Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1307.1704 (Sriram Ganeshan et al.)

An Exact Classification of Landau-Majorana-Stückelberg-Zener
Resonances By Floquet Determinants

Sriram Ganeshan, Edwin Barnes, S. Das Sarma

1307.1714 (Detlef Dürr et al.)

Can Bohmian mechanics be made relativistic?    [PDF]

Detlef Dürr, Sheldon Goldstein, Travis Norsen, Ward Struyve, Nino Zanghì

1307.1740 (Austin G. Fowler)

Minimum weight perfect matching in O(1) parallel time    [PDF]

Austin G. Fowler

1307.1760 (Chang-shui Yu et al.)

Bipartite concurrence and localized coherence    [PDF]

Chang-shui Yu, He-shan Song

1307.1761 (Zhen-ni Li et al.)

Probing quantum entanglement, quantum discord, classical correlation,
and the quantum state without disturbing them

Zhen-ni Li, Jia-sen Jin, Chang-shui Yu

1307.1764 (Shao-xiong Wu et al.)

A type of localized quadripartite entanglement    [PDF]

Shao-xiong Wu, Chang-shui Yu

1307.1781 (Archak Purkayastha et al.)

Block entanglement of the Gutzwiller state and metal-insulator
transition in nanochains

Archak Purkayastha, V. Subrahmanyam

1307.1785 (Julia Bernatska et al.)

Harmonic analysis on Lagrangian manifolds of integrable Hamiltonian

Julia Bernatska, Petro Holod

1307.1844 (Anjana Sinha et al.)

Spectral Singularity in confined PT symmetric optical potential    [PDF]

Anjana Sinha, R. Roychoudhury

1307.1851 (Tian-Hai Zeng)

Attempt at perfecting quantum mechanics based on interaction    [PDF]

Tian-Hai Zeng

1307.1853 (Leonardo Pedro)

The Majorana spinor representation of the Poincare group    [PDF]

Leonardo Pedro

1307.1920 (S. A. Fulling et al.)

Comment on `Wedges, cones, cosmic strings and their vacuum energy'    [PDF]

S. A. Fulling, F. D. Mera

1307.1939 (Shu Tanaka)

A useful way to obtain the central charge of entanglement Hamiltonian --
Nested entanglement entropy

Shu Tanaka

1307.1948 (Mahmoud Mahdian et al.)

Effect of Quantum correlation on Perfect K pair Quantum Network Coding    [PDF]

Mahmoud Mahdian, Roghayeh Bayramzadeh

1307.1992 (J. Juenemann et al.)

Lieb-Robinson bounds for spin-boson lattice models and trapped ions    [PDF]

J. Juenemann, A. Cadarso, D. Perez-Garcia, A. Bermudez, J. J. Garcia-Ripoll

1307.2000 (Julien Houel et al.)

High resolution coherent population trapping on a single hole spin in a

Julien Houel, Jonathan H. Prechtel, Daniel Brunner, Christopher E. Kuklewicz, Brian D. Gerardot, Nick G. Stoltz, Pierre M. Petroff, Richard J. Warburton

1307.2025 (Tomaz Prosen et al.)

Eigenvalue statistics as indicator of integrability of non-equilibrium
density operators

Tomaz Prosen, Marko Znidaric

1307.2026 (Yeong Deok Han et al.)

No causal order and quantum probability assignment    [PDF]

Yeong Deok Han, Taeseung Choi

1307.2063 (N. B. Mandache)

On the Physical Origin of the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of Electron    [PDF]

N. B. Mandache

1307.2073 (Yuan Sun et al.)

The stochastic nature induced by laser noise in narrow transitions    [PDF]

Yuan Sun, Chen Zhang

1307.2096 (C. T. Weiß et al.)

Immersing carbon nano-tubes in cold atomic gases    [PDF]

C. T. Weiß, P. V. Mironova, J. Fortágh, W. P. Schleich, R. Walser

1307.2101 (A. Shabani et al.)

Cavity-Assisted Monitoring of Dynamics for Complex Quantum Systems    [PDF]

A. Shabani, J. Roden, K. B. Whaley

1307.2142 (Márton Kormos et al.)

Analytic results for a quantum quench from free to hard-core one
dimensional bosons

Márton Kormos, Mario Collura, Pasquale Calabrese

1307.2211 (Guang Hao Low et al.)

Optimal arbitrarily accurate composite pulse sequences    [PDF]

Guang Hao Low, Theodore J. Yoder, Isaac L. Chuang