Hassan Kaatuzian, Jean-Pierre Leburton

1205.5211 (Miloslav Znojil)

PT-symmetry and quantum graphs    [PDF]

Miloslav Znojil

1205.5222 (Maurice A. de Gosson)

The Unique Pure Gaussian State Determined by the Partial Saturation of
the Uncertainty Relations of a Mixed Gaussian State

Maurice A. de Gosson

1205.5231 (Alexander Vitanov et al.)

Chain Rules for Smooth Min- and Max-Entropies    [PDF]

Alexander Vitanov, Frederic Dupuis, Marco Tomamichel, Renato Renner

1205.5242 (D. Agboola)

Quasi-exact Treatment of the Relativistic Generalized Isotonic

D. Agboola

1205.5258 (James Clark et al.)

Photonic quantum memory in two-level ensembles based on modulating the
refractive index in time: equivalence to gradient echo memory

James Clark, Khabat Heshami, Christoph Simon

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1005.3545 (Ulrich Schneider et al.)

Fermionic transport in a homogeneous Hubbard model: Out-of-equilibrium
dynamics with ultracold atoms

Ulrich Schneider, Lucia Hackermüller, Jens Philipp Ronzheimer, Sebastian Will, Simon Braun, Thorsten Best, Immanuel Bloch, Eugene Demler, Stephan Mandt, David Rasch, Achim Rosch

1009.2217 (Roman V. Buniy et al.)

New invariants for entangled states    [PDF]

Roman V. Buniy, Thomas W. Kephart

1012.2630 (Roman V. Buniy et al.)

An algebraic classification of entangled states    [PDF]

Roman V. Buniy, Thomas W. Kephart

1107.5781 (A. Fuhrmanek et al.)

Study of light-assisted collisions between a few cold atoms in a
microscopic dipole trap

A. Fuhrmanek, R. Bourgain, Y. R. P. Sortais, A. Browaeys

1108.2263 (Michael Hoening et al.)

Critical exponents of steady-state phase transitions in fermionic
lattice models

Michael Hoening, Matthias Moos, Michael Fleischhauer

1109.3124 (Tomaz Prosen)

Thermodynamic limit of Mazur bound on the spin stiffness of XXZ chain,
using the almost-conserved Z-operator

Tomaz Prosen

1109.4318 (R. Prabhu et al.)

Light Cone-Like Behavior of Quantum Monogamy Score and Multisite

R. Prabhu, Arun Kumar Pati, Aditi Sen De, Ujjwal Sen

1109.5987 (Timoteo Colnaghi et al.)

Quantum computation with programmable connections between gates    [PDF]

Timoteo Colnaghi, Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano, Paolo Perinotti, Stefano Facchini

1111.7067 (Paulina Marian et al.)

Uhlmann fidelity between two-mode Gaussian states    [PDF]

Paulina Marian, Tudor A. Marian

1112.2495 (Sylvain Gravier et al.)

On Weak Odd Domination and Graph-based Quantum Secret Sharing    [PDF]

Sylvain Gravier, Jérôme Javelle, Mehdi Mhalla, Simon Perdrix

1112.3280 (Luigi Amico et al.)

Optimal correlations in many-body quantum systems    [PDF]

Luigi Amico, Davide Rossini, Alioscia Hamma, Vladimir E. Korepin

1201.0156 (Felipe Caycedo-Soler et al.)

The nature of the low energy band of the Fenna-Matthews-Olson complex:
vibronic signatures

Felipe Caycedo-Soler, Alex W. Chin, Javier Almeida, Susana F. Huelga, Martin B. Plenio

1201.0475 (Nikolaos D. Pappas)

On the preservation of unitarity during black hole evolution and
information extraction from its interior

Nikolaos D. Pappas

1205.4740 (Anthony Laing et al.)

Observation of quantum interference as a function of Berry's phase in a
complex Hadamard optical network

Anthony Laing, Thomas Lawson, Enrique Martín López, Jeremy L. O'Brien

1205.4800 (Lay Nam Chang et al.)

