Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1375 (Qi-Ping Su et al.)

Proposal for implementing the three-qubit refined Deutsch-Jozsa quantum

Qi-Ping Su, Man Liu, Chui-Ping Yang
We propose a way to implement a three-qubit refined Deutsh-Jozsa (DJ) algorithm. The present proposal is based on the construction of the 35 $f$-controlled phase gates, which uses single-qubit $\sigma_z$ gates and two-qubit {\it standard} controlled-phase (CP) gates only. This proposal is implementable because a single-qubit $\sigma_z$ gate can be easily realized by applying a single classical pulse and a two-qubit CP gate has been experimentally demonstrated in various physical systems. Finally, it is noted that this proposal is quite general, and can be applied to implement a three-qubit refined DJ algorithm in a cavity-based or noncavity-based physical system.
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