Friday, June 14, 2013

1306.3142 (Martin Müller-Lennert et al.)

On quantum Rényi entropies: a new definition, some properties and
several conjectures

Martin Müller-Lennert, Frédéric Dupuis, Oleg Szehr, Serge Fehr, Marco Tomamichel
The R\'enyi entropies constitute a family of information measures that generalizes the well-known Shannon entropy, inheriting many of its properties. They appear in the form of unconditional and conditional entropies, relative entropies or mutual information, and have found many applications in information theory and beyond. Various generalizations of R\'enyi entropies to the quantum setting have been proposed, most notably Petz's quasi-entropies and Renner's conditional min-, max- and collision entropy. Here, we argue that previous quantum extensions are incompatible and thus unsatisfactory. We propose a new quantum generalization of the family of R\'enyi entropies and the corresponding relative entropies that contains the min-entropy, collision entropy, von Neumann entropy as well as the max-entropy as special cases, thus encompassing most quantum entropies in use today. We show several natural properties for this definition, including data-processing inequalities and a limited duality relation. We conclude that the treatment of these entropies is technically challenging and requires sophisticated tools from linear algebra. We share several conjectured properties which we were unable to prove.
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