Thursday, December 20, 2012

1106.3237 (Chui-Ping Yang et al.)

Generating entanglement among microwave photons and qubits in multiple
cavities coupled by a superconducting qubit

Chui-Ping Yang, Qi-Ping Su, Shi-Biao Zheng, Siyuan Han

1112.2839 (Daniel Manzano et al.)

Quantum transport efficiency and Fourier's law    [PDF]

Daniel Manzano, Markus Tiersch, Ali Asadian, Hans J. Briegel

1212.4501 (Luis A. Correa et al.)

Performance bound for quantum absorption refrigerators    [PDF]

Luis A. Correa, José P. Palao, Gerardo Adesso, Daniel Alonso

1212.4523 (Garnett W. Bryant et al.)

Electric-field control of exciton fine structure: atomic scale
manipulation of exchange splitting

Garnett W. Bryant, Natalia Malkova, James Sims

1212.4537 (Michael T. Tavis et al.)

Simulated and Spontaneous Emission of Radiation in a Single Mode for

Michael T. Tavis, Frederick W. Cummings

1212.4540 (Peter P. Rohde et al.)

Quantum walks with memory - goldfish, elephants and wise old men    [PDF]

Peter P. Rohde, Gavin K. Brennen, Alexei Gilchrist

1212.4552 (A. V. Turbiner et al.)

The ground state of the ${\rm H}_3^+$ molecular ion: a physics behind    [PDF]

A. V. Turbiner, J. C. Lopez Vieyra

1212.4557 (David A. Herrera-Martí et al.)

Tradeoff between Leakage and Dephasing Errors in the Fluxonium Qubit    [PDF]

David A. Herrera-Martí, Ahsan Nazir, Sean D. Barrett

1212.4570 (Krzysztof Gawryluk et al.)

Mott-insulator phases at half-integer fillings in the imbalanced
honeycomb lattice

Krzysztof Gawryluk, Christian Miniatura, Benoît Grémaud

1212.4572 (Vaibhav Madhok)

Quantum Correlations, Chaos and Information    [PDF]

Vaibhav Madhok

1212.4581 (Salini Jose et al.)

The probe readout and quantum limited measurements    [PDF]

Salini Jose, Noufal Jaseem, Anil Shaji

1212.4584 (Raam Uzdin)

Resources needed for non-unitary quantum operations    [PDF]

Raam Uzdin

1212.4594 (Vittoria Petrillo)

Comment to the paper: 'Seeded quantum FEL at 478 keV' AIP Conf. Proc.
'Light at Extreme Intensities' 1462 173-176 (2012)'

Vittoria Petrillo

1212.4612 (W. Brzezicki et al.)

Spin-Orbital Entanglement Emerging from Frustration in the
Kugel-Khomskii Model

W. Brzezicki, A. M. Oleś

1212.4615 (Zhihua Guo et al.)

Time evolution and adiabatic approximation in $PT$-symmetric quantum

Zhihua Guo, Huaixin Cao

1212.4631 (Petr Hajicek)

Realist model approach to quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Petr Hajicek

1212.4635 (G. D. McDonald et al.)

Optically guided linear Mach Zehnder atom interferometer    [PDF]

G. D. McDonald, H. Keal, P. A. Altin, J. E. Debs, S. Bennetts, C. C. N. Kuhn, K. S. Hardman, M. T. Johnsson, J. D. Close, N. P. Robins

1212.4637 (Dario Poletti et al.)

Emergence of glass-like dynamics for dissipative and strongly
interacting bosons

Dario Poletti, Peter Barmettler, Antoine Georges, Corinna Kollath

1212.4653 (Giuliano G. La Guardia)

Convolutional Codes Derived From Group Character Codes    [PDF]

Giuliano G. La Guardia

1212.4654 (Giuliano G. La Guardia)

On Quantum and Classical MDS-Convolutional BCH Codes    [PDF]

Giuliano G. La Guardia

1212.4655 (Sthitadhi Roy et al.)

Fidelity, Dynamics, Decoherence and Entropy in one dimensional hard-core
bosonic systems

Sthitadhi Roy, Tanay Nag, Amit Dutta

1212.4685 (T. Lindvall et al.)

Dark-state suppression and optimization of laser cooling and
fluorescence in a trapped alkaline-earth-metal single ion

T. Lindvall, M. Merimaa, I. Tittonen, A. A. Madej

1212.4691 (W. Lechner et al.)

Cavity Optomechanics of Levitated Nano-Dumbbells: Non-Equilibrium Phases
and Self-Assembly

W. Lechner, S. J. M. Habraken, N. Kiesel, M. Aspelmeyer, P. Zoller

1212.4704 (G. M. D'Ariano et al.)

Quantum Cloning by Cellular Automata    [PDF]

G. M. D'Ariano, C. Macchiavello, M. Rossi

1212.4709 (Pedro Nevado et al.)

Mesoscopic mean-field theory for spin-boson chains in quantum optical

Pedro Nevado, Diego Porras

1212.4721 (Budhaditya Chatterjee et al.)

Ultracold dipolar few-boson ensembles in a triple well trap    [PDF]

Budhaditya Chatterjee, Ioannis Brouzos, Lushuai Cao, Peter Schmelcher

1212.4729 (Florian Wolfgramm et al.)

Entanglement-enhanced probing of a delicate material system    [PDF]

Florian Wolfgramm, Chiara Vitelli, Federica A. Beduini, Nicolas Godbout, Morgan W. Mitchell

1212.4764 (Willy Fischler et al.)

Holographic Mutual Information at Finite Temperature    [PDF]

Willy Fischler, Arnab Kundu, Sandipan Kundu

1212.4778 (Leonardo Mazza et al.)

Robustness of quantum memories based on Majorana zero modes    [PDF]

Leonardo Mazza, Matteo Rizzi, Mikhail D. Lukin, J. Ignacio Cirac

1212.4780 (Evan Meyer-Scott et al.)

Generating Polarization-Entangled Photon Pairs Using Cross-Spliced
Birefringent Fibers

Evan Meyer-Scott, Vincent Roy, Jean-Philippe Bourgoin, Brendon L. Higgins, Lynden K. Shalm, Thomas Jennewein

1212.4787 (Vern I. Paulsen et al.)

Complete positivity of the map from a basis to its dual basis    [PDF]

Vern I. Paulsen, Fred Shultz

1212.4795 (M. J. Everitt et al.)

Cool for Cats    [PDF]

M. J. Everitt, T. P. Spiller, G. J. Milburn, R. D. Wilson, A. M. Zagoskin

1212.4802 (Yariv Yanay et al.)

Saving the Coherent State Path Integral    [PDF]

Yariv Yanay, Erich J. Mueller

1212.4805 (M. S. Bardavelidze et al.)

Three-Dimensional Shape Invariant Non-Separable Model With Equidistant

M. S. Bardavelidze, F. Cannata, M. V. Ioffe, D. N. Nishnianidze

1212.4815 (Cheng-Wei Liu et al.)

Quasi-adiabatic quantum Monte Carlo algorithm for quantum evolution in
imaginary time

Cheng-Wei Liu, Anatoli Polkovnikov, Anders W. Sandvik

1212.4824 (G. Barontini et al.)

Controlling the dynamics of an open many-body quantum system with
localized dissipation

G. Barontini, R. Labouvie, F. Stubenrauch, A. Vogler, V. Guarrera, H. Ott