Monday, June 24, 2013

1306.5173 (Kao-Yueh Kuo et al.)

On the Hardnesses of Several Quantum Decoding Problems    [PDF]

Kao-Yueh Kuo, Chung-Chin Lu
We classify the time complexities of three important decoding problems for quantum stabilizer codes. First, regardless of the channel model, quantum bounded distance decoding is shown to be NP-hard, like what Berlekamp, McEliece and Tilborg did for classical binary linear codes in 1978. Then over the depolarizing channel, the decoding problems for finding a most likely error and for minimizing the decoding error probability are also shown to be NP-hard. Our results indicate that finding a polynomial-time decoding algorithm for general stabilizer codes may be impossible, but this, on the other hand, strengthens the foundation of quantum code-based cryptography.
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