Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1209.5648 (I. Evenor et al.)

Analysis of light scattering off photonic crystal slabs in terms of
Feshbach resonances

I. Evenor, E. Grinvald, F. Lenz, S. Levit
Techniques to deal with Feshbach resonances are applied to describe resonant light scattering off one dimensional photonic crystal slabs. Accurate expressions for scattering amplitudes, free of any fitting parameter, are obtained for isolated as well as overlapping resonances. They relate the resonance properties to the properties of the optical structure and of the incident light. For the most common case of a piecewise constant dielectric function, the calculations can be carried out essentially analytically. After establishing the accuracy of this approach we demonstrate its potential in the analysis of the reflection coefficients for the diverse shapes of overlapping, interacting resonances.
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