Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6801 (William N. Plick et al.)

An explicit contextualized hidden variable model replicating an
indivisible quantum system

William N. Plick, Radek Lapkiewicz
Recent experiments and theory have further illuminated the concept of "quantum contextuality". In this paper we take an inequality - the Pentagram (or KCBS) inequality, which is violated by an unentangled spin-1 system - and given a relaxed assumption of non-contextuality show that a hidden variable model may be constructed that replicates exactly the quantum bound. This is in contrast to the case of an entangled pair of spin-1/2 particles where a similar relaxation of the assumption of locality does not lead to a replication of the quantum bound. Some reasons are proposed for why this may be the case.
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