Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1306.0583 (Dmitri S. Pavlichin et al.)

Photonic circuits for iterative decoding of a class of low-density
parity-check codes

Dmitri S. Pavlichin, Hideo Mabuchi
Photonic circuits in which stateful components are coupled via guided electromagnetic fields are natural candidates for native implementation of iterative stochastic algorithms based on propagation of information around a graph. Conversely, such message passing algorithms suggest novel circuit architectures for signal processing and computation that are well matched to nanophotonic device physics. Here we construct and analyze a quantum optical model of a photonic circuit for iterative decoding of a class of low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes called expander codes. Our circuit can be understood as an open quantum system whose autonomous dynamics map straightforwardly onto the subroutines of an LDPC decoding scheme, with several attractive features: it can operate in the ultra-low power regime of photonics in which quantum fluctuations become significant, is robust to noise and component imperfections, achieves comparable performance to known iterative algorithms for this class of codes, and provides an instructive example of how nanophotonic cavity quantum electrodynamic components can enable useful new information technology even if the solid-state qubits on which they are based are heavily dephased and cannot support large-scale entanglement.
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