Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1196 (Chang-shui Yu et al.)

Entangling Power in the Deterministic Quantum Computation with One Qubit    [PDF]

Chang-shui Yu, X. X. Yi, He-shan Song, Heng Fan
The deterministic quantum computing with one qubit (DQC1) is a mixed-state quantum computation algorithm that evaluates the normalized trace of a unitary matrix and is more powerful than the classical counterpart. We find that the normalized trace of the unitary matrix can be directly described by the entangling power of the quantum circuit of the DQC1, so the nontrivial DQC1 is always accompanied with the non-vanishing entangling power. In addition, it is shown that the entangling power also determines the intrinsic complexity of this quantum computation algorithm, i.e., the larger entangling power corresponds to higher complexity. Besides, it is also shown that the non-vanishing entangling power does always exist in other similar tasks of DQC1.
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