Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1107.4835 (H. T. Cui et al.)

Topology of Entanglement in Multipartite States with Translational

H. T. Cui, J. L. Tian, C. M. Wang, Y. C. Chen

1108.0991 (Juan G. Roederer)

Toward an Information-based Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and the
Quantum-Classical Transition

Juan G. Roederer

1108.2785 (Jan Chwedenczuk et al.)

Sub shot-noise interferometry from measurements of the one-body density    [PDF]

Jan Chwedenczuk, Philipp Hyllus, Francesco Piazza, Augusto Smerzi

1112.0333 (Katharine W. Moore et al.)

Exploring the trade-off between fidelity- and time-optimal control of
quantum unitary transformations

Katharine W. Moore, Constantin Brif, Matthew D. Grace, Ashley Donovan, David L. Hocker, Tak-San Ho, Rebing Wu, Herschel Rabitz

1112.4220 (F. A. Buot et al.)

Nonequilibrium Spin Magnetization Quantum Transport Equations: Spin and
Charge Coupling

F. A. Buot, R. A. Loberternos, R. E. S. Otadoy, D. L. Villarin

1207.6459 (Barun Majumder et al.)

Do the Modified Uncertainty Principle and Polymer Quantization predict
same physics?

Barun Majumder, Sourav Sen

1207.6647 (Felix A. Buot)

Nonequilibrium Multi-Band Spin Quantum Transport Equations: Spin,
Pseudo-Spin, and Total Charge Coupling

Felix A. Buot

1207.6655 (Paul Pham et al.)

A 2D Nearest-Neighbor Quantum Architecture for Factoring    [PDF]

Paul Pham, Krysta M. Svore

1207.6701 (Parvendra Kumar et al.)

Frequency modulated few-cycle optical pulse trains induced controllable
ultrafast coherent population oscillations in three-level atomic systems

Parvendra Kumar, Amarendra K. Sarma

1207.6718 (Marcel Reginatto et al.)

Information geometry, dynamics and discrete quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Marcel Reginatto, Michael J. W. Hall

1207.6723 (M. A. Pyataev et al.)

Spectral and transport properties of one-dimensional nanoring

M. A. Pyataev, M. A. Kokoreva

1207.6739 (Guang Ping He)

Quantum millionaire problem with a third party is trivial    [PDF]

Guang Ping He

1207.6748 (Ofer Firstenberg et al.)

Coherent Diffusion of Polaritons in Atomic Media    [PDF]

Ofer Firstenberg, Moshe Shuker, Amiram Ron, Nir Davidson

1207.6752 (Shu Tanaka et al.)

Entanglement Spectra of the quantum hard-square model: Holographic
minimal models

Shu Tanaka, Ryo Tamura, Hosho Katsura

1207.6768 (Chui-Ping Yang)

Fast quantum information transfer with superconducting flux qubits
coupled to a cavity

Chui-Ping Yang

1207.6772 (Christian Kraglund Andersen et al.)

Squeezing of Collective Excitations in Spin Ensembles    [PDF]

Christian Kraglund Andersen, Klaus Mølmer

1207.6787 (Stephen G. Low)

Maximal quantum mechanical symmetry: Projective representations of the
Weyl-Heisenberg automorphism group

Stephen G. Low

1207.6789 (Josef Ashkenazi et al.)

Quantum Criticality Stabilizes High T_c Superconductivity Against
Competing Symmetry-Breaking Instabilities

Josef Ashkenazi, Neil F. Johnson

1207.6799 (A. A. Andrianov et al.)

Nonlinear Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics: concepts and realizations    [PDF]

A. A. Andrianov, M. V. Ioffe

1207.6809 (Francisco Soto-Eguibar et al.)

Perturbative approach to diatomic lattices    [PDF]

Francisco Soto-Eguibar, Héctor Manuel Moya-Cessa

1207.6825 (K. Inomata et al.)

Large Dispersive Shift of Cavity Resonance Induced by a Superconducting
Flux Qubit in the Straddling Regime

K. Inomata, T. Yamamoto, B. -M. Billangeon, Y. Nakamura, J. S. Tsai

1207.6872 (Ken Funo et al.)

Thermodynamic Work Gain from Entanglement    [PDF]

Ken Funo, Yu Watanabe, Masahito Ueda

1207.6878 (A. Nysteen et al.)

Quenching of phonon-induced processes in quantum dots due to
electron-hole asymmetries

A. Nysteen, P. Kaer, J. Mork

1207.6881 (Thomas Fink et al.)

Noise spectroscopy using correlations of single-shot qubit readout    [PDF]

Thomas Fink, Hendrik Bluhm

1207.6885 (Raymond Y. Chiao et al.)

Parametric Oscillation of a Moving Mirror Driven by Radiation Pressure
in a Superconducting Fabry-Perot Resonating System

Raymond Y. Chiao, Luis A. Martinez, Stephen J. Minter, Alexey Trubarov

1207.6891 (V. Karimipour et al.)

An algorithmic proof for the completeness of two-dimensional Ising model    [PDF]

V. Karimipour, M. H. Zarei

1207.6896 (Zafar Ahmed)

Reciprocity and unitarity in scattering from a non-Hermitian complex
PT-symmetric potential

Zafar Ahmed

1207.6901 (Stephen J. Minter et al.)

Using Discontinuities in Magnetic Susceptibility within Type-II
Superconductors to Explore Global Decoherence Phenomena

Stephen J. Minter, Raymond Y. Chiao, Luis A. Martinez

1207.6906 (O. J. E. Maroney)

How statistical are quantum states?    [PDF]

O. J. E. Maroney

1207.6909 (Dries Sels et al.)

Wigner distribution functions for complex dynamical systems: a path
integral approach

Dries Sels, Fons Brosens, Wim Magnus

1207.6931 (I. Capraro et al.)

Impact of turbulence in long range quantum and classical communications    [PDF]

I. Capraro, A. Tomaello, A. Dall'Arche, F. Gerlin, R. Ursin, G. Vallone, P. Villoresi

1207.6932 (A. Gatti et al.)

Dimensionality of the spatio-temporal entanglement of PDC photon pairs    [PDF]

A. Gatti, T. Corti, E. Brambilla, D. B. Horoshko

1207.6934 (O. Jedrkiewicz et al.)