Discrete Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Lay Nam Chang, Zachary Lewis, Djordje Minic, Tatsu Takeuchi

1205.4816 (Y. Ben-Aryeh)

Phase estimation by photon counting measurements in the output of a
linear Mach Zehnder (MZI) interferometer

Y. Ben-Aryeh

1205.4850 (Zheng-Yuan Wang et al.)

Spin-chain description of fractional quantum Hall states in Jain's

Zheng-Yuan Wang, Shintaro Takayoshi, Masaaki Nakamura

1205.4862 (Shuntaro Takeda et al.)

Generation and Dual-homodyne Characterization of Time-bin Qubits with
Continuous-wave Light

Shuntaro Takeda, Takahiro Mizuta, Maria Fuwa, Jun-ichi Yoshikawa, Hidehiro Yonezawa, Akira Furusawa

1205.4873 (Peng-Bo Li et al.)

Engineering two-mode entangled states between two superconducting
resonators by dissipation

Peng-Bo Li, Shao-Yan Gao, Fu-Li Li

1205.4890 (J. D. Pritchard et al.)

Non-linear optics using cold Rydberg atoms    [PDF]

J. D. Pritchard, K. J. Weatherill, C. S. Adams

1205.4899 (M. A. Pooley et al.)

Controlled-NOT gate operating with single photons    [PDF]

M. A. Pooley, D. J. P. Ellis, R. B. Patel, A. J. Bennett, K. H. A. Chan, I. Farrer, D. A. Ritchie, A. J. Shields

1205.4903 (K. A. Milton et al.)

Thermal Issues in Casimir Forces Between Conductors and Semiconductors    [PDF]

K. A. Milton, Iver Brevik, Simen A. Ellingsen

1205.4924 (E. A. Muljarov et al.)

Brillouin-Wigner perturbation theory in open electromagnetic systems    [PDF]

E. A. Muljarov, W. Langbein, R. Zimmermann

1205.4926 (Alberto Peruzzo et al.)

A quantum delayed choice experiment    [PDF]

Alberto Peruzzo, Peter J. Shadbolt, Nicolas Brunner, Sandu Popescu, Jeremy L. O'Brien

1205.4929 (T. G. Philbin et al.)

Optical angular momentum in dispersive media    [PDF]

T. G. Philbin, O. Allanson

1205.4936 (Q. Gulfam et al.)

Effect of retardation on the dynamics of entanglement between atoms    [PDF]

Q. Gulfam, Z. Ficek, J. Evers

1205.4941 (Tobias Moroder et al.)

Permutationally invariant state reconstruction    [PDF]

Tobias Moroder, Philipp Hyllus, Geza Toth, Christian Schwemmer, Alexander Niggebaum, Stefanie Gaile, Otfried Gühne, Harald Weinfurter

1205.4946 (Cristian D. Batista et al.)

Condensation of Anyons in Frustrated Quantum Magnets    [PDF]

Cristian D. Batista, Rolando D. Somma

1205.4953 (M. Gärttner et al.)

Finite-size effects in strongly interacting Rydberg gases    [PDF]

M. Gärttner, K. P. Heeg, T. Gasenzer, J. Evers

1205.4958 (A. I. Solomon et al.)

Degrees of entanglement for multipartite systems    [PDF]

A. I. Solomon, C. -L. Ho, G. H. E. Duchamp

1205.4977 (Alan Mink et al.)

LDPC for QKD Reconciliation    [PDF]

Alan Mink, Anastase Nakassis

1205.5015 (Mordecai Waegell et al.)

Proofs of the Kochen-Specker theorem based on a system of three qubits    [PDF]

Mordecai Waegell, P. K. Aravind

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1205.0642 (David Rosenbaum)

Breaking the n^(log n) Barrier for Nilpotent-Group Isomorphism    [PDF]

David Rosenbaum

1205.4253 (Zhuo Wang et al.)

Quantum Error-Correcting Codes over Mixed Alphabets    [PDF]

Zhuo Wang, Sixia Yu, Heng Fan, C. H. Oh

1205.4263 (Leigh M. Norris et al.)

Enhanced squeezing of a collective spin via control of its qudit

Leigh M. Norris, Collin M. Trail, Poul S. Jessen, Ivan H. Deutsch

1205.4294 (V. S. Manu et al.)

