Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1009.1073 (J. Ruostekoski et al.)

Truncated Wigner method for Bose gases    [PDF]

J. Ruostekoski, A. D. Martin

1010.3621 (P. K. Papachristou et al.)

Quantum versus Classical Dynamics in a driven barrier: the role of
kinematic effects

P. K. Papachristou, E. Katifori, F. K. Diakonos, V. Constantoudis, E. Mavrommatis

1112.5307 (A. Chiuri et al.)

Experimental Quantum Networking Protocols via Four-Qubit Hyperentangled
Dicke States

A. Chiuri, C. Greganti, M. Paternostro, G. Vallone, P. Mataloni

1209.5273 (Simone De Liberato et al.)

Quantum phases of a multimode bosonic field coupled to flat electronic

Simone De Liberato, Cristiano Ciuti

1209.4948 (Eduardo Martin-Martinez et al.)

Processing quantum information with relativistic motion of atoms    [PDF]

Eduardo Martin-Martinez, David Aasen, Achim Kempf

1209.4953 (F. M. Andrade et al.)

Superdiffusivity of quantum walks: A Feynman sum-over-paths description    [PDF]

F. M. Andrade, M. G. E. da Luz

1209.4989 (Steffen Wissmann et al.)

Optimal state pairs for non-Markovian quantum dynamics    [PDF]

Steffen Wissmann, Antti Karlsson, Elsi-Mari Laine, Jyrki Piilo, Heinz-Peter Breuer

1209.5007 (A. A. Soroka et al.)

A tunable coupler with ScS quantum point contact to mediate strong
interaction between flux qubits

A. A. Soroka, V. I. Shnyrkov

1209.5035 (Ali Saif M. Hassan et al.)

Invariance of quantum correlations under local channel for a bipartite
quantum state

Ali Saif M. Hassan, Pramod S. Joag

1209.5079 (Raphael Dias da Silva et al.)

Compact quantum circuits from one-way quantum computation    [PDF]

Raphael Dias da Silva, Ernesto F. Galvão

1209.5082 (Philip Pearle)

Collapse Miscellany    [PDF]

Philip Pearle

1209.5085 (Bernard S. Kay)

Modern foundations for thermodynamics and the stringy limit of black
hole equilibria

Bernard S. Kay

1209.5094 (Janis Noetzel)

A solution to two party typicality using representation theory of the
symmetric group

Janis Noetzel

1209.5102 (G. Konstantinou et al.)

The nontrivial role of interfacial or film-thickness in a magnetic field
at a one-electron and a one-Composite Fermion level

G. Konstantinou, K. Moulopoulos

1209.5115 (Jiannis K. Pachos et al.)

Seeing Majorana fermions in time-of-flight images of spinless fermions
coupled by s-wave pairing

Jiannis K. Pachos, Emilio Alba, Ville Lahtinen, Juan J. Garcia-Ripoll

1209.5133 (Kazuyuki Fujii et al.)

An Approximate Solution of the Dynamical Casimir Effect in a Cavity with
a Two-Level Atom

Kazuyuki Fujii, Tatsuo Suzuki

1209.5176 (Michel R. P. Planat)

Quantum States Arising from the Pauli Groups, Symmetries and Paradoxes    [PDF]

Michel R. P. Planat

1209.5195 (Sebastian Thomas et al.)

Probing of optical near-fields by electron rescattering with 1 nm

Sebastian Thomas, Michael Krüger, Michael Förster, Markus Schenk, Peter Hommelhoff

1209.5196 (H. Nikolic)

Evidence for Bohmian velocities from conditional Schrodinger equation    [PDF]

H. Nikolic

1209.5204 (René John Kerkdyk et al.)

Quantum dynamics and macroscopic quantum tunneling of two weakly coupled

René John Kerkdyk, S. Sinha

1209.5215 (Bernard S. Kay)

On the origin of thermality    [PDF]

Bernard S. Kay

1209.5233 (Lin Zhang)

Majorization-preserving quantum channels    [PDF]

Lin Zhang

1209.5238 (Katie Barr et al.)

Formal languages analysed by quantum walks    [PDF]

Katie Barr, Viv Kendon

1209.5289 (Fabio L. Pedrocchi et al.)

Local 3D spin Hamiltonian as a thermally stable surface code    [PDF]

Fabio L. Pedrocchi, Adrian Hutter, James R. Wootton, Daniel Loss

1209.5292 (Giuseppe Vallone)

EPR-steering: closing the detection loophole with non-maximally
entangled states and arbitrary low efficiency

Giuseppe Vallone

1209.5299 (A. P. Majtey et al.)

The Relationship Between Entanglement, Energy, and Level Degeneracy in
Two-Electrons Systems

A. P. Majtey, A. R. Plastino, J. S. Dehesa

1209.5301 (Álvaro Gómez-León et al.)

Transport blocking and topological phases using ac magnetic fields    [PDF]

Álvaro Gómez-León, Gloria Platero

1209.5303 (S. Perseguers et al.)

Distribution of entanglement in quantum networks    [PDF]

S. Perseguers, G. J. Lapeyre Jr, D. Cavalcanti, M. Lewenstein, A. Acín

1209.5305 (/'Alvaro G/'omez-Le/'on et al.)

Topological phases in adiabatic and nonadiabatic driven systems    [PDF]

/'Alvaro G/'omez-Le/'on, Gloria Platero

1209.5310 (Zhao Liu et al.)

From fractional Chern insulators to Abelian and non-Abelian fractional
quantum Hall states: adiabatic continuity and orbital entanglement spectrum

Zhao Liu, Emil J. Bergholtz

1209.5320 (Ricardo Puebla et al.)

Excited-state phase transition leading to symmetry-breaking steady
states in the Dicke model

Ricardo Puebla, Armando Relaño, Joaquín Retamosa

1209.5321 (C. B. Gomes et al.)

The influence of the Kerr effect in Mott insulator to superfluid
transition from the point of view of the Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard model

C. B. Gomes, F. A. G. Almeida, A. M. C. Souza

1209.5327 (Ping Xiang et al.)

Non-adiabatic control of quantum energy transport in ordered arrays    [PDF]

Ping Xiang, Marina Litinskaya, Evgeny A. Shapiro, Roman V. Krems

1209.5332 (Simon J. D. Phoenix et al.)

How to turn a Quantum Prisoner into a Classical Chicken    [PDF]

Simon J. D. Phoenix, Faisal Shah Khan

1209.5349 (Michal Karpinski et al.)

Generation of spatially pure photon pairs in a multimode nonlinear
waveguide using intermodal dispersion

Michal Karpinski, Czeslaw Radzewicz, Konrad Banaszek

1209.5367 (Asif Shakeel et al.)

When is a Quantum Cellular Automaton (QCA) a Quantum Lattice Gas
Automaton (QLGA)?

Asif Shakeel, Peter J. Love