Experimental observation of the X-shaped near field spatio-temporal
correlation of ultra-broadband twin beams

O. Jedrkiewicz, A. Gatti, E. Brambilla, P. Di Trapani

1207.6954 (Łukasz Pawela et al.)

Cooperative quantum Parrondo's games    [PDF]

Łukasz Pawela, Jan Sładkowski

1207.6972 (Peter Selinger)

Finite dimensional Hilbert spaces are complete for dagger compact closed

Peter Selinger

1207.6985 (Horace P. Yuen)

Fundamental Insecurity of Multi-Photon Sources Under Photon-Number
Splitting Attacks in Quantum Key Distribution

Horace P. Yuen

1207.6992 (T. Ferreira da Silva et al.)

Real-time characterization of gated-mode single-photon detectors    [PDF]

T. Ferreira da Silva, G. B. Xavier, J. P. von der Weid

1207.6995 (Lian-Ao Wu et al.)

Exact dynamics of interacting qubits in a thermal environment: Results
beyond the weak coupling limit

Lian-Ao Wu, Claire X. Yu, Dvira Segal

1207.7013 (Ricardo Estrada et al.)

Surface Vacuum Energy in Cutoff Models: Pressure Anomaly and
Distributional Gravitational Limit

Ricardo Estrada, Stephen A. Fulling, Fernando D. Mera

1207.7022 (Almut Beige et al.)

Environment-induced heating in sonoluminescence experiments    [PDF]

Almut Beige, Antonio Capolupo, Andreas Kurcz

1207.7032 (Manan Vyas et al.)

Embedded Gaussian Unitary Ensembles with $U(Ω) \otimes SU(r)$
Embedding generated by Random Two-body Interactions with $SU(r)$ Symmetry

Manan Vyas, V. K. B. Kota

Monday, July 30, 2012

1109.0118 (Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano et al.)

Emergence of Space-Time from Topologically Homogeneous Causal Networks    [PDF]

Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano, Alessandro Tosini

1109.2591 (Mark M. Wilde et al.)

Polar codes for classical-quantum channels    [PDF]

Mark M. Wilde, Saikat Guha

1110.6554 (Richard Healey)

How Quantum Theory Helps us Explain    [PDF]

Richard Healey

1201.4780 (Salvador E. Venegas-Andraca)

Quantum walks: a comprehensive review    [PDF]

Salvador E. Venegas-Andraca

1207.6162 (V. V. Varlamov)

Cyclic structures of Cliffordian supergroups and particle
representations of Spin_+(1,3)

V. V. Varlamov

1207.6373 (A. Dauphin et al.)

Rydberg-Atom Quantum Simulation and Chern Number Characterization of a
Topological Mott Insulator

A. Dauphin, M. Müller, M. A. Martin-Delgado

1207.6427 (Chao Zhuang et al.)

Coherent control of population transfer between vibrational states in an
optical lattice via two-path quantum interference

Chao Zhuang, Christopher R. Paul, Xiaoxian Liu, Samansa Maneshi, Luciano S. Cruz, Aephraim M. Steinberg

1207.6435 (Saikat Guha et al.)

Capacity of optical reading, Part 1: Reading boundless error-free bits
using a single photon

Saikat Guha, Jeffrey H. Shapiro

1207.6442 (Arpan Roy et al.)

Trapping and detection of single atoms using a spherical mirror    [PDF]

Arpan Roy, Andrew Bah Shen Jing, Murray D. Barrett

1207.6462 (Olivier Morin et al.)

A high-fidelity single-photon source based on a type-II optical
parametric oscillator

Olivier Morin, Virginia D'Auria, Claude Fabre, Julien Laurat

1207.6482 (Masazumi Fujiwara et al.)

Optical transmittance degradation in tapered fibers    [PDF]

Masazumi Fujiwara, Kiyota Toubaru, Shigeki Takeuchi

1207.6493 (Satyabrata Adhikari et al.)

Construction of optimal teleportation witness operators from
entanglement witnesses

Satyabrata Adhikari, Nirman Ganguly, A. S. Majumdar

1207.6494 (J. Chee)

Landau problem with a general time-dependent electric field    [PDF]

J. Chee

1207.6496 (Bo E. Sernelius)

Casimir effects in graphene systems: unexpected power laws    [PDF]

Bo E. Sernelius

1207.6497 (J. Chee)

Spin in a General Time Varying Magnetic Field: Generalization of the
Adiabatic Factorization of Time Evolution

J. Chee

1207.6499 (Jean-Michel Raimond et al.)

Quantum Zeno dynamics of a field in a cavity    [PDF]

Jean-Michel Raimond, Paolo Facchi, Bruno Peaudecerf, Saverio Pascazio, Clément Sayrin, Igor Dotsenko, Sébastien Gleyzes, Michel Brune, Serge Haroche

1207.6500 (J. Chee)

Landau electron in a rotating environment: a general factorization of
time evolution

J. Chee

1207.6505 (E. Ö. Karabulut et al.)

Rotational properties of non-dipolar and dipolar Bose-Einstein
condensates confined in annular potentials

E. Ö. Karabulut, F. Malet, G. M. Kavoulakis, S. M. Reimann

1207.6519 (S. Omkar et al.)

Dissipative and Non-dissipative Single-Qubit Channels: Dynamics and

S. Omkar, R. Srikanth, Subhashish Banerjee

1207.6534 (Dragos-Victor Anghel)

Fractional exclusion statistics -- the method to describe interacting
particle systems as ideal gases

Dragos-Victor Anghel

1207.6537 (R. Hübener et al.)

Wick's theorem for matrix product states    [PDF]

R. Hübener, A. Mari, J. Eisert

1207.6551 (B. M. Rodríguez-Lara et al.)

Exact solution of generalized Dicke models via Susskind-Glogower

B. M. Rodríguez-Lara, H. M. Moya-Cessa

1207.6552 (B. M. Rodríguez-Lara et al.)

A photonic crystal realization of a phase driven two-level atom    [PDF]

B. M. Rodríguez-Lara, Alejandro Zárate Cárdenas, Francisco Soto-Eguibar, Héctor Manuel Moya-Cessa

1207.6554 (F. Ciccarello et al.)

Collision-model-based approach to non-Markovian quantum dynamics    [PDF]

F. Ciccarello, G. M. Palma, V. Giovannetti

1207.6562 (Steve Campbell)

Predominance of entanglement of formation over quantum discord under
quantum channels

Steve Campbell

1207.6586 (A. Martin et al.)

