Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1301.3138 (Normand J. Beaudry et al.)

Security of two-way quantum key distribution    [PDF]

Normand J. Beaudry, Marco Lucamarini, Stefano Mancini, Renato Renner

1301.3146 (Felipe F. Fanchini et al.)

Non-Markovianity as a function of system size    [PDF]

Felipe F. Fanchini, Goktug Karpat, Leonardo K. Castelano

1301.3154 (Igor G. Vladimirov et al.)

Coherent Quantum Filtering for Physically Realizable Linear Quantum

Igor G. Vladimirov, Ian R. Petersen

1301.3181 (M. S. Safronova et al.)

Laser cooling and trapping of potassium at magic wavelengths    [PDF]

M. S. Safronova, U. I. Safronova, Charles W. Clark

1301.3183 (G. Torlai et al.)

Violation of Bell's inequalities with amplified entangled coherent

G. Torlai, G. McKeown, P. Marek, R. Filip, H. Jeong, M. Paternostro, G. De Chiara

1301.3206 (Dong Jianping)

Fractional Green's function for the time-dependent scattering problem in
the Space-time-fractional quantum mechanics

Dong Jianping

1301.3210 (Igor L. Markov et al.)

Faster Quantum Number Factoring via Circuit Synthesis    [PDF]

Igor L. Markov, Mehdi Saeedi

1301.3228 (D. Y. Kim et al.)

Stress- and temperature-dependent hysteresis in shear modulus of solid

D. Y. Kim, E. S. H. Kang, E. Kim, H. C. Kim

1301.3235 (Robert L. Kosut et al.)

Robust control of quantum gates via sequential convex programming    [PDF]

Robert L. Kosut, Matthew D. Grace, Constantin Brif

1301.3242 (H. T. Ng)

Quantum-limited measurement of magnetic-field gradient with entangled

H. T. Ng

1301.3251 (E. Ö. Karabulut et al.)

Phase diagram of a rapidly-rotating two-component Bose gas    [PDF]

E. Ö. Karabulut, F. Malet, G. M. Kavoulakis, S. M. Reimann

1301.3274 (Christopher A. Fuchs et al.)

Quantum-Bayesian Coherence: The No-Nonsense Version    [PDF]

Christopher A. Fuchs, Ruediger Schack

1301.3332 (V. Jaksic et al.)

Entropic Functionals in Quantum Statistical Mechanics    [PDF]

V. Jaksic, C. -A. Pillet

1301.3337 (Jelmer Renema et al.)

Nanowire Superconducting Single Photon Detectors are Energy Detectors    [PDF]

Jelmer Renema, Giulia Frucci, Zili Zhou, Francesco Mattioli, Allesandro Gaggero, Roberto Leoni, Michiel J. A. de Dood, Andrea Fiore, Martin P. van Exter

1301.3351 (C. Benedek)

Quantum coherence in an all-solid-state dye-sentizied solar cell    [PDF]

C. Benedek

1301.3361 (E. E. Kolomeitsev et al.)

Time delays and advances in classical and quantum systems    [PDF]

E. E. Kolomeitsev, D. N. Voskresensky

1301.3364 (D. Viscor et al.)

Two-color quantum memory in double Λ-media    [PDF]

D. Viscor, V. Ahufinger, J. Mompart, A. Zavatta, G. C. La Rocca, M. Artoni

1301.3372 (Nengkun Yu et al.)

Five Two-Qubit Gates Are Necessary for Implementing Toffoli Gate    [PDF]

Nengkun Yu, Runyao Duan, Mingsheng Ying

1301.3379 (E. Megidish et al.)

Compact 2D Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Source of Beam-like Path Entangled

E. Megidish, A. Halevy, H. S. Eisenberg, A. Ganany-Padowicz, N. Habshoosh, A. Arie

1301.3386 (Pietro Silvi et al.)

Full characterization of the quantum linear-zigzag transition in atomic

Pietro Silvi, Gabriele De Chiara, Tommaso Calarco, Giovanna Morigi, Simone Montangero

1301.3407 (Dorit Aharonov et al.)

Commuting Local Hamiltonians on Expanders, Locally Testable Quantum
codes, and the qPCP conjecture

Dorit Aharonov, Lior Eldar

1301.3421 (Lin Chen et al.)

Universal Subspaces for Local Unitary Groups of Fermionic Systems    [PDF]

Lin Chen, Jianxin Chen, Dragomir Z. Djokovic, Bei Zeng

1301.3442 (Fabio Benatti et al.)

Entanglement witnesses for a class of bipartite states of n x n qubits    [PDF]

Fabio Benatti, Mahya Karbalaii

1301.3450 (Simone Baroni et al.)

Unified ab initio approach to bound and unbound states: no-core shell
model with continuum and its application to 7He

Simone Baroni, Petr Navratil, Sofia Quaglioni

1301.3452 (Alberto Montina)

Exponential communication gap between weak and strong classical
simulations of quantum communication

Alberto Montina

1301.3487 (Thanos Manos et al.)

Dynamical localization in kicked rotator as a paradigm of other systems:
spectral statistics and the localization measure

Thanos Manos, Marko Robnik