Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3288 (Gerardo Adesso et al.)

Genuine tripartite nonlocality of Gaussian states    [PDF]

Gerardo Adesso, Samanta Piano
We investigate the genuine multipartite nonlocality of three-mode Gaussian states of continuous variable systems. For pure states, we present a simplified procedure to obtain the maximum violation of the Svetlichny inequality based on displaced parity measurements, and we analyze its interplay with genuine tripartite entanglement measured via Renyi-2 entropy. The maximum Svetlichny violation admits tight upper and lower bounds at fixed tripartite entanglement. For mixed states, no violation is possible when the purity falls below 0.86. We also explore a set of weaker inequalities for tripartite nonlocality, finding violations for all tested pure states. Our results fill an important gap in the theory of continuous variable quantum information processing and provide a strong signature for the nonclassical nature of Gaussian states despite their positive Wigner function.
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