Cross time-bin photonic entanglement for quantum key distribution    [PDF]

A. Martin, F. Kaiser, A. Vernier, A. Beveratos, V. Scarani, S. Tanzilli

1207.6590 (Jérémy Le Deunff et al.)

A primer for resonant tunnelling    [PDF]

Jérémy Le Deunff, Olivier Brodier, Amaury Mouchet

1207.6629 (Richard Healey)

Quantum decoherence in a pragmatist view: Part I    [PDF]

Richard Healey

Friday, July 27, 2012

1007.0340 (Vladan Pankovic et al.)

Bohr-Sommerfeld theory of the magnetic monopole    [PDF]

Vladan Pankovic, Darko V. Kapor

1105.2418 (Christoph Heil et al.)

Strong coupling expansion for the Bose-Hubbard and the Jaynes-Cummings
lattice model

Christoph Heil, Wolfgang von der Linden

1111.4128 (Salvador Robles-Perez et al.)

Quantum entanglement in the multiverse    [PDF]

Salvador Robles-Perez, Pedro F. Gonzalez-Diaz

1207.6131 (John Preskill)

Sufficient condition on noise correlations for scalable quantum

John Preskill

1207.6158 (M. Rab et al.)

Interferometry using Adiabatic Passage in Dilute Gas Bose-Einstein

M. Rab, A. L. C. Hayward, J. H. Cole, A. D. Greentree, A. M. Martin

1207.6163 (J. Zou et al.)

Geometry-dependent Casimir forces on a silicon chip    [PDF]

J. Zou, Z. Marcet, A. W. Rodriguez, M. T. H. Reid, A. P. McCauley, I. I. Kravchenko, T. Lu, Y. Bao, S. G. Johnson, H. B. Chan

1207.6172 (G. Chiribella)

A product rule for Quantum Metrology    [PDF]

G. Chiribella

1207.6197 (Jianlan Wu et al.)

Generic Mechanism of Optimal Energy Transfer Efficiency: A Scaling
Theory of the Mean First Passage Time in Exciton Systems

Jianlan Wu, Jianshu Cao, Robert J. Silbey

1207.6201 (Cong Zhang et al.)

Improving imaging resolution of shaking targets by Fourier-transform
ghost diffraction

Cong Zhang, Wenlin Gong, Shensheng Han

1207.6211 (Haozhao Liang et al.)

Pseudospin symmetry in supersymmetric quantum mechanics: I.
Schrödinger equations

Haozhao Liang, Shihang Shen, Pengwei Zhao, Jie Meng

1207.6215 (Ulf Klein)

Is the individuality interpretation of quantum theory wrong ?    [PDF]

Ulf Klein

1207.6221 (Oleh Hul et al.)

Are Scattering Properties of Graphs Uniquely Connected to Their Shapes?    [PDF]

Oleh Hul, Michał Ławniczak, Szymon Bauch, Adam Sawicki, Marek Kuś, Leszek Sirko

1207.6222 (K. Joho et al.)

Transient noise spectra in resonant tunneling setups: Exactly solvable

K. Joho, S. Maier, A. Komnik

1207.6225 (J. Okołowicz et al.)

Toward understanding the microscopic origin of nuclear clustering    [PDF]

J. Okołowicz, W. Nazarewicz, M. Płoszajczak

1207.6242 (D. A. Trifonov)

Nonlinear Fermions and Coherent States    [PDF]

D. A. Trifonov

1207.6291 (C. Ates et al.)

Bound lattice complexes through distance selective two-body loss    [PDF]

C. Ates, B. Olmos, W. Li, I. Lesanovsky

1207.6316 (I. K. Kominis)

Reactant-Product Quantum Coherence in Electron Transfer Reactions    [PDF]

I. K. Kominis

1207.6336 (Rick Lytel et al.)

The influence of geometry and topology of quantum graphs on their
nonlinear-optical properties

Rick Lytel, Shoresh Shafei, Julian H. Smith, Mark G. Kuzyk

1207.6345 (T. Ferreira da Silva et al.)

Proof-of-principle demonstration of measurement device independent QKD
using polarization qubits

T. Ferreira da Silva, D. Vitoreti, G. B. Xavier, G. P. Temporão, J. P. von der Weid

1207.6352 (Warren Leffler)

Bell inequalities and hidden variables over all possible paths in a
quantum system

Warren Leffler

1207.6366 (Christian Kothe et al.)

Experimental determination of the degree of quantum polarisation of
continuous variable states

Christian Kothe, Lars Skovgaard Madsen, Ulrik Lund Andersen, Gunnar Björk

Thursday, July 26, 2012

1106.5233 (Bang-Hai Wang et al.)

All structural physical approximations to positive maps of low
dimensions defining entanglement-breaking channels

Bang-Hai Wang, Dong-Yang Long

1107.3595 (Alexei M. Frolov)

Positron annihilation in the MuPs system    [PDF]

Alexei M. Frolov

1110.1675 (Jie Cui et al.)

Controlling collisional decoherence of ultracold molecules in
superposition states by an external magnetic field

Jie Cui, Roman V. Krems

1111.3974 (I. K. Kominis)

Magnetic Sensitivity and Entanglement Dynamics of the Chemical Compass    [PDF]

I. K. Kominis

1111.4273 (Mladen Pavicic)

Retraction of "Near-Deterministic Discrimination of All Bell States with
Linear Optics," Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 080403 (2011) and Erratum Phys. Rev.
Lett. 107, 219901 (2011)

Mladen Pavicic

1111.5114 (Tapio P. Simula et al.)

Coherence simplices    [PDF]

Tapio P. Simula, David M. Paganin

1112.3509 (R. Gerritsma et al.)

A bosonic Josephson junction controlled by a single trapped ion    [PDF]

R. Gerritsma, A. Negretti, H. Doerk, Z. Idziaszek, T. Calarco, F. Schmidt-Kaler

1201.4636 (Tapio P Simula)

Synthetic charge-flux quantum liquids    [PDF]

Tapio P Simula

1207.5211 (Michael Elkin et al.)

Quantum Distributed Network Computing: Lower Bounds and Techniques    [PDF]

Michael Elkin, Hartmut Klauck, Danupon Nanongkai, Gopal Pandurangan

1207.5818 (Pankaj Mehta et al.)