Singlet state creation and Universal quantum computation in NMR using
Genetic Algorithm

V. S. Manu, Anil Kumar

1205.4308 (Hiroo Azuma et al.)

Hidden structures in time evolution of Bloch vector under thermal
Jaynes-Cummings model

Hiroo Azuma, Masashi Ban

1205.4323 (Glenn Eric Johnson)

Massless Particles in QFT from Algebras without Involution    [PDF]

Glenn Eric Johnson

1205.4341 (H. W. Li et al.)

Reconfigurable controlled two-qubit operation on a quantum photonic chip    [PDF]

H. W. Li, S. Przeslak, A. O. Niskanen, J. C. F. Matthews, A. Politi, P. Shadbolt, A. Laing, M. Lobino, M. G. Thompson, J. L. O'Brien

1205.4346 (Monika Patel et al.)

Erasing Quantum Distinguishability via Single-Mode Filtering    [PDF]

Monika Patel, Joseph B. Altepeter, Yu-Ping Huang, Neal N. Oza, Prem Kumar

1205.4357 (Joachim Nsofini)

Discrete Quantum Walk on a Line with Two Entangled Particles    [PDF]

Joachim Nsofini

1205.4359 (D. A. Antonosyan et al.)

Chirped quasi-phase-matching with Gauss sums for production of biphotons    [PDF]

D. A. Antonosyan, A. R. Tamazyan, G. Yu. Kryuchkyan

1205.4370 (Wataru Kumagai et al.)

Irreversibility of Entanglement Concentration for Pure State    [PDF]

Wataru Kumagai, Masahito Hayashi

1205.4372 (S. V. Prants et al.)

Chaotic walking and fractal scattering of atoms in a tilted optical

S. V. Prants, V. O. Vitkovsky

1205.4374 (S. V. Prants)

Chaotic scattering of atoms at a standing laser wave    [PDF]

S. V. Prants

1205.4393 (Marco Nizama et al.)

Quantum correlations in nanostructured two-impurity Kondo systems    [PDF]

Marco Nizama, Diego Frustaglia, Karen Hallberg

1205.4401 (Muhammad Sadiq et al.)

Coherent states for polynomial su(1,1) algebra and a conditionally
solvable system

Muhammad Sadiq, Akira Inomata, Georg Junker

1205.4403 (D. Giovannini et al.)

Determining the dimensionality of bipartite orbital-angular-momentum
entanglement using multi-sector phase masks

D. Giovannini, F. M. Miatto, J. Romero, S. M. Barnett, J. P. Woerdman, M. J. Padgett

1205.4408 (Evgeny Z. Liverts et al.)

About disposition of energy levels    [PDF]

Evgeny Z. Liverts, Nir Nevo Dinur

1205.4425 (Carl M. Bender et al.)

Universal spectral behavior of $x^2(ix)^ε$ potentials    [PDF]

Carl M. Bender, Daniel W. Hook

1205.4428 (V. I. Matveev et al.)

Interference effects in the reradiation of ultrashort electromagnetic

V. I. Matveev, D. U. Matrasulov

1205.4448 (Qing Li et al.)

A unified approach to mode splitting and scattering loss in high-Q
whispering-gallery-mode microresonators

Qing Li, Ali A. Eftekhar, Zhixuan Xia, Ali Adibi

1205.4449 (Norio Takemoto et al.)

Phase Space Approach to Laser-driven Electronic Wavepacket Propagation    [PDF]

Norio Takemoto, Asaf Shimshovitz, David J. Tannor

1205.4451 (Antoine Suarez)

Nonlocality at detection and conservation of energy. Was Einstein
looking for an "epistemic" interpretation, a "superdeterministic" one, or

Antoine Suarez

1205.4475 (Chao-Jun Feng et al.)

Quantum Spring    [PDF]

Chao-Jun Feng, Xin-Zhou Li

1205.4484 (Boaz Barak et al.)

Hypercontractivity, Sum-of-Squares Proofs, and their Applications    [PDF]

Boaz Barak, Fernando G. S. L. Brandão, Aram W. Harrow, Jonathan A. Kelner, David Steurer, Yuan Zhou

1205.4504 (Valter Moretti et al.)

