Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6757 (Keisuke Fujii)

Quantum information and statistical mechanics: an introduction to

Keisuke Fujii
This is a short review on an interdisciplinary field of quantum information science and statistical mechanics. We first give a pedagogical introduction to the stabilizer formalism, which is an efficient way to describe an important class of quantum states, the so-called stabilizer states, and quantum operations on them. Furthermore, graph states, which are a class of stabilizer states associated with graphs, and their applications for measurement-based quantum computation are also mentioned. Based on the stabilizer formalism, we review two interdisciplinary topics. One is the relation between quantum error correction codes and spin glass models, which allows us to analyze the performances of quantum error correction codes by using the knowledge about phases in statistical models. The other is the relation between the stabilizer formalism and partition functions of classical spin models, which provides new quantum and classical algorithms to evaluate partition functions of classical spin models.
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