Efficiency bounds for nonequilibrium heat engines    [PDF]

Pankaj Mehta, Anatoli Polkovnikov

1207.5846 (Yu-Ju Chiu et al.)

Fermionic Measurement-based Quantum Computation    [PDF]

Yu-Ju Chiu, Xie Chen, Isaac L. Chuang

1207.5868 (Clarice D. Aiello et al.)

Composite-pulse magnetometry with a solid-state quantum sensor    [PDF]

Clarice D. Aiello, Masashi Hirose, Paola Cappellaro

1207.5877 (Michal Hajdušek et al.)

Direct evaluation of pure graph state entanglement    [PDF]

Michal Hajdušek, Mio Murao

1207.5880 (Jason M. Dominy et al.)

Analysis of the quantum Zeno effect for quantum control and computation    [PDF]

Jason M. Dominy, Gerardo A. Paz-Silva, A. T. Rezakhani, D. A. Lidar

1207.5892 (Tapio Simula)

Zero-energy states in rotating trapped Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Tapio Simula

1207.5904 (Won-Young Hwang)

Device-Independent Generation of Quantum Bits    [PDF]

Won-Young Hwang

1207.5921 (G. Bimonte et al.)

Exact results for classical Casimir interactions: Dirichlet and Drude
model in the sphere-sphere and sphere-plane geometry

G. Bimonte, T. Emig

1207.5952 (Marko Znidaric et al.)

Transport in a disordered tight-binding chain with dephasing    [PDF]

Marko Znidaric, Martin Horvat

1207.5968 (Govinda Clos et al.)

Quantification of memory effects in the spin-boson model    [PDF]

Govinda Clos, Heinz-Peter Breuer

1207.5982 (S. P. Toh)

Three Simple Algorithms to Generate Kochen-Specker Sets with Thirty Six,
Thirty Eight and Forty Rays in Three-qubit System

S. P. Toh

1207.5997 (S. Donadi et al.)

The effect of spontaneous collapses on neutrino oscillations    [PDF]

S. Donadi, A. Bassi, C. Curceanu, L. Ferialdi

1207.6000 (S. Donadi et al.)

Are Collapse Models Testable via Flavor Oscillations?    [PDF]

S. Donadi, A. Bassi, C. Curceanu, A. Di Domenico, B. C. Hiesmayr

1207.6001 (C. -I. Chou et al.)

Generalized Rayleigh and Jacobi processes and exceptional orthogonal

C. -I. Chou, C. -L. Ho

1207.6007 (Daniel Thomas Maxwell et al.)

Coherent control of strongly interacting Rydberg polaritons    [PDF]

Daniel Thomas Maxwell, David James Szwer, David Paredes Barato, Hannes Busche, Jonathan David Pritchard, Alexandre Gauguet, Kevin John Weatherill, Matthew Philip Austin Jones, Charles Stuart Adams

1207.6008 (Denis Gonta et al.)

High-fidelity entanglement purification using chains of atoms and
optical cavities

Denis Gonta, Peter van Loock

1207.6030 (Marc-Thierry Jaekel et al.)

Phases and relativity in atomic gravimetry    [PDF]

Marc-Thierry Jaekel, Brahim Lamine, Serge Reynaud

1207.6035 (Gelo Noel M. Tabia)

Experimental scheme for qubit and qutrit SIC-POVMs using multiport

Gelo Noel M. Tabia

1207.6039 (Hans Huebl et al.)

High cooperativity in coupled microwave resonator ferrimagnetic
insulator hybrids

Hans Huebl, Christoph Zollitsch, Johannes Lotze, Fredrik Hocke, Moritz Greifenstein, Achim Marx, Rudolf Gross, Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein

1207.6043 (Piotr Wróbel et al.)

Optical conductivity due to orbital polarons in systems with orbital

Piotr Wróbel, Robert Eder, Andrzej M. Oleś

1207.6048 (Tony J. G. Apollaro et al.)

Transport of Quantum Correlations across a spin chain    [PDF]

Tony J. G. Apollaro, Salvatore Lorenzo, Francesco Plastina

1207.6060 (Marcin Dukalski et al.)

Tripartite entanglement dynamics in a system of strongly driven qubits    [PDF]

Marcin Dukalski, Ya. M. Blanter

1207.6062 (D. Ahn et al.)

Quantum state cloning in the presence of a closed timelike curve    [PDF]

D. Ahn, C. R. Myers, T. C. Ralph, R. B. Mann

1207.6063 (Jianjia Fei et al.)

Mediated gates between spin qubits    [PDF]

Jianjia Fei, Dong Zhou, Yun-Pil Shim, Sangchul Oh, Xuedong Hu, Mark Friesen

1207.6080 (Armando Perez-Leija et al.)

Coherent Quantum Transport in Photonic Lattices    [PDF]

Armando Perez-Leija, Robert Keil, Alastair Kay, Hector Moya-Cessa, Stefan Nolte, Leong-Chuan Kwek, Blas M. Rodríguez-Lara, Alexander Szameit, Demetrios N. Christodoulides

1207.6097 (T. Kiesel et al.)

Complete nonclassicality test with a photon-number resolving detector    [PDF]

T. Kiesel, W. Vogel

1207.6101 (Robert J. Clark)

Ideal Multipole Ion Traps from Planar Ring Electrodes    [PDF]

Robert J. Clark

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1005.4183 (Harry J. Lipkin)

Why do neutrinos with different masses interfere and oscillate? Why are
states with different masses but same energy coherent? Overcoming barrier
between particle & condensed matter physics

Harry J. Lipkin

1110.6873 (Shengjun Wu)

Correlation measures in bipartite states and entanglement

Shengjun Wu

1112.1690 (K. Stannigel et al.)

Driven-dissipative preparation of entangled states in cascaded
quantum-optical networks

K. Stannigel, P. Rabl, P. Zoller

1201.3360 (P. C. de Groot et al.)

Selective darkening of degenerate transitions for implementing quantum
controlled-NOT gates

P. C. de Groot, S. Ashhab, A. Lupascu, L. DiCarlo, Franco Nori, C. J. P. M. Harmans, J. E. Mooij

1201.4415 (Brian C. Sawyer et al.)

