Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1305.2450 (Y. Bonder et al.)

Testing the Equivalence Principle with Unstable Particles    [PDF]

Y. Bonder, E. Fischbach, H. Hernandez-Coronado, D. E. Krause, Z. Rohrbach, D. Sudarsky
We develop a framework to test the Equivalence Principle (EP) under conditions where the quantum aspects of nature cannot be neglected, specifically in the context of interference phenomena with unstable particles. We derive the nonrelativistic quantum equation that describes the evolution of the wavefunction of unstable particles under the assumption of the validity of the EP and when small deviations are assumed to occur. As an example, we study the propagation of unstable particles in a COW experiment, and we briefly discuss the experimental implications of our formalism.
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