Thursday, June 6, 2013

1306.0427 (Sandeep K Goyal et al.)

Teleporting photonic qudits using multimode quantum scissors    [PDF]

Sandeep K Goyal, Thomas Konrad
While it is possible to teleport quantum information carried by a photon in a superposition of a number d of light modes (a ``qudit'') by the help of d additional entangled photons (Goyal et al. arXiv: 1212.5115), we here describe a photonic teleportation scheme based on transcription. A qudit encoded into a single excitation of d light modes (in our case Laguerre-Gauss modes which carry orbital angular momentum) is transcribed to d single-rail photonic qubits, which are spatially separated. Each single-rail qubit consists of a superposition of vacuum and a single photon in each one of the modes. After successful teleportation of each of the d single-rail qubits by means of ``quantum scissors'' they are converted back into a qudit carried by a single photon which completes the teleportation scheme.
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