Spectroscopy and Thermometry of Drumhead Modes in a Mesoscopic
Trapped-Ion Crystal using Entanglement

Brian C. Sawyer, Joseph W. Britton, Adam C. Keith, C. -C. Joseph Wang, James K. Freericks, Hermann Uys, Michael J. Biercuk, John J. Bollinger

1204.0239 (Sven Ahrens et al.)

Spin dynamics in the Kapitza-Dirac effect    [PDF]

Sven Ahrens, Heiko Bauke, Christoph H. Keitel, Carsten Müller

1207.5052 (Stephen Inglis et al.)

A Wang-Landau method for calculating Renyi entropies in
finite-temperature quantum Monte Carlo simulations

Stephen Inglis, Roger G. Melko

1207.5128 (Axel U. J. Lode et al.)

Exact quantum dynamics of bosons with finite-range time-dependent
interactions of harmonic type

Axel U. J. Lode, Kaspar Sakmann, Ofir E. Alon, Lorenz S. Cederbaum, Alexej I. Streltsov

1207.5523 (Swapan Rana et al.)

Entanglement alone can be more than other quantum correlations    [PDF]

Swapan Rana, Preeti Parashar

1207.5544 (Tobias Moroder et al.)

Security of distributed-phase-reference quantum key distribution    [PDF]

Tobias Moroder, Marcos Curty, Charles Ci Wen Lim, Le Phuc Thinh, Hugo Zbinden, Nicolas Gisin

1207.5556 (Orestis Georgiou et al.)

Influence of boundary conditions on quantum escape    [PDF]

Orestis Georgiou, Goran Gligorić, Achilleas Lazarides, Diego F. M. Oliveira, Joshua D. Bodyfelt, Arseni Goussev

1207.5580 (Ashok Ajoy et al.)

Perfect quantum transport in arbitrary spin networks    [PDF]

Ashok Ajoy, Paola Cappellaro

1207.5581 (Teck Seng Koh et al.)

Pulse-gated quantum dot hybrid qubit    [PDF]

Teck Seng Koh, John King Gamble, Mark Friesen, M. A. Eriksson, S. N. Coppersmith

1207.5584 (Satoru Odake et al.)

Multi-indexed Wilson and Askey-Wilson Polynomials    [PDF]

Satoru Odake, Ryu Sasaki

1207.5585 (Xiaolong Zhang et al.)

Sequential Landau-Zener Transitions in A Spin-Phonon Coupled System    [PDF]

Xiaolong Zhang, Jiahao Huang, Yuexia Zhang, Kelin Gao, Chaohong Lee

1207.5602 (Shaik Ahmed et al.)

Effect of dipole-dipole interaction in two atom systems : A steady state

Shaik Ahmed, Ashoka Vudayagiri, P. Anantha Lakshmi

1207.5612 (Rabia Jahangir et al.)

Quantum capacity of an amplitude-damping channel with memory    [PDF]

Rabia Jahangir, Nigum Arshed, A. H. Toor

1207.5623 (S. Henning et al.)

Exact results on the Kondo-lattice magnetic polaron    [PDF]

S. Henning, P. Herrmann, W. Nolting

1207.5630 (Y. Benny et al.)

Excitation spectroscopy of single quantum dots at tunable positive,
neutral and negative charge states

Y. Benny, Y. Kodriano, E. Poem, T. A. Truong, P. M. Petroff, D. Gershoni

1207.5669 (Rahul Srivastava et al.)

Poincaré Invariant Quantum Field Theories With Twisted Internal

Rahul Srivastava, Sachindeo Vaidya

1207.5505 (Pei Zhang et al.)

Implementing the Deutsch's algorithm with spin-orbital angular momentum
of photon without interferometer

Pei Zhang, Yan Jiang, Rui-Feng Liu, Hong Gao, Hong-Rong Li, Fu-Li Li

1207.5693 (David Hochstuhl et al.)

Time-dependent restricted active space Configuration Interaction for the
photoionization of many-electron atoms

David Hochstuhl, Michael Bonitz

1207.5726 (John Watrous)

Simpler semidefinite programs for completely bounded norms    [PDF]

John Watrous

1207.5729 (Masashi Hirose et al.)

Continuous dynamical decoupling magnetometry    [PDF]

Masashi Hirose, Clarice D. Aiello, Paola Cappellaro

1207.5756 (Karel Lemr et al.)

Entangling efficiency of linear-optical quantum gates    [PDF]

Karel Lemr, Antonín Černoch, Jan Soubusta, Miloslav Dušek

1207.5763 (Anna Vershynina)

Existence of the thermodynamic limit and asymptotic behavior of some
irreversible quantum dynamical systems

Anna Vershynina

1207.5768 (Heike Schwager et al.)

Dissipative spin chains: Implementation with cold atoms and steady-state

Heike Schwager, J. Ignacio Cirac, Géza Giedke

1207.5775 (Peter Morgan)

A graphical presentation of signal delays in the datasets of Weihs et al    [PDF]

Peter Morgan

1207.5785 (Gabriel G. Carlo et al.)

Classical transients and the support of open quantum maps    [PDF]

Gabriel G. Carlo, D. A. Wisniacki, Leonardo Ermann, R. M. Benito, F. Borondo

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1004.1127 (Yingkai Ouyang)

Concatenated quantum codes can attain the quantum Gilbert-Varshamov

Yingkai Ouyang

1012.4708 (H. D. Zeh)

The Nature and Origin of Time-asymmetric Spacetime Structures    [PDF]

H. D. Zeh

1102.2199 (Jing Zhang et al.)

Quantum Coherent Nonlinear Feedbacks with Applications to Quantum Optics
on Chip

Jing Zhang, Re-Bing Wu, Yu-xi Liu, Chun-Wen Li, Tzyh-Jong Tarn

1106.6181 (Joseph Manjavidze)

On the Generalized Correspondence Principle    [PDF]

Joseph Manjavidze

1107.1141 (H. D. L. Lamb et al.)

Structure and interactions of ultracold Yb ions and Rb atoms    [PDF]

H. D. L. Lamb, J. F. McCann, B. M. McLaughlin, J. Goold, N. Wells, I. Lane

1107.2371 (S. Sorathia et al.)

From closed to open 1D Anderson model: Transport versus spectral

S. Sorathia, F. M. Izrailev, V. G. Zelevinsky, G. L. Celardo

1207.5046 (S. Bellucci et al.)

