Friday, June 14, 2013

1306.2991 (David R Geelan)

The Strength of the Weak: The Uncertainty Principle and More-Direct
Access to the Wave Function through Weak Measurements

David R Geelan
Recent empirical work in the field of 'weak measurements' has yielded novel ways of more directly accessing and exploring the quantum wavefunction. Measuring either position or momentum for a photon in a 'weak' manner yields a wide range of possible values for the measurement, and can be done in such a way as to only minimally effect the wavefunction rather than to collapse it to a specific precise value. Measuring the other complementary variable (position or momentum) precisely at a later time ('post-selection') and averaging the weak measurements can yield information about the wavefunction that is not directly experimentally obtainable using other methods. This paper discusses two recent papers on weak measurement in the context of the uncertainty principle more broadly, and considers some possibilities for further research.
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