Thursday, June 27, 2013

1306.6184 (Ruben Quesada et al.)

Best separable approximation of N-qubit symmetric states    [PDF]

Ruben Quesada, Anna Sanpera
The structural study of entanglement in multipartite systems is a task plagued with serious difficulties due to the extreme complexity that accompanies the reliable distinction between different entangled states on one hand and separable ones on the other. The reason behind is the lack of necessary and sufficient operational criteria able to discriminate among the various entanglement properties of a given mixed state. Here, we pursue a different route to study multipartite entanglement by adapting some established tools of the bipartite scenario to the multipartite one. In particular, by studying multipartite symmetric qubits we notably simplify the systems under scrutiny. This allows to find the est separable approximation of an N-qubit state as the unique convex decomposition of the maximal separable part plus a remaining entangled one.
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