Thursday, June 6, 2013

1306.0175 (Ming Zhang et al.)

The implication of exact frequency modulation on manipulating nuclear
spin states

Ming Zhang, Boyang Liu, Hong-Yi Dai
We exploit the impact of exact frequency modulation on transition time of steering nuclear spin states from theoretical point of view. Frequency-Amplitude-Phase modulation (FAPM) methods are proposed in comparison with Amplitude-Phase modulation (APM) methods. The sufficient conditions are also present for transiting nuclear spin states within the specified time by FAPM and APM methods. It is revealed that transition time performance can be significantly improved if frequency modulation is available. Unfortunately, FAPM is not always better than APM for any pair of initial and target states in term of time performance. This research suggests that the hybrid scheme of FAPM and APM is better than both of them. A simplified hybrid scheme is further proposed based on Bloch parameters of initial and target states.
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