Fermionic current from topology and boundaries with applications to

S. Bellucci, A. A. Saharian

1207.5059 (François Impens et al.)

Non-local double-path Casimir phase shifts in atom interferometers    [PDF]

François Impens, Ryan O. Behunin, Claudio Ccapa Ttira, Paulo A. Maia Neto

1207.5103 (Richard D. Gill)

Statistics, Causality and Bell's theorem    [PDF]

Richard D. Gill

1207.5105 (Aharon Brodutch)

Discord and quantum computational resources    [PDF]

Aharon Brodutch

1207.5135 (B. J. Falaye et al.)

Any $\ell$ -state solutions of the Schrödinger equation for the
Manning-Rosen potential via asymptotic iteration method

B. J. Falaye, K. J. Oyewumi, T. T. Ibrahim, M. A. Punyasena, C. A. Onate

1207.5196 (Yu-Bo Sheng et al.)

Optimal entanglement concentration for quantum dot and optical
microcavities systems

Yu-Bo Sheng, Lan Zhou, Lei Wang, Sheng-Mei Zhao

1207.5198 (Sun Ping)

Golden Ratio estimate of success probability based on one and only

Sun Ping

1207.5199 (S. Stepanow)

Estimate of the energy of vacuum fluctuations of non-Abelian gauge
fields from the uncertainty relations

S. Stepanow

1207.5230 (Jean-Sebastien Boisvert et al.)

Absorbers in the Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Jean-Sebastien Boisvert, Louis Marchildon

1207.5235 (Eva-Maria Graefe et al.)

Breakdown of adiabatic transfer schemes in the presence of decay    [PDF]

Eva-Maria Graefe, Alexei A. Mailybaev, Nimrod Moiseyev

1207.5236 (Michael E. Cuffaro)

On the Implications of the Gottesman-Knill Theorem for our Understanding
of the Resources Involved in Quantum Speedup

Michael E. Cuffaro

1207.5239 (Utkarsh Mishra et al.)

Macroscopic Schrödinger Cat Resistant to Particle Loss and Local

Utkarsh Mishra, Aditi Sen De, Ujjwal Sen

1207.5242 (V. M. Bastidas et al.)

Nonequilibrium Quantum Phase Transitions in the Ising Model    [PDF]

V. M. Bastidas, C. Emary, G. Schaller, T. Brandes

1207.5257 (D. Ellinas et al.)

Discrete Randomness in Discrete Time Quantum Walk: Study via Stochastic

D. Ellinas, A. J. Bracken, I. Smyrnakis

1207.5260 (M. Arsenijevic et al.)

Asymptotic dynamics of the alternate degrees of freedom for a two-mode
system: an analytically solvable model

M. Arsenijevic, J. Jeknic-Dugic, M. Dugic

1207.5276 (D. Maclaurin et al.)

Nanoscale magnetometry through quantum control of nitrogen-vacancy
centres in rotationally diffusing nanodiamonds

D. Maclaurin, L. T. Hall, A. M. Martin, L. C. L. Hollenberg

1207.5294 (Sascha Vongehr)

Quantum Randi Challenge    [PDF]

Sascha Vongehr

1207.5299 (Aline I. Maalouf et al.)

On the Physical Realizability of a Class of Nonlinear Quantum Systems    [PDF]

Aline I. Maalouf, Ian R. Petersen

1207.5302 (Kouichi Takemura et al.)

Global solutions of certain second order differential equations with a
high degree of apparent singularity

Kouichi Takemura, Ryu Sasaki

1207.5305 (Michael J. W. Hall et al.)

Nonlocal signaling in the configuration space model of quantum-classical

Michael J. W. Hall, Marcel Reginatto, C. M. Savage

1207.5311 (C. Y. Jin et al.)

All-optical control of the spontaneous emission of quantum dots using
coupled-cavity quantum electrodynamics

C. Y. Jin, M. Y. Swinkels, R. Johne, T. B. Hoang, L. Midolo, P. J. van Veldhoven, A. Fiore

1207.5351 (Veiko Palge et al.)

Generation of maximally entangled states with sub-luminal Lorentz boost    [PDF]

Veiko Palge, Jacob Dunningham

1207.5354 (Ferdi Altintas et al.)

Classical memoryless noise induced maximally discordant mixed separable
steady states

Ferdi Altintas, Arzu Oz, Resul Eryigit

1207.5373 (Raam Uzdin et al.)

Time-dependent Hamiltonians with 100% evolution speed efficiency    [PDF]

Raam Uzdin, Uwe Guenther, Saar Rahav, Nimrod Moiseyev

1207.5386 (Yong Siah Teo et al.)

Verification of state and entanglement with incomplete tomography    [PDF]

Yong Siah Teo, Berthold-Georg Englert, Jaroslav Rehacek, Zdenek Hradil, Dmitry Mogilevtsev

1207.5420 (Anna Jencova)

Extremal measurements on quantum channels    [PDF]

Anna Jencova

1207.5429 (F. F. Bellotti et al.)

Trimer States, Scale-invariance, and Effective Dimensionality    [PDF]

F. F. Bellotti, T. Frederico, M. T. Yamashita, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner

1207.5435 (F. Caruso et al.)

Quantum channels and memory effects    [PDF]

F. Caruso, V. Giovannetti, C. Lupo, S. Mancini

1207.5463 (V. N. Rodionov)

PT-Symmetric Pseudo-Hermitian Relativistic Quantum Mechanics With a
Maximal Mass

V. N. Rodionov

1207.5465 (G. B. Lemos et al.)

Experimental Observation of Quantum Chaos in a Beam of Light    [PDF]

G. B. Lemos, R. M. Gomes, S. P. Walborn, P. H. Souto Ribeiro, F. Toscano

1207.5468 (L. Slodička et al.)

Atom-atom entanglement by single-photon detection    [PDF]

L. Slodička, G. Hétet, N. Röck, P. Schindler, M. Hennrich, R. Blatt

1207.5474 (Zhong-Xiao Man et al.)

Quantum interference induced by initial system-environment correlations    [PDF]

Zhong-Xiao Man, Andrea Smirne, Yun-Jie Xia, Bassano Vacchini

1207.5485 (Daniel Cavalcanti et al.)

Super-activation of quantum nonlocality and teleportation    [PDF]

Daniel Cavalcanti, Antonio Acin, Nicolas Brunner, Tamas Vertesi

1207.5487 (B. T. Kirby et al.)

