Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0251 (Hai-Rui Wei et al.)

Scalable quantum computing based on stationary spin qubits in coupled
quantum dots

Hai-Rui Wei, Fu-Guo Deng
Quantum logic gates are fundamental building blocks in quantum information processing. Here we investigate the possibility to achieve scalable quantum information processing based on stationary electron-spin qubits, by using the giant optical circular birefringence induced by quantum-dot spins in double-sided optical microcavities as a result of cavity quantum electrodynamics. We design the quantum circuits for implementing universal and deterministic quantum gates for electron-spin systems, including two-qubit controlled-not, $\sqrt{\textrm{SWAP}}$, SWAP, three-qubit Toffoli and Fredkin gates. They have good scalability and are attractive as they are compact and all are based on solid-state quantum systems. Moreover, our devices do not require additional electron-spin qubits and they are feasible with current experimental technology. Both high fidelity and high efficiency can be achieved when the side leakage to the cavity decay is low.
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