Thursday, July 12, 2012

1109.4132 (Małgorzata Okrasa et al.)

On two-qubit states ordering with quantum discords    [PDF]

Małgorzata Okrasa, Zbigniew Walczak

1111.1877 (Eva-Maria Graefe et al.)

Complexified coherent states and quantum evolution with non-Hermitian

Eva-Maria Graefe, Roman Schubert

1111.5057 (Stephen D. Bartlett et al.)

Reconstruction of Gaussian quantum mechanics from Liouville mechanics
with an epistemic restriction

Stephen D. Bartlett, Terry Rudolph, Robert W. Spekkens

1112.2079 (G. D. Paparo et al.)

Google in a Quantum Network    [PDF]

G. D. Paparo, M. A. Martin-Delgado

1207.0046 (Mauricio Gutiérrez et al.)

Approximation of real error channels by Clifford channels and Pauli

Mauricio Gutiérrez, Lukas Svec, Alexander Vargo, Kenneth R. Brown

1207.2464 (Jun Ye et al.)

Excitonic energy transfer in light-harvesting complexes in purple

Jun Ye, Kewei Sun, Yang Zhao, Yunjin Yu, Chee Kong Lee, Jianshu Cao

1207.2485 (Yudong Cao et al.)

Quantum algorithm and circuit design solving the Poisson equation    [PDF]

Yudong Cao, Anargyros Papageorgiou, Iasonas Petras, Joseph Traub, Sabre Kais

1207.2518 (Ri Qu et al.)

Quantum entanglement in n-qubit real equally weighted states    [PDF]

Ri Qu, Yanru Bao

1207.2522 (Boris F. Samsonov)

Supersymmetric $η$ operators    [PDF]

Boris F. Samsonov

1207.2525 (Boris F. Samsonov)

Hermitian Hamiltonian equivalent to a given non-Hermitian one.
Manifestation of spectral singularity

Boris F. Samsonov

1207.2549 (Fardin Kheirandish et al.)

A perturbative approach to calculating the Casimir force in fluctuating
scalar and vector fields

Fardin Kheirandish, Marjan Jafari

1207.2551 (Kamal Bhattacharyya et al.)

A Mixed-Entropic Uncertainty Relation    [PDF]

Kamal Bhattacharyya, Karabi Halder

1207.2574 (Michele Dall'Arno et al.)

Robustness of Device Independent Dimension Witnesses    [PDF]

Michele Dall'Arno, Elsa Passaro, Rodrigo Gallego, Antonio Acin

1207.2595 (J. Manjavidze)

Particle Production in the Field Theories with Symmetry    [PDF]

J. Manjavidze

1207.2601 (Ran Ber et al.)

Process Tomography for Systems in a Thermal State    [PDF]

Ran Ber, Shmuel Marcovitch, Oded Kenneth, Benni Reznik

1207.2650 (H. C. Braga et al.)

Monogamy of Quantum Discord by Multipartite Correlations    [PDF]

H. C. Braga, C. C. Rulli, Thiago R. de Oliveira, M. S. Sarandy

1207.2659 (A. W. Glaetzle et al.)

Driven-dissipative dynamics of a strongly interacting Rydberg gas    [PDF]

A. W. Glaetzle, R. Nath, B. Zhao, G. Pupillo, P. Zoller

1207.2664 (A. Mezzacapo et al.)

Digital Quantum Simulation of the Holstein Model in Trapped Ions    [PDF]

A. Mezzacapo, J. Casanova, L. Lamata, E. Solano

1207.2670 (Shuyu Zhou et al.)

Optimal Storage and Retrieval of Single-Photon Waveforms    [PDF]

Shuyu Zhou, Shanchao Zhang, Chang Liu, J. F. Chen, Jianming Wen, M. M. T. Loy, G. K. L. Wong, Shengwang Du

1207.2677 (Alfred Shapere et al.)

Branched Quantization    [PDF]

Alfred Shapere, Frank Wilczek

1207.2688 (Chunqin Zhou et al.)

Local Unitary Equivalence of Arbitrary Dimensional Bipartite Mixed
Quantum States

Chunqin Zhou, Tinggui Zhang, Shao-Ming Fei, Naihuan Jing, Xianqing Li-Jost

1207.2755 (Poulomi Sadhukhan et al.)

Signature of special behaviours of $1/r^2$ interaction in the quantum
entanglement entropy

Poulomi Sadhukhan, Somendra M. Bhattacharjee