Thursday, May 31, 2012

1005.5703 (Ivan P. Levkivskyi et al.)

Theory of fractional quantum Hall interferometers    [PDF]

Ivan P. Levkivskyi, Juerg Froehlich, Eugene V. Sukhorukov

1106.6347 (Pradeep Sarvepalli et al.)

Quantum Algorithms for One-Dimensional Infrastructures    [PDF]

Pradeep Sarvepalli, Pawel Wocjan

1112.6135 (Xin-Wen Wang et al.)

Photonic two-qubit parity gate with tiny cross-Kerr nonlinearity    [PDF]

Xin-Wen Wang, Deng-Yu Zhang, Shi-Qing Tang, Li-Jun Xie, Zhi-Yong Wang, Le-Man Kuang

1201.2442 (Sam Genway et al.)

Phase Transitions in Trajectories of a Superconducting Single-Electron
Transistor Coupled to a Resonator

Sam Genway, Juan P. Garrahan, Igor Lesanovsky, Andrew D. Armour

1205.6485 (X. Andrade et al.)

Application of compressed sensing to the simulation of atomic systems    [PDF]

X. Andrade, J. N. Sanders, A. Aspuru-Guzik

1205.6494 (M. Jung et al.)

Radio frequency charge sensing in InAs nanowire double quantum dots    [PDF]

M. Jung, M. D. Schroer, K. D. Petersson, J. R. Petta

1205.6528 (J. Strohaber et al.)

Coherent transfer of optical orbital angular momentum in multi-order
Raman sideband generation

J. Strohaber, M. Zhi, A. V. Sokolov, A. A. Kolomenskii, G. G. Paulus, H. A. Schuessler

1205.6585 (Fernando Oster et al.)

Flexible generation of correlated photon pairs in different frequency

Fernando Oster, Christoph H Keitel, Mihai Macovei

1205.6596 (Wolfgang Niedenzu et al.)

Quantum-correlated motion and heralded entanglement of distant
optomechanically coupled objects

Wolfgang Niedenzu, Raimar M. Sandner, Claudiu Genes, Helmut Ritsch

1205.6601 (Michael Siomau et al.)

Defeating entanglement sudden death by a single local filtering    [PDF]

Michael Siomau, Ali A. Kamli

1205.6604 (J. Lehto et al.)

Superparabolic Level Glancing Models for Two-State Quantum Systems    [PDF]

J. Lehto, K. -A. Suominen

1205.6624 (J. M. Dahlström et al.)

Light-matter interaction on the attosecond timescale    [PDF]

J. M. Dahlström, A. L'Huillier, A. Maquet

1205.6641 (Xing-Hai Zhang et al.)

Mott Insulator-Superfluid Transition in a Generalized Bose-Hubbard Model
with Topologically Non-trivial Flat-Band

Xing-Hai Zhang, Su-Peng Kou

1205.6672 (M. Pawlowski)

Reply to "Comment on 'Security proof for cryptographic protocols based
only on the monogamy of Bell's inequality violations' "

M. Pawlowski

1205.6715 (Tomas Jochym-O'Connor et al.)

The robustness of magic state distillation against errors in Clifford

Tomas Jochym-O'Connor, Yafei Yu, Bassam Helou, Raymond Laflamme

1205.6720 (Milos V. Lokajicek)

Schroedinger equation and classical physics    [PDF]

Milos V. Lokajicek

1205.6726 (André Xuereb et al.)

Exciton-mediated photothermal cooling in GaAs membranes    [PDF]

André Xuereb, Koji Usami, Andreas Naesby, Eugene S. Polzik, Klemens Hammerer

1205.6740 (S. D. Bennett et al.)

Measuring mechanical motion with a single spin    [PDF]

S. D. Bennett, S. Kolkowitz, Q. P. Unterreithmeier, P. Rabl, A. C. Bleszynski Jayich, J. G. E. Harris, M. D. Lukin

1205.6750 (W. G. Unruh)

Decoherence without Dissipation    [PDF]

W. G. Unruh

1205.6756 (B. Juliá-Díaz et al.)

Dynamic generation of spin-squeezed states in bosonic Josephson

B. Juliá-Díaz, T. Zibold, M. K. Oberthaler, M. Melé-Messeguer, J. Martorell, A. Polls

1205.6755 (Kumar S. Gupta et al.)

A Dirac type xp-Model and the Riemann Zeros    [PDF]

Kumar S. Gupta, E. Harikumar, Amilcar R. de Queiroz

1205.6758 (N. D. Chavda et al.)

Thermalization in one- plus two-body ensembles for dense interacting
boson systems

N. D. Chavda, V. K. B. Kota, V. Potbhare

1205.6771 (Louis M. Pecora et al.)

Regularization of Tunneling Rates with Quantum Chaos    [PDF]

Louis M. Pecora, Hoshik Lee, Dong-Ho Wu

1205.6784 (Bruno Bellomo et al.)

Thermalization and cooling of an elementary quantum system in
environments out of thermal equilibrium

Bruno Bellomo, Riccardo Messina, Mauro Antezza