Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6894 (D. J. Egger et al.)

Optimized controlled Z gates for two superconducting qubits coupled
through a resonator

D. J. Egger, F. K. Wilhelm
Superconducting qubits are a promising candidate for building a quantum computer. A continued challenge for fast yet accurate gates to minimize the effects of decoherence. Here we apply numerical methods to design fast entangling gates, specifically the controlled Z, in an architecture where two qubits are coupled via a resonator. We find that the gates can be sped up by a factor of two and reach any target fidelity. We also discuss how systematic errors arising from experimental conditions affect the pulses and how to remedy them, providing a strategy for the experimental implementation of our results. We discuss the shape of the pulses, their spectrum and symmetry.
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