Monday, July 8, 2013

1307.1530 (Sandip Kumar Giri et al.)

Nonclassicality in two-mode BEC    [PDF]

Sandip Kumar Giri, Biswajit Sen, C H Raymond Ooi, Anirban Pathak
An analytic operator solution of a generalized quantum mechanical Hamiltonian of two-mode Bose Einstein condensates (BECs) is obtained and the same is used to investigate the nonclassical properties of the modes present in the system. Nonclassical characters are observed by means of single mode and intermodal squeezing, single mode and intermodal sub-Poissonian boson statistics and intermodal entanglement. In addition to the traditionally studied lower order nonclassical properties, signatures of higher order nonclassical characters of two-mode BEC systems are also obtained by investigating the possibility of higher order antibunching and higher order entanglement. The mutual relation among the observed nonclassicalities and their evolution (variation) with rescaled time and the ratio of the single boson tunneling amplitude ($\varepsilon$) and the coupling constant for the intra-modal interaction ($\kappa$) are also reported.
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