Nonlocal Interferometry Using Macroscopic Coherent States and Weak

B. T. Kirby, J. D. Franson

Monday, July 23, 2012

1009.5020 (Daniel Braun)

Ultimate quantum bounds on mass measurements with a nano-mechanical

Daniel Braun

1010.1750 (Fernando G. S. L. Brandao et al.)

Faithful Squashed Entanglement    [PDF]

Fernando G. S. L. Brandao, Matthias Christandl, Jon Yard

1107.0686 (G. A. T. Pender et al.)

Optomechanical cooling of levitated spheres with doubly-resonant fields    [PDF]

G. A. T. Pender, P. F. Barker, Florian Marquardt, James Millen, T. S. Monteiro

1108.5349 (Marco Tomamichel et al.)

The Link between Entropic Uncertainty and Nonlocality    [PDF]

Marco Tomamichel, Esther Hänggi

1112.1811 (Gerard 't Hooft)

How a wave function can collapse without violating Schroedinger's
equation, and how to understand Born's rule

Gerard 't Hooft

1207.0053 (K. W. Murch et al.)

Cavity-assisted quantum bath engineering    [PDF]

K. W. Murch, U. Vool, D. Zhou, S. J. Weber, S. M. Girvin, I. Siddiqi

1207.4805 (Dominic V. Else et al.)

Symmetry protection of measurement-based quantum computation in ground

Dominic V. Else, Stephen D. Bartlett, Andrew C. Doherty

1207.4877 (Alessandro Sergi et al.)

Non-Hermitian quantum dynamics of a two-level system and models of
dissipative environments

Alessandro Sergi, Konstantin G. Zloshchastiev

1207.4899 (D. Pagel et al.)

Strongly entangled light from planar microcavities    [PDF]

D. Pagel, H. Fehske, J. Sperling, W. Vogel

1207.4912 (Robert Johne et al.)

Proposal of a two-qubit quantum phase gate for quantum photonic
integrated circuits

Robert Johne, Andrea Fiore

1207.4913 (James M. Robins et al.)

A proof of Bell's inequality in quantum mechanics using causal

James M. Robins, Tyler J. VanderWeele, Richard D. Gill

1207.4915 (Ming-Xia Huo et al.)

Spinons and Holons with Polarized Photons in a Nonlinear Waveguide    [PDF]

Ming-Xia Huo, Dimitris G. Angelakis, Leong Chuan Kwek

1207.4939 (Oded Regev et al.)

Quantum XOR Games    [PDF]

Oded Regev, Thomas Vidick

1207.4964 (Pascal Böhi et al.)

Simple microwave field imaging technique using hot atomic vapor cells    [PDF]

Pascal Böhi, Philipp Treutlein

1207.4972 (S. Weiler et al.)

Phonon-Assisted Incoherent Excitation of a Quantum Dot and its Emission

S. Weiler, A. Ulhaq, C. Roy, S. M. Ulrich, D. Richter, M. Jetter, S. Hughes, P. Michler

1207.4974 (C. Ammon et al.)

Simulating the coupling of angular momenta in distant matter qubits    [PDF]

C. Ammon, A. Maser, U. Schilling, T. Bastin, J. von Zanthier

1207.4985 (D. Bazeia et al.)

Supersymmetry, shape invariance and the Legendre equations    [PDF]

D. Bazeia, Ashok Das

1207.4987 (Norio Konno et al.)

The square and cube of the transition matrix of the discrete-time
quantum walk on a graph

Norio Konno, Iwao Sato

1207.5000 (V. Zatloukal et al.)

Transport properties of anyons in random topological environments    [PDF]

V. Zatloukal, L. Lehman, S. Singh, J. K. Pachos, G. K. Brennen

1207.5008 (Kim Fook Lee et al.)

Quantum Key Distribution based on Single Photon Bi-partite Correlation    [PDF]

Kim Fook Lee, Yong Meng Sua, Harith B. Ahmad

1207.5012 (S. Agarwal et al.)

Witnessing non-classicality of a quantum oscillator state by coupling it
to a qubit

S. Agarwal, J. H. Eberly

1207.5013 (A. Casado et al.)

Wigner representation for polarization-momentum hyperentanglement
generated in parametric down conversion, and its application to complete
Bell-state measurement

A. Casado, S. Guerra, J. Plácido

Friday, July 20, 2012

1107.0568 (Doron Cohen)

Lecture Notes in Statistical Mechanics and Mesoscopics    [PDF]

Doron Cohen

1107.5828 (Piotr Kolenderski et al.)

Aharon-Vaidman quantum game with a Young-type photonic qutrit    [PDF]

Piotr Kolenderski, Urbasi Sinha, Li Youning, Tong Zhao, Matthew Volpini, Adan Cabello, Raymond Laflamme, Thomas Jennewein

1111.1269 (Katharine W. Moore et al.)

Exploring constrained quantum control landscapes    [PDF]

Katharine W. Moore, Herschel Rabitz

1201.5015 (V. Guarrera et al.)

Spatio-temporal Fermionization of Strongly Interacting 1D Bosons    [PDF]

V. Guarrera, D. Muth, R. Labouvie, A. Vogler, G. Barontini, M. Fleischhauer, H. Ott

1207.4479 (Norman Y. Yao et al.)

Topological Flat Bands from Dipolar Spin Systems    [PDF]

Norman Y. Yao, Chris R. Laumann, Alexey V. Gorshkov, Steven D. Bennett, Eugene Demler, Peter Zoller, Mikhail D. Lukin

1207.4491 (Laszlo Gyongyosi et al.)

Algorithmic Superactivation of Asymptotic Quantum Capacity of
Zero-Capacity Quantum Channels

Laszlo Gyongyosi, Sandor Imre

1207.4502 (Laszlo Gyongyosi et al.)

Pilot Quantum Error Correction for Global-Scale Quantum Communications    [PDF]

Laszlo Gyongyosi, Sandor Imre

1207.4535 (Kenneth Rudinger et al.)

Comparing algorithms for graph isomorphism using discrete- and
continuous-time quantum random walks

Kenneth Rudinger, John King Gamble, Eric Bach, Mark Friesen, Robert Joynt, S. N. Coppersmith

1207.4537 (Mirmojtaba Gharibi)

Reduction from non-injective hidden shift problem to injective hidden
shift problem

Mirmojtaba Gharibi

1207.4563 (Jamie Vicary)

Higher Quantum Theory    [PDF]

Jamie Vicary

1207.4565 (Gopal Dixit et al.)

