Thursday, March 21, 2013

1009.3617 (Avi Marchewka et al.)

Quantum Dynamics Arising from Statistical Axioms    [PDF]

Avi Marchewka, Er'el Granot
We investigate the dynamics of pairs of Fermions and Bosons released from a box and find that their populations have unique generic properties ensuing from the axioms of quantum statistics and symmetries. These depend neither on the specific equations of wave function propagation, such as Schr\"odinger, Klein-Gordon, Dirac, nor on the specific potential involved. One surprising finding is that after releasing the pairs, there are always more Boson than Fermion pairs outside the box. Moreover, if the initial wave functions have the same symmetry (odd or even), then there is a higher chance for a Boson than a Fermion pair to escape from the trap in opposite directions, as if they repel each other. We calculate the wave functions exactly, numerically, and asymptotically for short time and demonstrate these generic results in the specific case of particles released from an infinite well.
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