Thursday, June 28, 2012

1206.6255 (P. Grünwald et al.)

Optimal Squeezing in Resonance Fluorescence via Atomic-State

P. Grünwald, W. Vogel
Squeezing of atomic resonance fluorescence is shown to be optimized by a properly designed environment, which can be realized by a quasi-resonant cavity. Optimal squeezing is achieved if the atomic coherence is maximized, corresponding to a pure atomic quantum state. The atomic-state purification is achieved by the backaction of the cavity field on the atom, which increases the atomic coherence and decreases the atomic excitation. For realistic cavities, the coupling of the atom to the cavity field yields a purity of the atomic state of more than 99%. The fragility of squeezing against dephasing is substantially reduced in this scenario, which may be important for various applications.
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