Imaging electronic quantum motion with light    [PDF]

Gopal Dixit, Oriol Vendrell, Robin Santra

1207.4575 (Gang Li et al.)

Entanglement fidelity of standard quantum teleportation channel    [PDF]

Gang Li, Ming-Yong Ye, Xiu-Min Lin

1207.4580 (Claude Le Bris et al.)

Low rank approximation for the numerical simulation of high dimensional
Lindblad equations

Claude Le Bris, Pierre Rouchon

1207.4612 (Mustafa Özcan)

Scalar Casimir effect between two concentric D-dimensional spheres    [PDF]

Mustafa Özcan

1207.4623 (Dario Villamaina et al.)

Statistics of entanglement production in a chaotic dot with non-ideal

Dario Villamaina, Pierpaolo Vivo

1207.4627 (I. Bouchoule et al.)

Two-body momentum correlations in a weakly interacting one-dimensional
Bose gas

I. Bouchoule, M. Arzamasovs, K. V. Kheruntsyan, D. M. Gangardt

1207.4635 (Pu Jian et al.)

Real-time distance measurement immune from atmospheric parameters using
optical frequency combs

Pu Jian, Olivier Pinel, Claude Fabre, Brahim Lamine, Nicolas Treps

1207.4645 (Eran Ginossar et al.)

Nonlinear oscillators and high fidelity qubit state measurement in
circuit quantum electrodynamics

Eran Ginossar, Lev S. Bishop, S. M. Girvin

1207.4699 (Carlos A. Parra-Murillo et al.)

Many-body resonant tunneling in the Wannier-Stark system    [PDF]

Carlos A. Parra-Murillo, Javier Madroñero, Sandro Wimberger

1207.4713 (Manuele Landini et al.)

Direct evaporative cooling of 39K atoms to Bose-Einstein condensation    [PDF]

Manuele Landini, Sanjukta Roy, Giacomo Roati, Andrea Simoni, Massimo Inguscio, Giovanni Modugno, Marco Fattori

1207.4741 (Michael Foss-Feig et al.)

Steady-state many-body entanglement of hot reactive fermions    [PDF]

Michael Foss-Feig, Andrew J. Daley, James K. Thompson, Ana Maria Rey

1207.4742 (François Fillion-Gourdeau et al.)

Landau-Zener-Stückelberg interferometry in pair production from
counterpropagating lasers

François Fillion-Gourdeau, Emmanuel Lorin, André D. Bandrauk

1207.4760 (Martin Bitter et al.)

Enhancing strong-field induced molecular vibration with femtosecond
pulse shaping

Martin Bitter, Evgeny A. Shapiro, Valery Milner

1207.4777 (Ross Dorner et al.)

Emergent thermodynamics in a quenched quantum many-body system    [PDF]

Ross Dorner, John Goold, Cecilia Cormick, Mauro Paternostro, Vlatko Vedral

Thursday, July 19, 2012

1012.4447 (Milton A. da Silva Jr et al.)

Observer invariance of the collapse postulate of quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Milton A. da Silva Jr, Roberto M. Serra, Lucas C. Celeri

1111.0837 (Samuel Fiorini et al.)

Linear vs. Semidefinite Extended Formulations: Exponential Separation
and Strong Lower Bounds

Samuel Fiorini, Serge Massar, Sebastian Pokutta, Hans Raj Tiwary, Ronald de Wolf

1112.6271 (Hartmann Roemer)

Why Do We See a Classical World?    [PDF]

Hartmann Roemer

1207.4183 (Mustafa Ozcan)

Scalar Casimir effect between two concentric spheres    [PDF]

Mustafa Ozcan

1207.4188 (Jeremy McMinis et al.)

Renyi Entropy of the Interacting Fermi Liquid    [PDF]

Jeremy McMinis, Norm M. Tubman

1207.4218 (Jiří Svozilík et al.)

Bragg reflection waveguide as a source of wavelength-multiplexed
polarization-entangled photon pairs

Jiří Svozilík, Martin Hendrych, Juan P. Torres

1207.4226 (Serkan Ates et al.)

Two-photon interference using background-free quantum frequency
conversion of single photons from a semiconductor quantum dot

Serkan Ates, Imad Agha, Angelo Gulinatti, Ivan Rech, Matthew T. Rakher, Antonio Badolato, Kartik Srinivasan

1207.4231 (Aaron Reinhard et al.)

Self-trapping in an array of coupled 1D Bose gases    [PDF]

Aaron Reinhard, Jean-Félix Riou, Laura A. Zundel, David S. Weiss, Shuming Li, Ana Maria Rey, Rafael Hipolito

1207.4251 (V. M. Huxter et al.)

Vibrational and electronic ultrafast relaxation of the nitrogen-vacancy
centers in diamond

V. M. Huxter, T. A. A. Oliver, D. Budker, G. R. Fleming

1207.4256 (Esteban A. Martinez et al.)

Dynamics and thermodynamics of linear quantum open systems    [PDF]

Esteban A. Martinez, Juan Pablo Paz

1207.4275 (Andrzej Dragan et al.)

Localized detection of quantum entanglement through the event horizon    [PDF]

Andrzej Dragan, Jason Doukas, Eduardo Martin-Martinez

1207.4285 (Fabrizio Buscemi et al.)

Electron interference and entanglement in noisy coupled 1D systems    [PDF]

Fabrizio Buscemi, Paolo Bordone, Andrea Bertoni

1207.4299 (Martin Leijnse et al.)

Parity qubits and poor man's Majorana bound states in double quantum

Martin Leijnse, Karsten Flensberg

1207.4304 (Ben O`Neill et al.)

Hidden Quantum Markov Models with one qubit    [PDF]

Ben O`Neill, Tom M. Barlow, Dominik Safranek, Almut Beige

1207.4328 (Zeno Toffano et al.)

Quantum-like Tests for Contextual Querying    [PDF]

Zeno Toffano, Bich-Lien Doan

1207.4370 (Stefano Olivares et al.)

The balance of quantum correlations for a class of feasible tripartite
continuous variable states

Stefano Olivares, Matteo G. A. Paris

1207.4395 (Tomaz Prosen)