Friday, June 14, 2013

1306.3169 (Thomas Engl et al.)

Coherent Backscattering in Fock Space: a Signature of Quantum Many-Body
Interference in Interacting Bosonic Systems

Thomas Engl, Julien Dujardin, Arturo Argüelles, Peter Schlagheck, Klaus Richter, Juan Diego Urbina
We predict a generic manifestation of quantum interference in many-body bosonic systems resulting in a coherent enhancement of the average return probability in Fock space. This enhancement is both robust with respect to variations of external parameters and genuinely quantum insofar as it cannot be described within mean-field approaches. As a direct manifestation of the superposition principle in Fock space, it arises when many-body equilibration due to interactions sets in. Using a semiclassical approach based on interfering paths in Fock space, we calculate the magnitude of the backscattering peak and its dependence on gauge fields that break time-reversal invariance. We confirm our predictions by comparing them to exact quantum evolution probabilities in Bose-Hubbard models, and discuss the relevance of our findings in the context of many-body thermalization.
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