Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0512 (Guo-Liang Shentu et al.)

217 km long distance photon-counting optical time-domain reflectometry
based on ultra-low noise up-conversion single photon detector

Guo-Liang Shentu, Qi-Chao Sun, Xiao Jiang, Xiao-Dong Wang, Jason S. Pelc, M. M. Fejer, Qiang Zhang, Jian-Wei Pan
We demonstrate a photon-counting optical time-domain reflectometry with 42.19 dB dynamic range using an ultra-low noise up-conversion single photon detector. By employing the long wave pump technique and a volume Bragg grating, we reduce the noise of our up-conversion single photon detector, and achieve a noise equivalent power of -139.7 dBm/sqrt(Hz). We perform the OTDR experiments using a fiber of length 216.95 km, and show that our system can identify defects along the entire fiber length with a distance resolution better than 10 cm in a measurement time of 13 minutes.
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