Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1306.0467 (D. S. Gonçalves et al.)

Quantum State Tomography with incomplete data: Maximum Entropy and
Variational Quantum Tomography

D. S. Gonçalves, C. Lavor, M. A. Gomes-Ruggiero, A. T. Cesário, R. O. Vianna, T. O. Maciel
Whenever we do not have an informationally complete set of measurements, the estimate of a quantum state can not be uniquely determined. In this case, among the density matrices compatible with the available data, it is commonly preferred that one which is the most uncommitted with the missing information. This is the purpose of the Maximum Entropy estimation (MaxEnt) and the Variational Quantum Tomography (VQT). Here, we propose a variant of Variational Quantum Tomography and show its relationship with Maximum Entropy methods in quantum tomographies with incomplete set of measurements. We prove their equivalence in case of eigenbasis measurements, and through numerical simulations we stress their similar behavior. Hence, in the modified VQT formulation we have an estimate of a quantum state as unbiased as in MaxEnt and with the benefit that VQT can be more efficiently solved by means of linear semidefinite programs.
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