Generalized Complex Spherical Harmonics, Frame Functions, and Gleason

Valter Moretti, Davide Pastorello

1205.4506 (Michael Siomau et al.)

Entanglement creation with negative index metamaterials    [PDF]

Michael Siomau, Ali A. Kamli, Sergey A. Moiseev, Barry C. Sanders

1205.4511 (K. Rapedius et al.)

Interaction-induced decoherence in non-Hermitian quantum walks of
ultracold Bosons

K. Rapedius, H. J. Korsch

1205.4517 (Christopher Bumgardner)

Codes in W\ast-metric Spaces: Theory and Examples    [PDF]

Christopher Bumgardner

1205.4519 (Herbert Schwabl et al.)

Quantum features derived from the classical model of a bouncer-walker
coupled to a zero-point field

Herbert Schwabl, Johannes Mesa Pascasio, Siegfried Fussy, Gerhard Groessing

1205.4521 (Johannes Mesa Pascasio et al.)

Classical Simulation of Double Slit Interference via Ballistic Diffusion    [PDF]

Johannes Mesa Pascasio, Siegfried Fussy, Herbert Schwabl, Gerhard Groessing

1205.4524 (Stefan Rist et al.)

Homodyne detection of matter-wave fields (shortened)    [PDF]

Stefan Rist, Giovanna Morigi

1205.4533 (E. Rasanen et al.)

Optical Control of Entangled States in Quantum Wells    [PDF]

E. Rasanen, T. Blasi, M. F. Borunda, E. J. Heller

1205.4535 (Salvatore Lorenzo et al.)

Controlling spin dynamics through a Markovianity knob    [PDF]

Salvatore Lorenzo, Francesco Plastina, Mauro Paternostro

1205.4536 (Rémi Desbuquois et al.)

Superfluid behaviour of a two-dimensional Bose gas    [PDF]

Rémi Desbuquois, Lauriane Chomaz, Tarik Yefsah, Julian Léonard, Jérôme Beugnon, Christof Weitenberg, Jean Dalibard

1205.4552 (Robert Alicki et al.)

Periodically driven quantum open systems: Tutorial    [PDF]

Robert Alicki, David Gelbwaser-Klimovsky, Gershon Kurizki

1205.4560 (Ali Mostafazadeh)

Self-dual Spectral Singularities and Coherent Perfect Absorbing Lasers
without PT-symmetry

Ali Mostafazadeh

1205.4574 (Marie-Anne Bouchiat et al.)

Geometric Phases generated by the non-trivial spatial topology of static
vector fields coupled to a neutral spin-endowed particle. Application to
^171Yb atoms trapped in a 2D optical lattice

Marie-Anne Bouchiat, Claude Bouchiat

1205.4585 (C. N. Gagatsos et al.)

A probabilistic phase-insensitive optical squeezer in peaceful
coexistence with causality

C. N. Gagatsos, E. Karpov, N. J. Cerf

1205.4595 (Yoshimasa Kurihara)

Classical-Information Theoretical View of Physical Measurements and
Generalized Uncertainty Relations

Yoshimasa Kurihara

1205.4602 (Martin Kiffner et al.)

Dipole-Dipole coupled double Rydberg molecules    [PDF]

Martin Kiffner, Hyunwook Park, Wenhui Li, Tom F. Gallagher

1205.4607 (Charles Francis)

The Hilbert space of conditional clauses    [PDF]

Charles Francis

1205.4616 (Haifeng Li et al.)

Derivation of exact master equation with stochastic description: Models
in quantum optics

Haifeng Li, Jiushu Shao

1205.4636 (Marian Kupczynski)

Entanglement and Quantum Nonlocality Demystified    [PDF]

Marian Kupczynski

1205.4644 (P. J. Jones et al.)

Tunable single-photon heat conduction in electrical circuits    [PDF]

P. J. Jones, J. A. M. Huhtamäki, M. Partanen, K. Y. Tan, M. Möttönen

1205.4651 (Nikesh S. Dattani et al.)

