Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8417 (Dries Sels et al.)

Wigner distribution functions for complex dynamical systems: the
emergence of the Wigner-Boltzmann equation

Dries Sels, Fons Brosens
The equation of motion for the reduced Wigner function of a system coupled to an external quantum system is presented for the specific case when the external quantum system can be modeled as a set of harmonic oscillators. The result is derived from the Wigner function formulation of the Feynman-Vernon influence functional theory. It is shown how the true self-energy for the equation of motion is connected with the influence functional for the path integral. Explicit expressions are derived in terms of the bare Wigner propagator. Finally, we show under which approximations the resulting equation of motion reduces to the Wigner-Boltzmann equation.
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