Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4737 (Hong-Fu Wang et al.)

Optically controlled phase gate and teleportation of a controlled-NOT
gate for spin qubits in quantum dot-microcavity coupled system

Hong-Fu Wang, Ai-Dong Zhu, Shou Zhang, Kyu-Hwang Yeon
Assisted with linear optical manipulation, single photon, entangled photon pairs, photon measurement, and classical communication, a scheme for two-spin qubits phase gate and teleportation of a CNOT gate between two electron spins from acting on local qubits to acting on remote qubits using quantum dots in optical microcavities is proposed. The scheme is based on spin selective photon reflection from the cavity and is achieved in a deterministic way by the sequential detection of photons and the single-qubit rotations of a single electron spin in a self-assembled GaAs/InAs quantum dot. The feasibility of the scheme is assessed showing that high average fidelities of the gates are achievable in the weak-coupling regime when the side leakage and cavity loss are low. The scheme opens promising perspectives for long-distance quantum communication, distributed quantum computation, and constructing remote quantum information processing networks.
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