Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4366 (Nicola Vona et al.)

Are Bohmian arrival times measurable?    [PDF]

Nicola Vona, Günter Hinrichs, Detlef Dürr
The statistics of arrival times of a quantum particle is a recurrent theme in foundational research. Since outcomes of quantum measurements are always described by POVMs, various arrival time POVMs have been proposed. On the other hand the quantum flux seems to be basic to arrival time statistics. Therefore the question remains whether a POVM exists, which agrees approximately with the quantum flux values on a reasonable set of wave functions. We answer this question negatively for a very natural set of wave functions, but we remark that the answer is very sensitive to the choice of the set, and provide evidence for the existence of a POVM that agrees with the quantum flux on a more restrictive set.
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