Optimal representation of the bath response function & fast calculation
of influence functional coefficients in open quantum systems with BATHFIT 1

Nikesh S. Dattani, David M. Wilkins, Felix A. Pollock

1205.4669 (J. Sperling et al.)

Sub-binomial light    [PDF]

J. Sperling, W. Vogel, G. S. Agarwal

1205.4680 (Luc Vinet et al.)

Almost perfect state transfer in quantum spin chains    [PDF]

Luc Vinet, Alexei Zhedanov

1205.4689 (Alberto F. Grünbaum et al.)

Birth and death processes and quantum spin chains    [PDF]

Alberto F. Grünbaum, Luc Vinet, Alexei Zhedanov

1205.4707 (Tomasz M. Rusin et al.)

Zitterbewegung of Klein-Gordon particles and its simulation by classical

Tomasz M. Rusin, Wlodek Zawadzki

1205.4708 (Y. O. Dudin et al.)

Emergence of long-range correlations in a cold atomic gas    [PDF]

Y. O. Dudin, F. Bariani, A. Kuzmich

Monday, May 21, 2012

0912.0195 (G. Chiribella et al.)

Beyond causally ordered Quantum Computers    [PDF]

G. Chiribella, G. M. D'Ariano, P. Perinotti, B. Valiron

1005.5486 (Robert N. C. Pfeifer et al.)

Translation invariance, topology, and protection of criticality in
chains of interacting anyons

Robert N. C. Pfeifer, Matthias Troyer, Guifre Vidal

1103.0159 (Robert N. C. Pfeifer)

Classification of topological symmetry sectors on anyon rings    [PDF]

Robert N. C. Pfeifer

1107.2758 (Giulio Biroli et al.)

A tentative replica theory of glassy Helium 4    [PDF]

Giulio Biroli, Francesco Zamponi

1110.6686 (Todd Green et al.)

High-order noise filtering in nontrivial quantum logic gates    [PDF]

Todd Green, Hermann Uys, Michael J. Biercuk

1112.4457 (Robert P. Smith et al.)

Condensate growth dynamics in a quantum-quenched Bose gas    [PDF]

Robert P. Smith, Scott Beattie, Stuart Moulder, Robert L. D. Campbell, Zoran Hadzibabic

1201.1779 (Bo-Yuan Ning et al.)

Manipulating dipolar and spin-exchange interactions in spin-1
Bose-Einstein condensates

Bo-Yuan Ning, S. Yi, Jun Zhuang, J. Q. You, Wenxian Zhang

1201.2750 (Francisco Correa et al.)

Self-isospectral tri-supersymmetry in PT-symmetric quantum systems with
pure imaginary periodicity

Francisco Correa, Mikhail S. Plyushchay

1205.3927 (Joseph A. Pechkis et al.)

Cold atom guidance in a capillary using blue-detuned, hollow optical

Joseph A. Pechkis, Fredrik K. Fatemi

1205.4019 (Miroslav Pardy)

The two dimensional Cerenkov radiation    [PDF]

Miroslav Pardy

1205.4043 (Scott Glancy et al.)

Gradient-based stopping rules for maximum-likelihood quantum-state

Scott Glancy, Emanuel Knill, Mark Girard

1205.4072 (S. Blanvillain et al.)

Suppressing On-Chip EM Crosstalk for Spin Qubit Devices    [PDF]

S. Blanvillain, J. I. Colless, D. J. Reilly, H. Lu, A. C. Gossard

1205.4093 (Muzaffar Q. Lone et al.)

Decoherence free states in an infinite range Heisenberg model    [PDF]

Muzaffar Q. Lone, Amit Dey, Sudhakar Yarlagadda

1205.4098 (Jun Feng et al.)

Quantum correlations with vacuum ambiguity in de Sitter space    [PDF]

Jun Feng, Cheng-Yi Sun, Wen-Li Yang, Yao-Zhong Zhang, Heng Fan

1205.4102 (H. Nikolic)

Relativistic-covariant Bohmian mechanics with proper foliation    [PDF]

H. Nikolic

1205.4107 (Gerard 't Hooft)

Duality between a deterministic cellular automaton and a bosonic quantum
field theory in 1+1 dimensions

Gerard 't Hooft

1205.4110 (Tom Cooney et al.)

