Friday, June 29, 2012

1205.3156 (Yuan-Ming Lu et al.)

Theory and classification of interacting 'integer' topological phases in
two dimensions: A Chern-Simons approach

Yuan-Ming Lu, Ashvin Vishwanath
We study topological phases of interacting systems in two spatial dimensions in the absence of topological order (i.e. with a unique ground state on closed manifolds and no fractional excitations). These are the closest interacting analogs of integer Quantum Hall states, topological insulators and superconductors. We adapt the well-known Chern-Simons {K}-matrix description of Quantum Hall states to classify such `integer' topological phases. Our main result is a general formalism that incorporates symmetries into the {K}-matrix description. Remarkably, this simple analysis yields the same list of topological phases as a recent group cohomology classification, and in addition provides field theories and explicit edge theories for all these phases. The bosonic topological phases, which only appear in the presence of interactions and which remain well defined in the presence of disorder include (i) bosonic insulators with a Hall conductance quantized to even integers (ii) a bosonic analog of quantum spin Hall insulators and (iii) a bosonic analog of a chiral topological superconductor, whose K matrix is the Cartan matrix of the group E$_8$. We also discuss interacting fermion systems where symmetries are realized in a projective fashion, where we find the present formalism can handle a wider range of symmetries than a recent group super-cohomology classification. Lastly we construct microscopic models of these phases from coupled one-dimensional systems.
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