Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1006.0354 (Jiangyou Pan et al.)

Quantum Public-Key Encryption with Information Theoretic Security    [PDF]

Jiangyou Pan, Li Yang

1006.4366 (Philipp Hyllus et al.)

Fisher information and multiparticle entanglement    [PDF]

Philipp Hyllus, Wiesław Laskowski, Roland Krischek, Christian Schwemmer, Witlef Wieczorek, Harald Weinfurter, Luca Pezzé, Augusto Smerzi

1006.4368 (Geza Toth)

Multipartite entanglement and high precision metrology    [PDF]

Geza Toth

1102.5125 (Richard J. Mathar)

Corrigendum to "Universal factorization of 3n-j (j>2) symbols..." [J.
Phys. A: Math. Gen. 37 (2004) 3259]

Richard J. Mathar

1103.5449 (Kei Koga et al.)

Dissipation-induced pure Gaussian state    [PDF]

Kei Koga, Naoki Yamamoto

1104.3839 (Riccardo Adami et al.)

Stationary States of NLS on Star Graphs    [PDF]

Riccardo Adami, Claudio Cacciapuoti, Domenico Finco, Diego Noja

1108.2065 (Sadegh Raeisi et al.)

Coarse Graining Makes It Hard to See Micro-Macro Entanglement    [PDF]

Sadegh Raeisi, Pavel Sekatski, Christoph Simon

1108.2615 (Iwo Bialynicki-Birula et al.)

Removal of the Schwinger nonanaliticity in pair production by adiabatic
switching of the electric field

Iwo Bialynicki-Birula, Lukasz Rudnicki

1108.3763 (Lajos Diósi)

Non-Markovian Open Quantum Systems: Input-Output Fields, Memory,

Lajos Diósi

1110.0223 (G. Romero et al.)

Ultrafast Quantum Gates in Circuit QED    [PDF]

G. Romero, D. Ballester, Y. M. Wang, V. Scarani, E. Solano

1110.1653 (Yinyin Qian et al.)

Many-body Landau-Zener Transition in Cold Atom Double Well Optical

Yinyin Qian, Ming Gong, Chuanwei Zhang

1110.2459 (Hosho Katsura)

Sine-square deformation of solvable spin chains and conformal field

Hosho Katsura

1110.3127 (B. Neethi Simon et al.)

Hamilton's turns as visual tool-kit for designing of single-qubit
unitary gates

B. Neethi Simon, C. M. Chandrashekar, Sudhavathani Simon

1110.3329 (Hannes Bernien et al.)

Two-photon quantum interference from separate nitrogen vacancy centers
in diamond

Hannes Bernien, Lilian Childress, Lucio Robledo, Matthew Markham, Daniel Twitchen, Ronald Hanson

1110.4960 (Anthony Leverrier)

A symmetrization technique for continuous-variable quantum key

Anthony Leverrier

1110.5691 (Jeffrey H. Shapiro et al.)

Comment on "Observation of anticorrelation in incoherent thermal light

Jeffrey H. Shapiro, Eric Lantz

1111.6070 (M. Montero et al.)

Convergence of fermionic field entanglement at infinite acceleration in
relativistic quantum information

M. Montero, E. Martin-Martinez

1112.0083 (Ph. A. Jacquet et al.)

Temperature and Voltage Probes Far from Equilibrium    [PDF]

Ph. A. Jacquet, C. -A. Pillet

1112.0916 (Yuval Shagam et al.)

Towards density and phase space compression of molecular gases in
magneto-electrostatic traps

Yuval Shagam, Edvardas Narevicius

1112.1212 (Rui-Rui Zhou et al.)

Quantum election scheme based on anonymous quantum key distribution    [PDF]

Rui-Rui Zhou, Li Yang

1201.0643 (D. E. Chang et al.)

Cavity QED with atomic mirrors    [PDF]

D. E. Chang, L. Jiang, A. V. Gorshkov, H. J. Kimble

1202.4028 (A. M. Dyckovsky et al.)

Analysis of photon-mediated entanglement between distinguishable matter

A. M. Dyckovsky, S. Olmschenk

1202.4046 (Martin Bitter et al.)

Coherent Ro-vibrational Revivals in a Thermal Molecular Ensemble    [PDF]

Martin Bitter, Evgeny A. Shapiro, Valery Milner

1202.4054 (Guo-Zhu Pan et al.)

Nonlocality Distillation for High-Dimensional System    [PDF]

Guo-Zhu Pan, Chao Li, Zheng-Gen Chen, Ming Yang, Zhuo-Liang Cao

1202.4065 (ChengGang Shao)

Quantum limit in continuous quantum measurement    [PDF]

ChengGang Shao

1202.4077 (Ying Li et al.)