Joint system quantum descriptions arising from local quantumness    [PDF]

Tom Cooney, Marius Junge, Miguel Navascues, David Perez-Garcia, Ignacio Villanueva

1205.4128 (T. H. Taminiau et al.)

Detection and control of individual nuclear spins using a weakly coupled
electron spin

T. H. Taminiau, J. J. T. Wagenaar, T. van der Sar, F. Jelezko, V. V. Dobrovitski, R. Hanson

1205.4136 (Dmitri Sokolovski)

Schroedinger current for discontinuous states from the first passage
time decomposition

Dmitri Sokolovski

1205.4141 (Sameer M. Ikhdair et al.)

Effects of external fields on two-dimensional Klein-Gordon particle
under pseudoharmonic oscillator interaction

Sameer M. Ikhdair, Majid Hamzavi

1205.4154 (Pietro Silvi et al.)

Matrix Product State representation for Slater Determinants and
Configuration Interaction States

Pietro Silvi, Davide Rossini, Rosario Fazio, Giuseppe E. Santoro, Vittorio Giovannetti

1205.4182 (Anne Marin et al.)

On the equivalence between sharing quantum and classical secrets, and
error correction

Anne Marin, Damian Markham

1205.4185 (Shih-Hao Ho et al.)

Anti-de Sitter Space as Topological Insulator and Holography    [PDF]

Shih-Hao Ho, Feng-Li Lin

1205.4186 (K. J. Arnold et al.)

Self-Organization Threshold Scaling For Thermal Atoms    [PDF]

K. J. Arnold, M. P. Baden, M. D. Barrett

1205.4198 (Pietro Silvi)

Tensor Networks: a quantum-information perspective on numerical
renormalization groups

Pietro Silvi

Friday, May 18, 2012

1106.4752 (Xie Chen et al.)

2D symmetry protected topological orders and their protected gapless
edge excitations

Xie Chen, Zheng-Xin Liu, Xiao-Gang Wen

1107.0589 (Masahito Hayashi et al.)

Concise and Tight Security Analysis of the Bennett-Brassard 1984
Protocol with Finite Key Lengths

Masahito Hayashi, Toyohiro Tsurumaru

1109.4887 (Michael A. Hohensee et al.)

Force-free gravitational redshift: a gravitostatic Aharonov-Bohm

Michael A. Hohensee, Brian Estey, Paul Hamilton, Anton Zeilinger, Holger Mueller

1111.0675 (Luca Chirolli et al.)

Proposal for a Datta-Das transistor in the quantum Hall regime    [PDF]

Luca Chirolli, D. Venturelli, F. Taddei, Rosario Fazio, V. Giovannetti

1111.3962 (S. V. Mousavi)

Quantum particle in an expanding box and Bohm trajectories    [PDF]

S. V. Mousavi

1112.1272 (Pablo L. Saldanha et al.)

Spin quantum correlations of relativistic particles    [PDF]

Pablo L. Saldanha, Vlatko Vedral

1205.3773 (J. J. Halliwell et al.)

Pitfalls of Path Integrals: Amplitudes for Spacetime Regions and the
Quantum Zeno Effect

J. J. Halliwell, J. M. Yearsley

1205.3782 (Andrew M. Childs et al.)

Universal computation by multi-particle quantum walk    [PDF]

Andrew M. Childs, David Gosset, Zak Webb

1205.3820 (Horace P. Yuen)

Problems of Security Proofs and Fundamental Limit on Key Generation Rate
in Quantum Key Distribution

Horace P. Yuen

1205.3833 (Howard Barnum et al.)

Post-Classical Probability Theory    [PDF]

Howard Barnum, Alexander Wilce

1205.3859 (T. V. Gevorgyan et al.)

Engineering of oscillatory quantum states by parametric excitation    [PDF]

T. V. Gevorgyan, G. Yu. Kryuchkyan

1205.3877 (Oded Zilberberg et al.)

Null Weak Values and Quantum State Discrimination    [PDF]

Oded Zilberberg, Alessandro Romito, David J. Starling, Gregory A. Howland, John C. Howell, Yuval Gefen