Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.5070 (A. R. Shahinyan et al.)

Probing of quantum dissipative chaos by purity    [PDF]

A. R. Shahinyan, Lock Yue Chew, G. Yu. Kryuchkyan
In this paper, the purity of quantum states is applied to probe chaotic dissipative dynamics. To achieve this goal, a comparative analysis of regular and chaotic regimes of nonlinear dissipative oscillator (NDO) are performed on the base of excitation number and the purity of oscillatory states. While the chaotic regime is identified in our semiclassical approach by means of strange attractors in Poincar\'e section and with the Lyapunov exponent, the state in the quantum regime is treated via the Wigner function. Specifically, interesting quantum purity effects that accompany the chaotic dynamics are elucidated in this paper for NDO system driven by either: (i) a time-modulated field, or (ii) a sequence of pulses with Gaussian time-dependent envelopes.
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