Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3458 (Gia Dvali et al.)

Scrambling in the Black Hole Portrait    [PDF]

Gia Dvali, Daniel Flassig, Cesar Gomez, Alexander Pritzel, Nico Wintergerst
Recently a quantum portrait of black holes was suggested according to which a macroscopic black hole is a Bose-Einstein condensate of soft gravitons stuck at the critical point of a quantum phase transition. We explain why quantum criticality and instability are the key for efficient generation of entanglement and consequently of the scrambling of information. By studying a simple Bose-Einstein prototype, we show that the scrambling time, which is set by the quantum break time of the system, goes as $\log N \,$ for $N$ the number of quantum constituents or equivalently the black hole entropy.
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