Friday, March 22, 2013

1303.5186 (Fazal Ghafoor)

An alternative realization of spontaneous emission cancelation via Field
Generated Coherence (FGC)

Fazal Ghafoor
In contrast to the traditional Spontaneous Generated Coherence (SGC), Field Generated Coherence (FGC)-based atomic scheme is presented for spontaneous emission cancellation. It is easy to achieve externally controllable experimental trapping condition in this 4-field-driven 5-level atomic system. Consequently, due to the FGC the decay from the central dressed \emph{bare-energy-state} of the set of upper three closely spaced hyperfine decaying states of Sodium D2 line is completely cancelled under the trapping condition, exhibiting a novel phenomenon of a \textit{dark bare-energy-state}% . Extending to an atomic system of simple probability loss, based on Sodium D1 line, the bright atom can also be darkened under its trapping condition, representing another experimentally viable, novel and interesting phenomenon.
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