Long-distance entanglement generation with scalable and robust
two-dimensional quantum network

Ying Li, Daniel Cavalcanti, Leong Chuan Kwek

1202.4089 (A. El Allati et al.)

Dynamics of multi-modes maximum entangled coherent state over amplitude
damping channel

A. El Allati, Y. Hassouni, N. Metwally

1202.4111 (Andreas Deuchert et al.)

Dynamics and symmetries of a repulsively bound atom pair in an infinite
optical lattice

Andreas Deuchert, Kaspar Sakmann, Alexej I. Streltsov, Ofir E. Alon, Lorenz S. Cederbaum

1202.4117 (Ray J. Rivers)

Path Integrals for (Complex) Classical and Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Ray J. Rivers

1202.4120 (Palle Jorgensen et al.)

Spectral Theory of Multiple Intervals    [PDF]

Palle Jorgensen, Steen Pedersen, Feng Tian

1202.4125 (Yuanwei Zhang et al.)

Finite temperature Dicke phase transition of a Bose-Einstein condensate
in an optical cavity

Yuanwei Zhang, Jinling Lian, J. -Q. Liang, Gang Chen, Chuanwei Zhang, Suotang Jia

1202.4206 (Xun Chen et al.)

Understanding Polarization Correlation of Entangled Vector Meson Pairs    [PDF]

Xun Chen, Siguang Wang, Yajun Mao

1202.4208 (Xin-Ping Xu et al.)

Symmetry and localization of quantum walk induced by extra link in

Xin-Ping Xu, Yusuke Ide, Norio Konno

1202.4210 (K. M. Fonseca Romero)

Non-Markovian Microscopic Depolarizing Channel: Simple Non-Markovian
Microscopic Models for the Depolarizing Channel of a Single Qubit

K. M. Fonseca Romero

1202.4255 (Seung-Hyeok Kye)

Facial structures for various notions of positivity and applications to
the theory of entanglement

Seung-Hyeok Kye

1202.4263 (V. I. Yukalov)

Decoherence and equilibration under nondestructive measurements    [PDF]

V. I. Yukalov

1202.4268 (Altug Arda et al.)

Exact Solutions of the Schrödinger Equation via Laplace Transform
Approach: Pseudoharmonic potential and Mie-type potentials

Altug Arda, Ramazan Sever

1202.4271 (Altug Arda et al.)

Non-Central Potentials, Exact Solutions and Laplace Transform Approach    [PDF]

Altug Arda, Ramazan Sever

1202.4280 (Ansgar Pernice et al.)

Models of decoherence with negative dephasing rate    [PDF]

Ansgar Pernice, Julius Helm, Walter T. Strunz

1202.4313 (Yanfeng Zhang et al.)

GaN directional couplers for integrated quantum photonics    [PDF]

Yanfeng Zhang, Loyd McKnight, Erman Engin, Ian M. Watson, Martin J. Cryan, Erdan Gu, Mark G. Thompson, Stephane Calvez, Jeremy L. O'Brien, Martin D. Dawson

1202.4314 (N. Timoney et al.)

Atomic frequency comb memory with spin wave storage in 153Eu3+:Y2SiO5    [PDF]

N. Timoney, B. Lauritzen, I. Usmani, M. Afzelius, N. Gisin

1202.4316 (James R. Wootton et al.)

High threshold error correction for the surface code    [PDF]

James R. Wootton, Daniel Loss

1202.4324 (Chen Wang et al.)

Quantum correlations in the collective spin systems    [PDF]

Chen Wang, Yu-Yu Zhang, Qing-Hu Chen

1202.4379 (T. van der Sar et al.)

Decoherence-protected quantum gates for a hybrid solid-state spin

T. van der Sar, Z. H. Wang, M. S. Blok, H. Bernien, T. H. Taminiau, D. M. Toyli, D. A. Lidar, D. D. Awschalom, R. Hanson, V. V. Dobrovitski

1202.4397 (Sumiyoshi Abe et al.)

Thermodynamic processes generated by a class of completely positive
quantum operations

Sumiyoshi Abe, Yuki Aoyaghi

1202.4440 (Chetan S. Mandayam Nayakar et al.)

Libertarian free will and quantum indeterminism    [PDF]

Chetan S. Mandayam Nayakar, S. Omkar, R. Srikanth

1202.4444 (Mingwu Lu et al.)

Quantum degenerate dipolar Fermi gas    [PDF]

Mingwu Lu, Nathaniel Q. Burdick, Benjamin L. Lev