Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4637 (O. Pinel et al.)

Quantum parameter estimation using general single-mode Gaussian states    [PDF]

O. Pinel, P. Jian, N. Treps, C. Fabre, and D. Braun
We calculate the quantum Cram\'er--Rao bound for the sensitivity with which one or several parameters, encoded in a general single-mode Gaussian state, can be estimated. This includes in particular the interesting case of mixed Gaussian states. We apply the formula to the problems of estimating phase, purity, loss, amplitude, and squeezing. In the case of the simultaneous measurement of several parameters, we provide the full quantum Fisher information matrix. Our results unify previously known partial results, and constitute a complete solution to the problem of knowing the best possible sensitivity of measurements based on a single-mode Gaussian state.
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