Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1405 (Vaibhav Madhok et al.)

Signatures of chaos in the dynamics of quantum discord    [PDF]

Vaibhav Madhok, Vibhu Gupta, Angele M. Hamel, Shohini Ghose
We identify signatures of chaos in the dynamics of discord in a multiqubit system collectively modelled as a quantum kicked top. The evolution of discord between any two qubits is quasiperiodic in regular regions, while in chaotic regions, the quasiperiodicity is lost. As the initial wave function is varied from the regular regions to the chaotic sea, a contour plot of the time averaged discord remarkably reproduces the structures of the classical stroboscopic map. We also find surprisingly opposite behaviour of two-qubit discord versus two-qubit entanglement. Our calculations provide the first evidence of signatures of chaos in dynamically generated discord.
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