Monday, June 17, 2013

1306.3370 (J. Loredo et al.)

Quantum holonomic phases of higher-dimensional parameter spaces    [PDF]

J. Loredo, M. A. Broome, D. H. Smith, A. G. White
A key challenge in quantum computing is avoiding decoherence, so that the fragile quantum properties of a system are not lost to the surrounding environment. Holonomic phases, i.e. geometric and topological, can play an important role in bypassing decoherence. They provide a platform for fault-tolerant universal quantum computing based entirely on geometric phase transformations, called holonomic quantum computation. Current candidates for this approach rely on the robustness of well known geometric phases in the Poincar\'e sphere parameter space. Here we expand upon this work by experimentally demonstrating holonomic phases in a six-dimensional parameter space of a two-qubit photonic system. We find that as the entanglement between qubits increases, the resulting holonomic phase becomes less affected by changes in the state evolution. At the point of maximal entanglement the holonomic phase becomes topological and most resilient to evolution changes. Our results motivate the pursuit of holonomic quantum computation enhanced by robust topological phases.
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