Friday, February 1, 2013

1108.2098 (Alessandro Chiesa et al.)

Improved Soundness for QMA with Multiple Provers    [PDF]

Alessandro Chiesa, Michael A. Forbes

1110.5876 (Joy Christian)

Refutation of Some Arguments Against my Disproof of Bell's Theorem    [PDF]

Joy Christian

1111.2297 (K. Dobek et al.)

Experimental generation of complex noisy photonic entanglement    [PDF]

K. Dobek, M. Karpinski, R. Demkowicz-Dobrzanski, K. Banaszek, P. Horodecki

1301.7639 (Francisco M. Fernández)

On the real matrix representation of PT-symmetric operators    [PDF]

Francisco M. Fernández

1301.7430 (Soumya Bera et al.)

Unveiling environmental entanglement in strongly dissipative qubits    [PDF]

Soumya Bera, Serge Florens, Harold Baranger, Nicolas Roch, Ahsan Nazir, Alex Chin

1301.7475 (M. K. Olsen et al.)

Non-Gaussian continuous-variable entanglement and steering    [PDF]

M. K. Olsen, J. F. Corney

1301.7494 (W. L. Yang et al.)

Preservation of quantum correlation between separated nitrogen-vacancy
centers embedded in photonic crystal cavities

W. L. Yang, Jun-Hong An, Chengjie Zhang, M. Feng, C. H. Oh

1301.7500 (Bo Li et al.)

Necessary and sufficient condition for vanishing super discord    [PDF]

Bo Li, Lin Chen, Heng Fan

1301.7537 (R. Tsekov)

Complex quantum hydrodynamics with teleportation    [PDF]

R. Tsekov

1301.7541 (Minoru Horibe et al.)

Sp(2,$\mathbb{Z}$) invariant Wigner function on even dimensional vector

Minoru Horibe, Takaaki Hashimoto, Akihisa Hayashi

1301.7545 (Dipankar Home et al.)

A testable prediction of the no-signalling condition using a variant of
the EPR-Bohm example

Dipankar Home, Ashutosh Rai, A. S. Majumdar

1301.7551 (Lihua Yang et al.)

Quantum measurements and maps preserving strict convex combinations and
pure states

Lihua Yang, Jinchuan Hou

1301.7558 (Xiaofei Qi et al.)

Optimality of a class of entanglement witnesses for $3\otimes 3$ systems    [PDF]

Xiaofei Qi, Jinchuan Hou

1301.7575 (J. R. Ott et al.)

Cooperative Fluorescence from a Strongly Driven Dilute Cloud of Atoms    [PDF]

J. R. Ott, M. Wubs, P. Lodahl, N. A. Mortensen, R. Kaiser

1301.7578 (Giacomo M. D'Ariano et al.)

Determinism without causality    [PDF]

Giacomo M. D'Ariano, Franco Manessi, Paolo Perinotti

1301.7596 (Jonas C. Cremon)

Adaptive propagation of quantum few-body systems with time-dependent

Jonas C. Cremon

1301.7600 (Si-Yuan Liu et al.)

Monogamy deficit for quantum correlation in multipartite quantum system    [PDF]

Si-Yuan Liu, Bo Li, Wen-Li Yang, Heng Fan

1301.7601 (Arul Lakshminarayan)

On the number of real eigenvalues of products of random matrices and an
application to quantum entanglement

Arul Lakshminarayan

1301.7612 (Henri Thyrrestrup et al.)

Switching the decay rate of an emitter inside a cavity in the time

Henri Thyrrestrup, Alex Hartsuiker, Jean-Michel Gérard, Willem L. Vos

1301.7631 (Kevin T. McCusker et al.)

Experimental demonstration of interaction-free all-optical switching via
the quantum Zeno effect

Kevin T. McCusker, Yu-Ping Huang, Abijith Kowligy, Prem Kumar

1301.7696 (Fedor Herbut)

Zurek's envariance derivation of Born's rule and measurement    [PDF]

Fedor Herbut

1301.7722 (Piotr Mironowicz et al.)

Amplification of arbitrarily weak randomness    [PDF]

Piotr Mironowicz, Marcin Pawlowski